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  1. Here's my first test using my new light weight setup. It consists of an sturdy mount, an Astrotrac and ballhead, a tripod-to-dovetail converter and the Skywatcher Skymax 127 MAK. Worked out pretty well I must say and very pleased with the result, although aiming was significantly trickier compared to my previous setup (HEQ5). I'm looking forward to getting more lunar shots with this setup, unfortunately I couldn't go out this evening for the full moon.. This is about 15 single shots taken with a x2 barlow stiched together, sharpened and slightly color enhanced in PS. Here's the flickr link! En
  2. Nice work Gerhard, it's a good start! If I recall correctly the C8 is better used for planetary/lunar/solar photography rather than deep sky objects due to it being rather on the slow side (f/10.0). I suggest on getting a faster APO refractor later on if you want to get more into deep sky objects. Focus on your polar alignment so you can get longer exposures, meaning more data! For the focussing problem, I'd suggest using a Bahtinov mask, I can say it made my life easier! Clear skies. Axel
  3. Oh my, it's been a month again since I've last visited this place, I've been so busy with work lately .. should take a bit more time off and get back into this hobby The images came straight from the camera in RAW format, stacked in DSS, played a bit and saved as a TIF file for the rest of the processing in Photoshop, I think I'm getting a CLS filter in a few weeks, sadly there haven't been a lot of cold, clear nights lately Thanks for the tip Olly, should take a look at Pixinsight, seems like a neat little program. I noticed that widefield shots are harder to post process, lol .. So anot
  4. Im near the Antwerp harbor and the orange dome is very visable, this was taken away from the dome Might a cls filter do the trick to remove the gradient? Cheers Axel Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Forgot to attach the image .. The subs were taken with an unmodified 600D with 24-105 f4l lens @ 32mm/f4.5
  6. Hi all, Been a while since I've last posted here, I've been out of the game for a while but I'm ready to get back into it with my newly purchased AstroTrac! Yesterday I took a few shots from Cassiopeia (4 x 5 mins, iso 200, f4.5) and I came up with this as result attached. Altough I think it's pretty good for a first try there's still room for improvement. Anyone have a workflow for processing widefields? Heres my unedited file on dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hf697krh6ljf6qz/clean%20edit.TIF?dl=0 Thanks! Axel
  7. Nice shot man! Can I see an uncropped version?
  8. Thanks Luke, glad you like it!
  9. Nice images! I really like the last one in the OP, love the subtle details. A crescent moon mosaic is still on my wishlist. Keep it up and you WILL get better Cheers!
  10. Thanks Leelee, appreciate it!
  11. Had another go at the moon yesterday. I feel like I'm pushing my limits with these mosaics with my current OTA (150p Skyliner). Might want to upgrade to a slightly bigger scope soon to get out even more details in my mosaics. This one is about 70 single frames with the 150P and 10mm eyepiece, it's not as good as my previous one but I still really like it! C&C is as always welcome! View it on Flickr for better quality! Cheers!
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