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  1. I think time exists from our perspective but I also believe it's possible to be outside of time. But I don't believe we'll ever be outside of it on Earth.
  2. Hello neighbor - welcome from South Carolina!
  3. I think we're the only intelligent civilization in the entire universe and quite possibly the only life that exists in the universe in any form is only found on Earth. Statistics are great and all, but in this case it's a lot of guessing. We've found some stars with planets, but we don't have the capability of finding truly Earth-like planets orbiting these stars. So our only real experience is with our own solar system. Eight planets. One is habitable. Extrapolation of that very limited data set to assume it's anywhere close to that across the universe is a guessing game. As much as I'
  4. I just picked up one of those a few weeks back and it made my life so much easier for planetary work.
  5. You could buy a $20 intervalometer from Amazon, set your 550D to bulb mode then set the exposure times on the intervalometer. That's what I do on mine. Or maybe look at BackyardEOS, a piece of software that may control your exposure times via USB cable.
  6. Those are good concise steps! Thanks! Next time I order some astro stuff I'll put a white light filter on my list for the 4".
  7. I didn't use my ED80 because I don't have a solar filter for it. Plus I didn't feel like trying to rough align it in the daytime. Sometimes the dob is just easier for me.
  8. Heck I have the same problem with my paltry 600mm!
  9. Thanks for the tip Steve. Between trying to get focus and keep the dob on the sun spot I wasn't even thinking about the camera settings.
  10. You're so much further along than I was when I took my first planetary picture. I think you did a great job. Just watch out. There's a nasty bug going around that makes you want to spend all your money upgrading. It's easy to diagnose but the recovery period is long!
  11. Just one shot. I was using the dob. Caught some video using my SPC900 but they didn't stack well so used my T2i instead for a single shot.
  12. That's nice work. I was looking at 1777 yesterday and figured it was just a bit smaller than Earth but like how you have an image of Earth there for scale.
  13. Grabbed this yesterday afternoon while wanting to make use of my solar filter and my dob. One shot using my T2I at prime focus.
  14. I managed to get back out again tonight. I took a few Avis with varying degrees of magnification but this one is with 2, 2x Barlows. I didn't end up with any color though. Registax assumed it was a b&w avi. Maybe my SPC900 is acting wonky. Got a decent alignment this time, at least enough to keep it on the chip for a while. This was 2000 framed stacked with 1400 kept. Thanks everyone for their help and encouragement!
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