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  1. Skywatcher 127 Mak Celestron c8n William Optics Megrez 90 Still got the last 2 !
  2. I agree with the Caldwell objects comments. I held out and managed to find one on Amazon Uk for just under £30. Some companies were asking for £70-100 ! I guess you just have to keep looking. Here's hoping for a reprint !
  3. Beautiful image. This was of my 1st imaging targets. However, your image has blown me away.
  4. Can these still be bought brand new ? I like the William optic products but I haven't come across this before. Nice review.
  5. Well done Steve. Sounds like you had fun.
  6. This looks like a great little list to work on over the coming months. Cheers. Mines a badger champion !
  7. My wife is heading back from Rhodes after a girls 40th birthday bash. She has already told me that the Milky Way looks amazing. Staying at home looking after the 2 tin lids, I'm feeling very jealous indeed !!!
  8. There's always the football. ! Must admit I enjoy skimming round the Summer Triangle. Makes a nice change to go out with a tee shirt on rather than thermals , gloves and cup of steaming coffee.
  9. It's not the same without Patrick. Sigh.
  10. Congratulation. Saturn never lets you down. Unlike England vs Honduras !
  11. Hi Gary. Couple of easy things to start you off. Make sure that the mount is level. On some mounts there is a bubble level built into the mount. Next make sure your finder scope is aligned to the telescope. Ie. make sure that view through the finder scope is replicated in the eyepiece. Next ensure your GPS setting and time settings are correct. If you have an iPhone, it will show your latitude settings. If not you can pick up your coordinates for where you live pretty easy. Next I guess is the star alignment. The Summer Triangle of vega , Altair and Deneb are great ones for beginner alignment
  12. Christhorpe

    Messier 5

    Awesome. Wish I could draw. Might help me with my ap woes !!!!
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