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  1. Yup i watch mine on my DVD player too
  2. They usually stick the episode on the magazine the month after its shown dont they? I read the mag but dont tend to bother with the cdrom for some reason.
  3. Cool, just weighing up my options really. I was set on one before i got my skywatcher 200 but ended up going for the other obviously! They are a bit pricey dont you think? Considering the other go to scopes you can get for the money. When i last looked they had little competition but now they dont look as good as the rest imo. Not used an ETX or the competition though so im going off the specs only
  4. Are they hugely complicated or something? I ask because there seems to be a lot of books to help you out, many of them look like they are an extended manual or something. Im considering a new telescope at the moment and this is really putting me off one. If they are as easy to use as Meade let us believe, why the need for so many 3rd party manuals?
  5. I dont know if this sort of thing is already in exhistance but i doubt it. If we could replicate the surface of say Mars and somehow match it with its atmosphere, it would be then possible to see if we could have some sort of life up there? im sure there's bacteria that could survive such conditions already on Earth - we could probably go one step further and play god by manufacturing our own life forms that could live in those conditions. I suppose it would open up all sorts of questions as well as let us know what planets could of at one point had life on them.
  6. Ive never really left guys check the galleries from time to time and even though i havent had anything to add and havent really posted im still telling people about this place!
  7. Why do they do that then? Surely it costs them more to give you the mount thrown in for free?? thats mental.
  8. Is it me or is it cheaper to buy the whole thing than just the OTA? http://www.celestron.uk.com/catalogues/view_item.asp?ItemID=31240&CatalogueID=272&CategoryID=3891 http://www.celestron.uk.com/catalogues/view_item.asp?CatalogueID=272&CategoryID=3766&ItemID=30630
  9. Hi Some time ago i dropped my Explorer 200 broke last April after i dropped it Anyhoo now im thinking of getting a new telescope, im only a casual night sky observer and tend to prefer reading about the night sky rather than watching it for some reason. So im not after something flash or wanting to spend too much because i wont use it too often if im honest. Im thinking of the Celestron C6-S, i think it looks like a nice spec for a reasonable sum of money. It should let me see a similar amount to my explorer and be a lot smaller. Does anyone have any experience with this telescope? Whats probably best for my needs with a budget of £500-600? The CS6 being smaller isnt a feature im after, its just a good selling point so im happy to go back to something like the E200. http://www.celestron.uk.com/catalogues/view_item.asp?CatalogueID=272&CategoryID=3766&ItemID=30630
  10. Thanks, im new to astronomy so i didnt know that
  11. The tube has a good sized dent in it so i think its totally useless, im going to take it to stockport telescope centre when i can blag a lift (i dont drive) and see if it can be repaired. I have the eye piece that came with it and thats all, i hadnt got round to buying anything else for it. If i cant get it repaired ill just buy another telescope on the plastic, the mount and other bits are in perfect order its just the tube and glass thats fubar. I could sell the HEQ5 and get a 150 skywatcher and EQ5 by adding a little bit of money, will have to see what happens over the next few days. deffo gunna get a hard case for what ever i get though
  12. I live in a third floor flat and was taking my skywatcher 200 down to the car for a night stargazing. The lift wasnt working so decided to take the stairs, i think you can see where this is going. So my brother and I grabbed one end each and flung the door open into the stairwell, walked out onto the landing and the door slams shut hitting my hand, i drop the telescope and it swings out catching my brother un aware. So we both let go and off it rolls down the stairs, every stair it hit it would break that little bit more "clunk, smash, clunk, smash" as it bounced from one step to another. I was totally gutted at first and still am, but it was like a scene from Laurel and Hardey. We watched in slow motion as it hit every step on the way down, then they rails, then the wall each time the "slushing" sound of the broken glass inside getting louder and obviously worse. It was really funny looking back but at the moment i have no telescope so im absolutley gutted!! We dont have home and contents insurance either, the flat we live in is very secure, we have CCTV over all the doors and its a gated community so we thought we would never get a break in! we dont have much money either so dont have much of value that could get damaged so have always done without - would of come in handy now though Atleast i can see the funny side lol
  13. Thanks, Holmfirth way was where i wanted to head first but everywhere i found i got blasted with car headlights, even when away from the road there was always some wally with his xenon's at full beam - its also pretty much the road that goes through dovestones so its back on doggers alley. Its probably my best option though, ill have to head up there and try and find a nice spot. For those that dont know it, Holmfirth is the set for last of the summer wine. If your passing through its a nice place to visit
  14. I live in Ashton which is the next town along to stalyvegas so if you know of any decent places up there id be mucho chuffed
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