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  1. please can somebody let me know what size astrozap baader solar filter i would need for a skywatcher explorer 200p?
  2. thanks for pointing that out Oddsocks, now i just have to get my pc to recognise that a synscan handset is connected so i can do a firmware update.
  3. well this is strange. I was having a bit of a mess around with the synscan hand controller tonight and i noticed a gps menu so then i plugged in the gps mouse (which you are supposed to do prior to starting the hand controller up) and i now have a gps lock. But when i do things the correct way (plug in the gps then startup handset) it still wont move past the initializing screen.
  4. yes, you just have to push 0 and 8 simultaneously.
  5. I received my rs232 to usb cable today which i plugged in and it installed straight away in com port 3, now the problem I am having is that when i try to update the firmware a message comes up saying ''can not connect to a synscan hand control'' even when i manually select the correct com port. sorry for so many questions but can anybody help with this?
  6. I took the gps mouse outside this morning and still had no joy so i guess it must be that the firmware needs updating as mhard26339 suggested. Unfortunately i dont have a rs232 port on my pc so ive bought a rs232 to usb cable which should arrive sometime this week.
  7. thank you for this. I'm currently on version 3.28 so this could well be the problem.
  8. thanks for the advice everybody, i'll take it outside tomorrow as now that i planned to do that it started raining .
  9. thanks for the reply, its been on for at least 3 hours, its in a room right by a window where i have successfully used a few gps devices before.
  10. I apologise if this is in the wrong section. I received my skywatcher gps mouse on friday. i plugged the mouse in to the middle port on the synscan handset, placed the mouse on a horizontal surface and powered up the mount as it says in the manual. The problem I am having is that it will not move past the initializing screen. Please can anybody help?
  11. thanks for the information nmoushon perhaps I'll go the same route as you and get the ED80 and a dob but I've got plenty of time yet so I'll do a little more research and listen to what others have to say.
  12. As I've mentioned in previous posts im currently saving up for a neq6 pro goto mount, all being well i should be putting in my order with FLO sometime in the next month. Now I am looking at which scope to go for with astrophotography in mind. I have the choice narrowed down to two scopes, either the skywatcher equinox 80 apo pro or the skywatcher quattro f4 imaging newtonian. From what i have read the equinox shouldnt be much trouble at all but the FLO website and many other sources say the quattro as aimed at the more experienced user. Should i forget about the quattro for now or is it doable for a newbie to use it?
  13. thanks m.tweedy i think thats what i will go for as it will save me having to do any drilling etc.
  14. thanks for the help photosbykev, the second option seems like the one to go for.
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