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  1. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/new-moon-found-2019-february-neptune-nasa-hippocamp-hubble-a8788961.html
  2. Sland

    Waxing Gibbous mineral moon at 67%.

    Love the detail and colour, so often it can look white (as in my pictures, LOL)
  3. Sland

    First Moon shot (for years)

    Stunning, great contrast and good sharpness
  4. Sland

    What an amazing image!

  5. Sland

    CG-5 Strip down. Damaged grub screw.

    For lubricant use either Sailkote or GT85, WD40 is a horrible lubricant
  6. Sland

    Zoom eyepieces

    Thought they were showing as out of stock or did you get the last one?
  7. Sland

    Zoom eyepieces

    I have a Seben 8-24 sitting on the shelf gathering dust since I sold my scope. I'm open to offers! Can post pictures if needed
  8. Sland

    Heads up ! Starcount !

  9. Sland

    Heads up ! Starcount !

    Put your location into the search box https://clearoutside.com/forecast/55.96/-3.30?view=midday Bortle level will be in orange bar near top of screen
  10. Buy another weight and move them further up the shaft
  11. I like the way it sticks to the ceiling in the last picture
  12. Very nice indeed
  13. Sland

    Large magellanic cloud

    That is just beautiful!

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