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  1. Yes, G11 is plagued with backlash and you will tinker after tinker month by month, as the temperature changes. I used to own two G11 and 14 years ago I developed a floating worm system. The available floating worm system which is offered by Losmandy still does not cope with the problem as it should. Now that I retired from my day job I did not want to continue with the daily tinkering and got two CEM 120. I know it is not CEM 60 but is the same technology ... CEM 60 has no backlash as it has a floating worm.
  2. Hi Alan, Just hink about it as the Payload of a carrier is fixed. So would you carry Polystyrene for the same price as Steel ? Volume against weight ... Does it no bother you when you transport a tree in your car or your mount that space is missing or left ? No, I do not have a transportation company
  3. Hi Alan, Thc ourier have a way to calculate wither by weght or volume. There is a Volume/Weight factor . If the weight is bigger then the volume then they charge by weight and if the volume is bigger then the weight they charge by volume.
  4. I can feel you pain as I have had it for the last 10 months with my two ( not only one) CEM 120EC2. I knew I was buying an unproved thing but OK, I have spent a lot of time and do not regret and now after 10 months I can say it is working more or less as expected, nothing will work perfectly even some say so but that is OFF TOPIC. iOptron has been responsive but what [removed word] me off mostly was their dishonesty. I might be stupid but not yet stupid enough in order not to see what BS they sometimes were writing and that is what makes me angry. On the other side there is no mount in this carrying class for that price including encoders (which now work) ... All similar products cost at least double and upwards ... and honestly I see no reason to buy that just for maybe a 5% improvement ? All have problems and that is proven ... OK I will finish here so souls33k3r doe snot need to say to stay on topic
  5. ¿ Have you reported you problems to iOptron ? The more people draw the attention of iOptron to this the faster they can react and make corrections on the firmware. Well at least that is what I saw with my problems with both of my CEM 120EC2 ... Reporting it to you dealer is useless as the dealer does not write the firmware and perhaps what the dealer reports to iOptron could be only the half of it ... " Broken Phone " game ...
  6. Sorry and deleted my OT answers
  7. Take a look here https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/
  8. Hi Allan, It is not only about weight it is also about moment arm and center of gravity. Also a 12" cher is a nice Sail boat ... JMHO
  9. Hi Alan, I would not put a 12" cher on a CEM 60 ... My guts tell me that is not going to work as expected but OK JMHO
  10. Hi, It is not quite that simple ... There is no Plug & Play equatorial mount in the same way that there is no " Simply want to get on with imaging " ... and I eat my Hat if there is one ... I am doing this Sh.t since 20 years ...
  11. Hi Alan, I understand your dobts about the CEM 120XXX and yes it has been a long and steep way until they iOptron finally got a firmware for round stars on heavy equipped CEM120XXX (mainly the encoder fitted mounts) All my attempts since having uploaded the last beta firmware have given me excellent results. The know issues like short frequency oscillation are gone. The latest proof is from a German user after uploading it. No oscillations anymore using a 16" Newton with 35kg ( ~77 lbs). I can send you a bunch of RAW fit images if you want for analysing them. I am speaking of a Mewlon 250S @ 3203 mm focal length together mounted with two other refractors with a total payload (Telescopes and Counterweights) of about 220 lbs. I can also provide you PHD2 Log fiels if you want to take a look at them. Below one example of round stars at that focal length. The Setup in the back it the one in question. The setup in the from in the meantime is also carrying a third telescope on top of the Takahashi TOA 130S and is a Takahashi FS-78. Again, I admit that it has been a long, steep and unpleasant fight with iOptron until the results came out, but since August 22nd with the release of latest beta firmware version190718 a lot has been achieved. Not yet oficcialy released, still in beta. I can finally say after 10 months of intensive use after my day job retirement that I am now not thinking anymore in sending them back. The image below is an integration of 15 subexposures with each 600s from a session of 16 sub exposures with Luminance filter only. What looks like a problem of light leak it is not. Thise are verybright stars outside the FOV but still shiny enough to get those streaks onto my image. All questions are welcome and data is available. Just ask and you will get it.
