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    Astronomy, history, building miniatures.
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    Liaoning, China
  1. Nice pics. I tried this a couple of times, found I needed three arms.
  2. Great pic. Certainly better than my first phone-to-eyepiece shot of the moon. I too prefer the first pic.
  3. Great images. I have to admit the moon is pretty much my favourite celestial body. I look forward to seeing more
  4. Nice to see UK made kit. Do you have many foreign sales? I ask because finding anything near where I live in China is next to impossible. Have a Merry Christmas.
  5. That's the wonder of astronomy, you always wonder what you'll see. Nice pic all the same. :-)
  6. Have you considered laser surgery? Then you could use any pair of bins with ease. It's one of the best decisions I ever let my wife push me into and a good investment.
  7. Rest in peace Sir Patrick, the world is a lesser place without you. Tony
  8. I had a Vauxhall Combo when I lived in the UK. It was great! It had back seats, but no windows. I built a storage area in the back with about 16" clearance underneath and could fold the back seats down put a memory foam mattress in the back and sleep perfectly. Curtains in the front allowed privacy and a nice lie in when needed. Plus the added advantage of being able to park virtually anywhere without drawing attention and spending the night. I even had a cam net cover I'd conceal it with if we were in the country 'roughing it'. Sort of wish I had brought it with me to China... maybe I'll convert one of my buses into a camper...
  9. Almost all my outdoor kit is Berghaus and I can't fault it. The Go Outdoors chain often have decent sales that make membership worth it. If it be really cold I wear a longer 3/4 down jacket from the Gap over the Berghaus. A refrigeration tech once told me "There's no such thing as cold, only an absence of heat." My RSM would simply laugh and tell you to 'Suck it up sunshine' lol.
  10. Interesting, my nephew does seismic work for the oil companies in that area. I'll have to tell him to send me a chunk, lol.
  11. Sadly having worked in the security industry I have to agree. Nothing will keep out a determined thief. Maybe you should install a motion sensor and some big security lights, lol.
  12. I'm sure the weather in Oz is much nicer than we're getting now... -17 here! Thankfully I'm the only idiot who puts up lights where I live.
  13. £200! Can I get one in kit form? I'll happily put it together for that price! Looks great and a great piece of kit too. Oh well, someday if I'm lucky...
  14. I grew up by the sea in NS, Canada and the nearest light was ten miles away. That was before security lights were dreamed of. Oh the dark skies there!!!
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