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  1. And the CLs filter from astronomik http://www.astronomik.com/media/pdf_datasheets/astronomik/cls_en.pdf (i can´t edit yet )
  2. Ok thanks for the information. This is the data about baader neodymium, and include a ir-cut, but perhaps would be better a dedicated ir-cut filter, i don´t know There are a lot of information out there and i´m trying to understand the curves . http://www.baader-planetarium.uk.com/en/pdf/Neodymium_A40_Fn_CMYK_LR_HAE_E_1007.pdf
  3. I´m going to get a CCD camera and i read that it would need an IR filter, but i´m not sure about which filter could be better . I know that are some especific Infrared band elimination filters, but i would kwow if there are alternatives to this type of filters and use for example a Baader neodimium or a CLS filter for this purpose ?. in this way i can use the same filter for two things and not only for one , for example for visual observation . Thanks !
  4. Ok ! Finally i´ve purchased from Ebay a spc 880 webcam flashed to a spc 900. I hope that it will works well.
  5. My main telescope is a Mak 127 in a NEQ-5 equatorial mount . I´m going to buy the motors too because i purchased the mount with manual controls only , my current budget is around 120-130 euros . it´s not for a very serious work. I´m starting in astrophotography and the main target would be the moon and planets . Will I get good results with a orion starShoot ? it´s not very expensive and it´s ready to go withouth modiffications. thanks !
  6. I am looking for a planetary camera for bright objects like Moon, and planets. I have a canon 600D DSRL camera for deep sky and long exposure photography, but it´s not the best option for video and planets, also is very heavy compared with a webcam. Suitable webcams like Toucam and SPC900 are difficult to find and are pretty expensive. My two options are find a modern alternative of a webcam suitable for astrophotography or buy and specific camera for bright objects , but not very expensive. Some one can give me some advice about good modern webcams for astrophotography or specific camera
  7. I tried imaging saturn with a 600D with the same results, and i think that DSRL are best suited for deep sky and Webcams for planetary imaging.
  8. Very interesting I will try with my mak 127 when the weather improves next week. In my location sirio reach 35 degrees avobe the horizon.
  9. i wear glasses too and i´m very happy with a hyperion eyepiece in a Mak 127. Depends on the budget . Dellos it´s the best option but Hyperions are not too expensive and it´s modular design with extension rings.
  10. I keep My Mak 127 tube stored in his original bag and the NEQ-5 fully assembled nex to the outside door ,except the spreader and counterweights. This way can be prepared in less than 5 minutes when i want to observe. I often left the Tube outside 30 minutes before i assemble the mount to cool it down.
  11. Thanks for the link. I´m thinking about and the zoom have the advantage of change magnifications without swapping the hyperion extension rings, but it´s more expensive compared with the 17 mm. Perhaps i will go for the zoom.
  12. My first "Monster " it´s a Hyperion Here it´s my eyepiece collection. some of the original 0.965 eyepieces from the old 80 mm telescope, kellner 20 mm, ortoscopic 9 mm and 4 mm , and the new eyepieces for the Mak : plossl 32mm, 20 mm , 12,5mm and 10 mm,Finally the 8 mm Hyperion.
  13. I´ve just buy a 8 mm hyperion with extension rings for a 80 mm 400 F5 and i´m very happy with the results, it´s like a new telescope compared with the old and original 0,965 eyepieces ( it´s a vixen telescope from 1986 ). i choose hyperion for a very good eye relief , because i wear glasses. With the Mak 127 1500 the 8 mm it´s a bit too much magnification ( 188, 250 , 300 and 375 x ) and i would like another hyperion. ( i didn´t tried the 8 mm with the mak yet, it´s raining ) The doubt is which hyperion choose for the widest magnification possibilities . I have three options , a 13 m
  14. Thanks ! i will go for the variable type. Vari-max seems to be amazing but it´s more expensive and weights 2,5 pounds. i´m pretty sure that my mount can withstand the extra weight but i prefer keep the weight and budget to the minimum for now.
  15. I want to use my new DSRL with the telescope , but looking for a adapter for eyepiece proyection i´ve found two types. Fixed , with a fixed focal lenght, and the other type and more expensive with variable focal leght. It´s worth the money difference for the variable type , or the fixed type would be enough ? . this is the adapter type that i´m writting about. http://www.skynews.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Seronik-DSC_9985.jpg
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