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  1. Hello again! First, I'd like to thank everybody for your valuable advices. I really love this forum Then, I want you to know that the seller of the ES 20mm 100° accepted my offer.. So I'm a 100° eyepiece official owner now ^^ Just waiting for the item to arrive, in a couple of days
  2. I never heard about these "Myriad's" before. I'll consider them if the seller will not accept my offer for the ES. Thanks for all your opinions!
  3. I'd like to see it one day.. Great image, lovely!
  4. I like to hear somebody so satisfied by the 82°/100° ES like you! It encourages me a lot ! Frankly, I'm really hoping to succeed in this transaction for the used 100°eyepiece.. But I know the 82° would be a good option too. I'll keep you updated!
  5. No I don't. I used and recently re-sold an uhc and a light pollution filter, since I don't like filters so much. I tried them but I don't know.. I was not very impressed. Now I have just a variable polarizing one for the moon, and in the future maybe I could pick the OIII 2" (which is expensive and selective, but it could worth the price.. However I wish I could try before buying it) Just now, I'm in a negotiation for a used ES 100 ° 20mm, which is sold new for 479 euro from the Explore Scientific official site, and I'm trying to buy it used for 310 euro (shipping cost included). It seems a good deal to me, and I feel this is my "dream eyepiece", despite the coma I'll have on my f 4.5 scope.. Don't know why. It's just a feeling, reading about the "100° - wow -effect" on several forums. But I'm waiting for the seller: if he does not agree my offer, I'll probably pick a less expensive one, like an 82°.
  6. Hi Peter, thanks for your opinion. In fact I notice a not-so-dark background sky, using the 33mm. Even when I am under a good sky, with no light pollution. I ascribe this effect to the exit pupil of the 33mm eyepiece. That's why I want to change it! Do you use a Paracorr type I or type II?
  7. Hello forum, I'm here asking for some advices, because I'm going to buy a new eyepiece for my dobson sw 16" (f 4.5) This is the fact: I use a 8-24mm baader zoom, and I recently sold my william optics swan 33mm 72 degrees, which I didn't like so much because on my 16" it gives me back a 7.3 exit pupil! (I purchased it years ago, when I had the 10" sw). Now I'd like to try an 82 or 100 degrees eyepiece on my scope but I don't have the opportunity, so I'm reading forums, tests and reviews to find out which is the best choise for me. I'm not sure about a 20mm- 100°, or a 24mm -82° , or something different (staying in this range, 19-24mm.. I'd like to keep at least 1° true field of view) - - - - - - - - - - These are some models I was reading about in these days: -Expolore Scientific 24mm 82° -Luminos Celestron 19mm 82° -Meade 5000 UWA 20mm 82 ° Explore Scientific Maxvision 24mm 82° (very cheap! but it should be the same as meade 5000, right?) For a 100°, I could pick one in the "second hand"market, because of the price. For example: Explore scientific 20mm 100° I know about coma problem, but is it so evident? Could I manage coma in the future with a coma corrector? - - - - - - - - - - Thanks a lot!! (and sorry for mistakes, I'm not English)
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