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  1. Thank you very much for all those great answers! I won't get a wedge at the moment since I will move back further down next month, but I will try to lift the N leg as you mentioned. / Andreas
  2. But wouldn't that affect the overall inclination of the mount? At which latitude did you try this by the way? Cause my mount does not seem to go further than 65 degrees even without bolts attached. That looks like a good solution to the problem. However, I won't stay this far up in the country for too long, so it would be a bit overkill to buy the Wedge at the moment.
  3. And obviously, I meant latitude instead of altitude...
  4. Evening stargazers, At the moment, I am located a significantly higher altitude than normal and discovered some problems with the polar alignment for my EQ6. The most obvious problem is that one of the alignment screws is way too short to compensate for my current latitude of ~ 68. "Alright then... I'll just order a longer screw", I thought until I noticed the fact that it is not possible to reach further than ~ 65, even when the screws are not attached. Why is this? The scale on the mount reaches up to 90, which is quite far from 65. Is it possible make the polar axis go further or is it just a limitation of the mount? // Andreas
  5. Andreas


    Alright, I'll keep that in mind!
  6. Andreas


    Thanks! I mean, it looks more like a cloud than a flat disc in my opinion. // Andreas
  7. Hey! This is my first finished moon mosaic, and I'm quite happy with the results, except for the oversaturation at some places as well as the blurry upper middle sections. I'm not sure what caused the blurriness, and I've tried to restack those sections a couple of times without any further success. This is not the fullres image by the way. // Andreas
  8. Andreas


    After a couple of nights of clouds, frustration, I finally got a decent pic of M31 However, I think it looks a bit smeared after the image-processing in photoshop. Soo..maybe someone got any suggestions about how to make it better? // Andreas
  9. Welcome to SGL Chris! Great pic of ISS you got there
  10. Andreas

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to SGL, Chris!
  11. Andreas


    Hey John and welcome to SGL !
  12. Alright, but would you clean it our leave it as it is? And if you would clean it, what sort of cleaning solution would you use? Andreas
  13. Thanks for all soothing answers! However, as I couldn't see the mirror when I "cleaned" it (or after), I was still afraid that some dust particles could be left over from the microfibre cloth, so I took a picture. It does not look too good in my opinion, and I wouldn't be surprised if most of the particles where left over from the cloth. So what do you think? Should I leave it as it is, or dismount it for a proper cleaning? I'm specially worried about the two big particles in the upper left corner after that I had noticed them when I looked trough the focuser. No big deal maybe.. but still.. Andreas
  14. Hi stargazer friends, I was recently out with my scope for the first time since before summer. My goal was to shoot M31, but when I was done with all calibration and such, the dew was already all over the secondary, making the image blurry. So I thought like "what the heck", and grabbed my microfibre cloth and rubbed all over the secondary until it felt dry. And now afterwards, I realised how stupid I was, as from what I've heard, you shouldn't touch the mirror even though it's dirty. So now I wonder if I could have damaged the mirror in some way, and/or if I have to clean it or something? Andreas
  15. Welcome to SGL, Tom! Andreas
  16. Welcome to SGL! Andreas
  17. Andreas

    Hello all.

    Welcome to SGL, Logic! Andreas
  18. Looks very great indeed! My attempts have went right into the trash. Andreas
  19. Andreas


    Welcome to SGL, Jack! Andreas
  20. Welcome to SGL, Drew! Let's hope for better weather! Andreas
  21. Welcome to SGL Claire! I did actually just watch the beautiful meteor shower here from Sweden Andreas
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