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  1. Hi, it's clear and I did some tests but unfortunately, no luck! As far as I understand there are 4 possibilities here, before ff and after ff and fitting it in 2 orientations each time, every time I can clearly see halo around bright stars! I feel disappointed because it is expensive and has good reviews!
  2. Thanks all for your help, I'll try to get some images as soon as I can and see if things changed. I saw this before but not sure what he means! shall I check or uncheck that option!
  3. Hi all, Recently I got my new Esprit 120 telescope and I wasn't able to use it until last night because of the awful weather that we had!. Last night was clear so I managed to get some images and I noticed that there are halos around bright stars as you can see in the image. I put the filter between the field flattener and my camera when I captured these images, after some search online I read somewhere that I need to put the filter before the ff but I had no chance to test it yet. Is there any idea that may help please? The filter suppose to be good quality (very expensive) so I wasn
  4. Update: Price: £2800 including posting via DHL to England mainland
  5. not sure about it honestly, with the size and weight postage won't be a good option!
  6. Hi, I have my esprit 150 pro for sale, it's in mint conditions (like new) I used it few times and I really amazed by it's performance. The reason for selling it is that because it's too heavy for me, I have old problem on my lower back, and every time I need to use it I need to carry it long distance to my back yard, scope with this size is not very portable! It comes with it's original accessories including Sky-Watcher Field Flattener, Storage Cases, 2” Dielectric Star Diagonal, 9x50 Right-Angled Erect Image Finderscope, Losmandy 'D' Style Dovetail Mounting Bar, Tube Rings. The
  7. Thanks MartinB, It may clear up tonight, if so I'll try to get more data!
  8. M31 (Andromeda Galaxy) Finally, last week we had some clear nights, so I did some deep sky imaging This image is about 10 hours total exposure time from a very light polluted area without LP filter! I'm trying to do a mosaic with three panels. For some reason, my guiding wasn't great, I don't like the star shape and colour! Details: Telescope: skywatcher Esprit 150ed apo triplet Camera: Nikon D7100 unmodified Mount: skywatcher AZ EQ6 pro Guide scope: skywatcher evoguide 50ed Guide camera: Asi zwo 224mc ------- Software used: Imaging software: digiCamCo
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