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  1. I'm selling my Tele Vue Delos 17.3mm, it's in Like NEW conditions comes with it's original box. Cost £300 I'm selling it for £180 delivered! Regards Now sold
  2. The Pocket Powerbox is suitable for the “grab and go” astrophotographer who does not want too much automation. Device can provide 10Amps of power, a sufficient number of 12V Outputs, two Dew Heater Channels, a DSLR power output and an environmental sensor to monitor humidity and temperature. It's brand new and never been used! PRICE: £140 delivered Thanks
  3. Yes sure, I did tested it couple of times and it worked just fine.
  4. My Sky-Watcher Esprit 150 ED PRO Triplet
  5. Hi all, I've got Primaluce Lab 2" OnAxisLock Eyepiece Holder for Takahashi Telescopes (M72x1) adapter and I wanted to fit it to my esprit 150 focuser replacing the original 2" adapter. Can anyone help me find any adapter that allow me to fit them together? Thanks https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/primaluce-lab-2-onaxislock-eyepiece-holder-for-takahashi-telescopes-m72x1.html
  6. The Esprit 150 is VERY heavy indeed, I use mine with az-eq6 mount and I believe it is ok but any smaller mount won't be ok!
  7. Hi, and thank you all for your help I followed the steps in that pdf and things look much better than before as you can see in the image. I need to do a star test to see how good my collimation is!
  8. Hi all, Well, obviously this is someone having really hard time tring to collimate his telescope. Simply whatever i do my f4 newtonian won't be properly collimated! I'm using Farpoint laser collimator which suppose to be good enough for this mission. As you can see in the picture this is the best I can achieve, when I center the red triangle one of the mirror clip disappears and when I bring it back the red triangle moves away off center! Can anyone help please
  9. Hi, no adapter needed, you just remove Fotomate head and with M10 bolt you can just connect them together, you may need to use a big flat metal washer to give the mount and tripod extra connection area for more stability, without that washer the connection surface is rather small which is ok if your telescope is small and light , you can use a piece of wood with a hole in center as a big washer. Algady
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