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  1. Just like Space boy, I use taxi weights, they are cheap and get the job done!
  2. A Baader Neodinium filter is a great filter to use when viewing planets and will enhance the detail on most planets at he same time reducing the light pollution.
  3. Baader zoom is an excellent eyepiece, well made and also great to use as a eye piece for a travel scope!
  4. Nice report, I had a Nexstar SE6 I found that batteries were useless when trying to align and even with a fresh set I always had alignment problems! As soon as I used a Power Tank never had alignment issues! Make sure you are on a flat surface and everything is level, I used to align with 3 stars from 3 different parts of the day I.e. East, South and west which seemed to give me excellent alignment, I have read quite a lot of articles from users of goto who have had issues with alignment I must admit once I stopped using batteries and adjusted settings (read the manual) I had 3 years of problem free alignment. I knew nothing about the sky hence for a goto but once I got experienced I bought myself a 12" Dob and so.d the se6 , although at times I do miss my se6!
  5. I use several apps, Scope nights is great, I also use Skylive which details temp, cloudiness, visibility, wind, humidity and light pollution! Details on solar system planets iss fly!
  6. I have a Cheshire and was happy collimating with it, I have always been intrigued with lasers and just wanted to improve the accuracy of my collimating in order to compliment my Cheshire, after much research and reading advice and reviews I bought the Hotech colimater, it's very, very good and very accurate. The reason why I never went for a laser first was due to a lot of people stating that the Cheshire was a cheaper version and just as accurate, also a lot of people I have spoken to advised against sub £100 lasers as not worth the money and inaccurate. I first use the Hotech and then use the Cheshire to check accuracy and correct collimatin, it's never let me down and I was never as accurate with the Cheshire on its own! My advice is buy the one with the 2" adapter and the cross hair version! I have a Lightbridge 12 and have spent a lot of money on upgrades and eyepieces, the Hotech is well worth the invesment.
  7. I agree with the above members, the view it provides is a subtle change, and combined with quality eyepieces does make a big difference, I also agree the William optics diagonal it's the one I would recommend as I had one on my sct and also on my zs 71, also I can see why the 2" is popular but I have always bought the1.25", it's more affordable and no difference in quality it all depends if you want to go down the 2" route, the 2" also comes with the 1.25 adapter.
  8. I used to have the 6se and have the same power tank, I sold the 6se but decided to keep the power rank to run my dew heaters on my dob, I did initially have the same issue but found that if you change the setting on the hand set to stop the cord wrap this cured the issue!
  9. That's the same one a friend of mine used to power his 8se, good Powertank, I have had the skywatchers powertank 17ah for 3 years and it still works like new!
  10. Neodinyium filter is what every astrologer should have for viewing planets! Made a huge difference to pulling detail from planets. I am not a imager but did use the Neodinyium with a imaging source camera as it does have a UV cut worked pretty well!!
  11. Hello Gary, I have used a red, blue and green filter on mars but the filter that I found worked well was the Baader Neodinyium filter, it draws planetary details and colour and contrast better than individual colour filters , also work very well on Jupiter and Saturn!
  12. Don't waste your money!! Few years ago with my first scope I initially bought the Celestron Kit, although it gave me more choice to experiment with eyepieces it's a expensive way to go about it!!! To be honest you don't need a 4 or a 6 completely useless!!! Astronomy shops will sell you a decent Barlow and eyepiece without breaking the bank, you can do without the rest of the stuff in the kit. I know own Televue eyepieces and the difference even in the Televue posses is massive. My advice is buy the best bit of kit for your budget.
  13. Agree with last post band should be positioned behind the ring. I left my band fitted on my Nexstar and had no need to take it off!
  14. Hello, Turn left from Orion can't go wrong and everyone should have a copy, as you have a dob if you do have Telrad fitted the finder charts by Brent Watson are very good and will keep you busy for a long time!!!
  15. I used to have a 6se this was my first scope and did not have a dew shield on my first few runs, although dew took some time to build up after 90mins use I found that in order to extend my time in the field I used a dew shield which gave me about 3hours use before dew started building up and ruining my night. It's all about how much you have to spend at the moment? I initially bought the Celestron dew shield and once I had the funds bought a dew controller and band for the telescope which I used in conjunction with the shield and used together, I also bought a dew eyepiece band as the eyepieces do dew up very quickly, my advice is buy a 2" eyepiece band even though you may be using a 1 quarter inch eyepiece!! No need to panic, you need to first get out and use the scope, the weather has been awful but In between the storms there has been some great skies! I know have a lightbridge12" dob not as portable as the se8, get out and enjoy!
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