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  1. Nice! You should be pleased. t adapter makes life alot easier. Not sure on your camera but if decent sized chip you can have some fun post shoot by zooming in using photoshop or gimp etc. Suprising the quality that remains even at high levels of magnification. You cant get this with a smaller chip web cam.
  2. Thanks Olly. I have not looked at OAGs at all and not really sure where to start. Please, give me a clue where to start on these and I will have aa look and let you know how I get on.
  3. thanks Neil. I think I will be going for the DMK with the 618. I have heard of interference lines at 30fps - do you get these ? its one of those hobbies that eats away at you because you need more time than you have to test out all your theories. When you actually get the time, the weatherman strikes. It helps trying to poach a little experience to save error time and give you more quality time. Always appreciate help.
  4. A couple of things keep coming up on reviews for stand alone guiders. First is that the view window is limited and 2nd that they struggle with star lock. I guess im going to have to take a pick. i havnt heard of Lacerta ? I understand the comment regarding fast optics, however, I think I need to be careful here due to relatively slow C9.25 ?
  5. Can anyone recommend a decent guidescope set up for a Celestron c9.25 on eq6pro. I have no obvious view of Polaris and I really need a guide scope to move my set up forward. It will be a bonus to not have to use a laptop to guide and I have looked at Skywatchers and Celestrons stand alone guide cameras. I have also looked at Orion and Optic star packages. Any experience or suggestions would be helpful as this is a mindfield, I thinks.
  6. Ainsley, I use AMCAP to control a neximage camera, similar set to what your using. You need to adjust your gain and shutter settings. If I image the moon and then move to Jupiter without adjusting settings, Jupiter would not show on my monitor at all. Keep the gain as low as you can while gradually increasing shutter speed. Its a balancing act. I would not image over 10fps and if your tracking well try 5fps for very low compression. You shouldnt be able to see the moons around Jupiter - if you can the detail will not be there because your imaging too much gain. I've realised that while regi 6 will improve an image it will not compensate for bad gain or shutter speed. For filter - try Neodymium filter - massive improvemnt to detail through eyepiece and cam. see hows ya go.
  7. Nice shot. have you tried adding a Neodymium (check spelling !) filter to the 900 ? I cant believe the difference in detail I get from my Neximage.
  8. When i shoot the avi I use the smallest window on AMCAP. Seems to inprove quality, however, when you enlarge the image, after processing, I get bad pixelation on the image. Any thoughts ?
  9. Took these on the 8th September using C9.25 and Neximage or 400D. Any constructive critisism would be welcomed. Used registax 6 to process.
  10. I think your image is great. I have tried my hand at Lunar imaging over the last year using C9.25. I have loaded some in an album on this site. I am no where near your quality. I notice you use red filter. How big a difference do you find this makes for moon imaging ? I have used Neodymium for Jupiter and makes massive difference. I would appreciate any tips or comments. Been using Neximage on low FPS. Looking at getting DBK to get better FPS and avoid compression but I struggle to find any seeing that allows more than x3.
  11. I have a C9.25 and neximage. I have used to take some ok images of moon and some images of Saturn and Jupiter (gallery). I really want to know if anyone has thoughts on the bst way forward for getting better images. I am looking at DMK cameras ? I have used barlows to try and get better close ups but they seem to enhance poor seeing. Are powermates a much better solutiion ? Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.
  12. Thats a great image. I have been trying to capture those mountains for a while but showing depth seems to be difficult. The x3 seems to have worked really well and no loss of quality. I will keep trying.
  13. The red line is from wavelet and sharpening adjustments in Registax. Nice pic.
  14. Snooper

    Lunar Album

    Varius Lunar shots using a 150pl and C9.25.
  15. i use AMCap control and I rarely go over 5 FPS, even with the moon. I find that the image quality suffers from compression problems. I dont have to much of a problem collecting the frames I need as tracking mount makes like easier. When you process using Registax wavelets, try saving the stacked image, use the wavelet function sparingly and then save. Then do the rest in a graphics editor like GIMP2.
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