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  1. Great suggestions. I think i might go with a high quality low profile Crayford focuser. But might just see if I can bring it in by winding in the primary mirror to see if I can get it in. I get the point about not disturbing the secondary / correction plate and the margin I have toplay with wont be big! I also like the idea of the turret but am unsure if these can be engineered well enought for 2 inch camera loads.
  2. HI I have just started using a 200mm Skywatcher Maksutov Newtonian and have had to ditch my trusty flip mirror so can no longer quickly switch form eyepiece viewing to imaging.. I am not so keen to get the drill out until I know exactly what I am doing!. With my old 10 inch ancient scope I move the focuser and spider and it worked fine. I have a feeling of dread about attempting the same thing on the new scope as its still looks prestine. Is the simplist mod to raise the primary mirror. I I need somehere between 5 and 10mm to achieve focus. I have attached some pcitures! You can see the 50mm tube extender I am using to achieve focus. This is just a bit smaller than the flip mirror. I am also a little concerned about clearance and obstructing the path to the CCD. The question is do I just live with this or is it worth butchering the scope to give me back my flip mirror whcih I enjoy!
  3. Just getting back into astronomy and astrophotography after a long break.

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