  12. Hi Alan, That is wrong thinking = " ... results I am beginning to think buy the encoder version and throw my guiding gear in the bin ... " ... Encoders do NOT correct your imperfect Polar Aligment ... Encoders on the CEM 60EC as far as I know do not correct for atmospheric refraction ... (unless they have a built in barometric and temperature measuring device as the CEM 120EC2 have) Get an OAG and your guiding will be much better ... I only guide through OAG my two mounts ... BTW I feel guilty that sould33k3r has problems now due to my advice and so please take this comment with a big Grain of Salt
  13. Hi and no, you can not. It is just a connection to the mount like the other three which are RS232, USB or WiFi
  14. Hi souls33k3r, Now after so many messages I am confused. To which side is your scope moving when I look at your last image ? Would you please post some images of your set up from different angles or view points ? I have seen nowadays that more and more people pack more and more stuff onto the scopes and then start to balancing problems and if we apply Ockham´s razor then the balance problem is just because there is somewhere a slight asymmetrical weight distribution. Now having balanced for more then 18 years scopes I came up with the idea which could help avoid adding all those threaded rods and washers all over our scopes. Use a SBS = Side By Side solution. Turn your lowest saddle plate by 90°, get a dovetail and a saddle plate, somrthing like this https://www.admaccessories.com/product/cgx-sbs-celestron-cgx-side-side-adapter/ and put the scope on it. In this way you can move the scope sideways when trying to balance the vertical position of the RA axis. Just an idea ... BTW be sure to put the tightening knobs of the counterweights directly over the counterweight shaft. Those knobs can also influence the asymmetrical weight distribution. Thank You
  15. Hi souls33k3r, Difficult to understand what your problem is. My first well meant tip is get shorter cables for that stuff on top of the scope. You have a lot of unnecessary Copper weight up there. About your RA balancing problems it would be good to see some images how the scope is up there and how the weight is distributed. Most of the times a slight unsymettrical weight distribution makes your life hard and in many cases it is possible to avoid any additional wight by analyzing well the weight distribution, regards Rainer
  16. Great, If you post an image of your set up now other people could see how it works
  17. Interesting how afraid people are to take off a simple saddle plate just because it has some cables attached to a Hub on the saddle. I am even more astonished that iOptron themselves do not know how that works. It does not matter where you want to put the tightening knobs of the saddle as well as it does not matter if you turn i Clockwise or Counterclockwise ... I modified my whole DEC Head and Hub in order to get the cables from the hub symmetrically from inside both of my scopes.
  18. Hi, Here it is how it works on a CEM 120EC2 or any CEM 120 model. Look at the white arrow on the DEC Head which has to point North or South depending in which hemisphere you live. Very easy to find out just by unscrewing the saddle plate and looking underneath it.
  19. Hi, There is absolutely no danger if you take off the saddle and turn it 90° or just ake it off for looking how it is set up. The DEC head should have slots in order to accommodate the cables coming from the hollow DEC axis. As the mounts have the function Search zero position they have a built in sensor which reads the position of the DEC head and you can only have ONE Zero position. The same was on my CEM 120EC2 mounts. Unscrew the 4 screws which hold the saddle plate and turn it 90 degrees and you have the double telescope set up possibility and you do not need to take off the stopper screw which acts on the DEC head and NOT on the saddle. Again, I do not understand how iOptron does deliver such contradicting information being so easy to change it to a side by side arrangement.
  20. This is an ambiguos answer. The CEM 40 has a built in search position sensor and so if you take out the stopper screw you can not use so you have to turn the saddle around for using the Zero Positio sensor. Why do they give such stupid answers instead of just saying Turn the saddle by 90° ...
  21. WOW BTW you can not damage the ount as the steppers just make an awful grinding noise but nothing happens ... It is just not nice to hear them whining I have two CEM 120EC2 mounts and have seen the CEM 60EC mount of a friend and they have this stops which act on the DEC head and not on the saddle. Just tne sure to keep the DEC head pointing to the north and turn only the saddle by 90°, The footpreint of the 4 screws golding the saddle is square ... My mounts have white arrows on the DEC head and those should point North. That is it. And so the Zero position is correct and you can slew to North and South about +-170°
  22. Hi, Yes that is the solution to unscrew the saddle and rotate it 90 degrees. The stop touches the lower part of the dec head and not on the saddle. The best is to unscrew the saddle and take a look where the stop is. Rainer
  23. Thanks. I looked at thei webpage but no signs there of that mount . Now is the admisible load 100 kg with NO counterweights ? Thanks
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