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  1. Be funny to see Health and Safety officer flying out to file a report on how to prevent that from happening again and what must be done to correct that! Are they going to track it or leave it? I'd not want to be on a plane if that came down my way! StarLight
  2. I personally think the simple solution to the current problem on the job front is for firms to quit moving their company over to India or China. I'm amused to find Tesco bleating they are trying to bring together local communities, yet have their financial dept over in India, so much for helping the local communities! All they provide is menial jobs on the cheap, as if we have any choice not to take it, and buy things from all over the world paying pittance to local growers for their produce. Consumer power is there, yet no one is doing anything. As for planes, I grew up in a village at the end of the Newcastle Airport runway, it never effected the sky at night, even in the summer. It was cities that provided most of the haze even if they were at a distance. So maybe, the increase of planes in the sky doesn't really do anything to the skies, but the city haze themselves, buildings hold the heat during the day and then release it at night. Just my two pence worth of inane opinion. StarLight
  3. In media, sensationalism sells, the more obscure, the more outlandish all the better. Sometimes I wonder about the human race. StarLight
  4. I was gutted to have missed seeing the Moon turn blood red some years back due to clouds, speaking of which, does anyone know when it would appear again? StarLight
  5. Thank you Psychobilly, I googled it up to look for many different images to be sure, and yes, it is the Seven Sisters. I've grown up with them watching over me and me them, co-incidence that I went to visit my aunt who lived near the Seven Sisters tube, went rambling and came across a pub called Seven Sisters. Maybe they were trying to tell me their names and I, oblivious just missed all the signs! Thank you. StarLight.
  6. I'm a new member too, have been catching up on older post and learning from comments made from replies, what I know from those replies is that all questions are answered without snide comments or "by god not another clueless so and so from such and such". Hee hee! What I'm trying to find here and hope to find it or maybe someone will post it after I've posted this, is a simple chart of the sky via naked eye in a town dwellers night. I've had some trouble trying to locate the constellations via other charts, because they have too many stars for me to be able to work out which is which, I'd like to have the same as I had seen here, or somewhere else about how to locate Saturn and Venus in dawn. A simple photograph. Hopefully someone will understand this drivel and point me to the right place. Thanks for being the best. StarLight.
  7. Lately the nights have been great with no clouds around here, I'm realising now that the winter is best for star gazing, perfect time to use the chart and try to master the constellation for once and for all! StarLight
  8. That's a great advice, I'll check that one out. Each night I always see the same set of stars, to me there resemble a question mark on their side, I've never been able to pin point which constellation it is, as most of the charts have too many stars on them for me to compare. In naked eye around my area, there are few stars, so no accurate comparison with most charts. Will anyone know of a chart of the like that will have the stars i see via naked eye each night, that alone will help me to identify other stars when I do go out to the countryside. The stars I speak of is on top of me as I stand facing South.the moon is always just below the stars. Hope that is of some help. StarLight
  9. Thank you so much for the welcome, much appreciated. The budget isn't a problem, as long as it is not astronomical - pardon the pun! - :mrgreen: I'm impressed with the collection that everyone is recommending, I note Meade is brought up a lot, do I take it that it's great? What I want to see? Obviously the planets, but also would like to see more of the Milky Way, I saw my first while camping in Barrowdale in Cumbria, no light pollution and I was just standing there transfix at how beautiful the Milky Way is, I've never felt so serene, all those stars too. I cried that night, for all the children out there who are missing this wonderful sight. I knew it was out there, but never saw it until that weekend. I'm digressing with the memory! Newtonian (8 inch min) - since I'll be able to see deep sky with this, can I use this to see the planets too? I'm thinking I might have to buy two anyway! I really do appreciate the feed back with regards to the telescope, obviously I have to do further research on it. Thank you to each and every one. StarLight
  10. StarLight

    StarLight here

    :wave: hello to everyone here. Stars have always held me in fascination and awe, I have just bought a Astronomy for Dummies in hope that I will finally be able to name my friends that I see on a regular basis each night. I also have discovered that Venus and Jupiter can be seen this month and more so next month when they get closer together. How exciting! I'm currently trying to figure out which telescope I should be buying, some are way too pricey, but others are reasonable. I don't want to name the brand names for the telescope I'm looking for, hope people here will point me out to ONE telescope that I will ever use. As oppose to buying one, and then upgrade in a couple of months, as that to me works out to be more expensive than if I bought just one good telescope. Okay, I'll mooch around the forums to learn and to seek what I find. StarLight
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