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  1. Hey guys, I'm back after a several month absence from astronomy - (unfortunately college has been quite frantic and has taken up a lot of my time) but I've managed to get back into astronomy (starting off with some pictures of Jupiter and it's moons just about 30 minutes ago) however this raised a problem, I'm using a Sky Watcher, Sky-Liner 200p, a dobsonian telescope which is probably the worst type of telescope for some serious Astrophotography (which I want to get into) as I'm a college student and will hopefully soon be getting money if I can find a job, I will be looking to upgrade to som
  2. Hey Darren! Fellow Bristolian here (also returning after a several month absence) These forums are absoutely wonderful for all astronomers regardless how much experience or "skill" they have.
  3. Interesting idea however what's the point of the kickstarter campaign, seeing as they are backed by the co-founder of Google and James Cameron?
  4. Hello from a fellow Bristolian!!
  5. Just seen Jupiter through my telescope for the first time and saw some of its moons, it was incredible!

    1. spektrumdx8


      Yeah, great when it all comes together!! , wait till you get to the other planets !!!

    2. Ganymede12


      Did you catch any detail on the planet itself?

  6. My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets (My science teacher taught me that and I have never forgot it, even though I knew the order before that anyway but it sometimes helps when my mind freezes)
  7. Not so much astronomy but you get the chance to see the northern lights: http://www.magicoflapland.net/glass-igloo.html Not very grand but astronomy related: http://www.astroadventures.co.uk/
  8. The problem is we are doing the work in the background for ESA whilst France is launching all the people and getting all the credit and most of the economic rewards from the whole thing, im not saying we shouldnt give to ESA but we should have a leading role and unless ESA says they want to land a man on the moon/mars within 10 years im not going to support them.
  9. But what else should we do, continue to complain about the tube being overcrowded and inventing new lights for buses or doing what we did before and innovate and get humanity somewhere, as I said we did it before and look where it got humanity, we need to do it again not for ourselves but for humanity, everyone needs to get involved whether its America or India.
  10. Very true but we are entering a new space race, well in fact we are entering two... A commercial space race which we could be winning if our government was supporting companies like starchaser industries ltd and skylon. Also the second space race between India, China, Japan, America, Russia, maybe Iran although they only have plans right now, we should get involved, we have a bigger economy than India and Iran so we can do it, its just a lack of vision which is keeping us from doing it.
  11. Humanity cant spend eternity on earth we need to expand, the moon is the first step... John F Kennedy once said ''We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy but because they are hard''
  12. Competition drives innovation, the way I see it if we get involved we will be doing more than before and do we really want to be the last country to put a man in space or on the moon?
  13. Hi guys and gals please sign this petition so the government will start a manned space program here in the uk. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/29491 Thank you.
  14. Well im afraid I must disagree with you, they showed a video of Jupiter and its moons through a 4'' telescope and various other things which I cant remember on the top of my head.
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