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  1. Looked up at 0515 this morning in the south of the UK and saw a train of at least 15 satellites following each other across the sky from the West heading in a SE direction. Can anybody tell me what it was. Was it this SpaceX thing?
  2. This is all very well, but i want to know how the Soup Dragon got to be on the Moon?
  3. The challenge here is to complete the set. Good luck with Saturn!
  4. Why do i get the nasty feeling we are soon going to have another battle to save The Sky At Night from the axe again?
  5. Allan Chapman = the Ken Dodd of the astro world! Think poor Lucie needed one of them big hooks at stage left. Enjoyed the Pluto and Juno talks, although i think they both deserved an hour each for their talks.
  6. Are there short breaks in between each talk. Got a Friday afternoon pass. 3 hours seems a long time to sit on ones posterior!
  7. Shoes caked in mud whilst wading through Bosham Channel to line up the Moon with the church!
  8. Got this 2 hour documentary about the Voyagers on DVD after i read a favourable review in one of the astronomy magazines. Well worth a look if you get the chance. Quite moving in parts. And no dramatic music drowning most of it out! Never tire on stuff about the Voyagers. P.S now found it on You Tube as well!
  9. A little extra on speakers booked now, but no times yet. http://europeanastrofest.com/conference
  10. Another vote for Winchester Science Centre who do excellent monthly lectures. Also don't forget Kielder in Northumberland. Amazing skies if your lucky and it's clear.
  11. Taken at Langstone Harbour overlooking Hayling Island UK
  12. Just wondering how quickly the talks sell out for this as it would be nice to see who they have lined up. It would be the Friday that i would go. Should i hold on to see the full programme before buying or should i just go for it?
  13. Heard this programme being discussed on Radio 4 today and sounds interesting. It's on asteroids and has a piece on one that hit Scotland 1.2 billion years ago. Found an article on it here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3786339/Asteroid-slammed-Earth-1-2-billion-years-ago-bigger-one-killed-dinosaurs.html
  14. Oh go on, just a couple of hours a month. We'll build you a nice new railway track in return
  15. Living in Portsmouth UK, I have very poor polluted skies, so it was a real eye opener for me when I spent a few days on the edges of Kielder Water, Northumberland last week. For about 95% of the time it rained. However for 3 hours one evening the sky cleared and the stars came out and sparkled like I have never seen them before. Gave me my first ever chance to try and take some astro shots of the night sky, one of which is below. How I wish I could take the skies home with me!
  16. View from 1.24 and look out to sea. This is the Dawlish webcam from last night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2LFLxw8hWw
  17. I've got a guy similar to yours who will switch his security light on and off all evening (for his dog when he lets it out into his garden!). The light lit up the whole neighbourhood. On days when I wasn't viewing I would get my own back and switch on the powerful light on my power tank and direct it at his property all evening. Think he's getting the message now
  18. Really interesting, its like a red button event after Stargazing Live. Hope the three of them can continue this.
  19. Well done on getting a 6SE. You'll get some great views with it!
  20. I agree, a good choice alongside Chris. I hope Pete makes regular appearances also.
  21. Interesting to hear Pete Lawrence this morning on Radio Solent today 28th Nov (around 7.25am if you want to listen) saying that the current presenters of the Sky at Night still don't know if they will be on the revamped show from February.
  22. Make sure its level is my tip, took me a while to work out while it wasn't aligning properly. Oh and don't drop the scope on a garden chair denting the tube as I did. It tends to give you palpitations and panic attacks. Still can't believe how I got away with it, shows its built well I suppose
  23. Done, and I almost said some very bad words.
  24. Relieved to hear i'm not the only subscriber who hasn't got their October copy yet. 19th October is the day its on the shelves so I wonder what has gone wrong?
  25. 22nd August. Not got mine through the post yet though. Usually get it way before the 'on the shelf date'. Suspect it's because it's the 100 edition.
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