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  1. A few night ago the moon was unusually beautiful when it was about to set in the west. The atmosphere made it appear extra red although it was relatively high above the horizon, and it gave it a blood moon feeling. Canon Eos 1100D + 70ED Regards Johan
  2. Venus is getting thinner and increasing in size at a very fast pace now. This is just over 2 weeks time and its interesting to see how fast its changing. All images taken with 100mm APO, 3x barlow and ASI 1600MM Clear skies! /Johan
  3. Blank Sun this morning but at least some proms PST + ASI1600MM Clear Skies! /Johan
  4. Maybe the last Venus for a while. This time I tried with violet filter. I think I got some faint clouds showing there in the dark region? I will probably invest in a UV-filter later, but I thought it was worth a try with the violet filter. 100 APO, ASI1600MM, violet filter Clear skies! /Johan
  5. This is with the old ITF: Not a huge improvment but the seeing today was very bad so under the same conditions the difference will be bigger. My old ITF was very rusty.
  6. Tried out the PST today with the new ITF filter installed. Its an improvment I think compared to the old ITF. /Johan
  7. That is a fantastic image! Excellent detail
  8. Very nice images. I really like the Cak images with the bright faculae visible so clearly. Might have to get my self a Cak module
  9. Pretty horrible seeing today, but thats no excuse to not give it a try You know the seeing is bad when you at first think there is someting wrong with your scope I got some short moments of better conditions so I tried to gather as much data I could. Nice to see some activity again. Ha with PST , WL with 100apo. ASI1600MM. /Johan
  10. Very nice images. Great with some activity again. Cak imaging looks really interesting. I have been tempted to buy a Cak Wedge my self. Is Cak imaging much more sensitive to seeing conditions compared to "white light" and Ha? (My seeing conditions are often pretty bad) Johan
  11. Lovely spring weather with a clear blue sky. I have a PST with the ITF-filter problem. Visually it doesnt show any detail at al, but the camera can pick up of some of the detail. A new filter is on its way. White light with 100m APO and ASI 1600MM. //Johan
  12. Here is another version with a bit more sharpness and adjustment of gamma. I thought the detail became a bit more clear(if it really is detalis in the cloudbands that is ) /Johan
  13. Venus with IR 807 filter and C9,25. A real challange to focus. Any tips or tricks? Not sure if there in fact is some subtle detail in the clouds near the terminator or if its just artifacts from the stack? /Johan
  14. Blank solar disc again. Although I found some small pores on a close up image. Could this be a new AR developing? It was the only interesting thing I could find 80ED + ASI 1600MM /Johan
  15. I have the same problem with my PST that I bought second hand and Im going to change the ITF. Seems like all of these scopes get this isue in time?
  16. Tried the new ASI 1600MM today with 80ED + herschel prism in white light. H-alpha image with PST scope and ASI 1600MM. I picked up a second hand PST for a really good price, but It has the classic isue with the ITF filter rust. Im gonna replace the ITF but was surprised with the image it produced even with a bad ITF-filter. Really happy with the ASI 1600MM so far. The White light res is 3700x3700 but not sure it will be displayed at its full res. //Johan
  17. Thank you Its white light. Yes its not much going on there at the moment. Makes focusing pretty interesting
  18. First Sun of the year for me. Not much to show, 33 blank days in a row now. 80ED + Skyris 274M //Johan
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