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  1. Ah, I stand corrected. I was thinking the V4 was the same as the V3.
  2. Ok, so the USB end of the USB to serial cable goes into the PC. Connect the serial end of that cable to the serial end of the serial to RJ45* cable. The RJ45 end of that cable goes into the middle socket in the bottom of the hand controller. Don't plug anything into the mount. Does that help? *The Synscan instructions call it a RJ45 port but I have read discussion that it does not meet the RJ45 standards. I've used the term here generically.
  3. I've just been updating the firmware on my V3 handset this afternoon. The one I used, purchased several years ago, is very much like this one. https://www.amazon.co.uk/StarTech-com-USB-Serial-Adapter-Prolific/dp/B00GRP8EZU?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_2
  4. Thanks very much both. I was probably going to get it from FLO but, I guess, even the best supplier can't open and test every single item before sending it out the door. So it's really good to get a short things to check over on first arrival. In terms of observing, I'm strictly a visual kinda guy. I have no interest in imaging whatsoever. And seeing as my opportunities for observing are quite limited, I thought it would be a really good choice to replace my old GOTO mount. Thanks again both, and regards from the very South West corner of Essex!
  5. Hi all. I haven’t posted for a while but would appreciate some views about an upcoming potential purchase. I currently use a William Optics 80mm fluorite refractor on an old Skywatcher Synscan GOTO mount. The one with the cheap aluminium tripod. I’m looking to get a new mount soon and the AZ GTI seems the obvious choice. I’ll eventually ditch the tripod but, for now, am just looking for the mount. Of course, I’ve read how good a mount it is, but one not without its QA problems. So, if I do get one, I was wondering if there are some immediate checks I can make to see if I’ve got a decent one. Clearly, I should wait for first light to be definitive but is it possible to tell I’ve got an obvious lemon during initial unboxing? thanks Adrian
  6. Hi all Many thanks for the advice I received. Unfortunately, I couldn't go with every recommendation so, applying a little bit of instinct, I decided on the Nagler zoom. In fact, I bought the one that Shane linked to above. Well, the EP arrived during the week and, being away at the time, this is the first chance I've had to get my hands on it. It's beautiful! The way the zoom control works; the feeling of small size, light weight but real heft; it's just pure quality. And trying it out on a terrestrial target, I think I was worrying unnecessarily about eye relief which seems quite comfortable. Well it's late afternoon and, as the clouds start rolling in following a lovely sunny day here in Essex, I can't wait to try it out for real! It just probably won't be this evening but I live in hope. So, once again, thanks for all the advice. I'll probably be back again in the future now that the TV bug seems to have bitten - I could probably do with a nice wide field 20mm at some point! Adrian
  7. Many thanks to all who responded (especially from Ed, a fellow Essex member!) Oh man, this is a tougher choice than I ever thought it would be! I suppose that I'm really looking for a couple of focal lengths at this end of things; maybe a 3mm for nights of really good seeing and something a bit longer when conditions aren't so great. So I'm already looking at doubling my original budget, albeit over time, to around the £300 mark at least. But if I've got to shell out £300, then why not do it in one hit and just get the 3-6mm Nagler zoom which seems to be custom made for me (as Shane and John have said)? I don't recall ever hearing anything bad about Tele View gear in general and cannot find a single review that isn't glowing about the Nagler zoom. That's the way I'm definitely leaning at the moment although the 10mm eye relief is a bit of a worry. I'm not really a glasses wearer, although having mild astigmatism I do use a pair occasionally for computer use, but it looks like the eye relief of the Nagler zoom is really not enough to accommodate them should I need them. But then one last thought; does anyone know if the Nagler zoom is compatible with the Dioptrx? If so, that would probably seal it for me. Once again, many thanks for your help on this (indeed, helping me spend £150 more on eyepieces than I was planning to!) Adrian
  8. Hi there Apologies for re-treading what is pretty familiar ground but I’d like to seek your views on eyepieces. First, some background. I’ve got an 80mm refractor - a William Optics Zenithstar 80 fluorite doublet – with a modest collection of plossl eyepieces down to 7.5mm. The plossls are OK down to about the 10mm mark but, below that, suffer from pretty poor eye relief, and the feeling of looking through a drinking straw. What I’m looking for is a shorter focal length eyepiece, maybe around the 3 to 5mm mark suitable for planetary use. OK, I realise that an 80mm refractor with a 555mm focal length is never going to be a great planetary scope (and it’s not why I bought it) but who doesn’t like getting decent views of Jupiter or Saturn when the opportunity presents itself? So this is the requirement. A short fl eyepiece, suitable for a short fl refractor, with better eye relief and comfort than a plossl. If I could get a wider field of view, then so much the better. Oh, and probably no more than about £150. I’ve looked around and the WO planetary series looks like a decent option. But then again, the WO UWAN is tempting; almost twice the price but a lot more FoV. And then the Meade 5000 series wide fields are on offer at the moment and seem like good value. So grateful for any help in spend my money. Thanks.
  9. Just a rank newbie question. I'm thinking of getting one of these to power my Synscan AZ mount but what are you guys using to connect the battery to the mount? I suppose some sort of cable with a cigarette lighter plug on one end and an appropriately sized tip on the other but are there any specific models you suggest? Thanks. Adrian
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