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  1. I saw the ISS lastt Saturday night. Definately a wow moment. Does any have the link to the ISS website so I can find out when it will be around again.
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    Hi from me

    Thanks all, I sold my scope a while back so I will have to stick with the dslr and lenses. One really expensive hobby is enough. I can photograph at over 1000mm with my lenses, so that should be good for a bit of tele viewing.
  3. Could you provide a link to the maplin item please. Allan
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    Hi from me

    Hi everyone. i am obviously new here but want to introduce myself. I live in Hampshire, UK. I work too much, and have a photography business as well, so have little time for the fun stuff I enjoy. I dabbled with astronomy several years ago, but found that the best time for stargazing is when I should be asleep, so I stopped it. Now I find my interest is awakening again and instead of telescopes, I can use my cameras. Life is getting sweeter. Allan
  5. Hi Folks, I have been searching for something like this since the weekend. I'm a photographer with an interest in astrophotography, but never really have the time to do it. Well, up until last weekend when I joined my local astronomical society to watch the Perseid meteors. I was taking pics with my dslr but suffered fron dew buildup on the lens. After a quick bit of research I found plans for dew straps and made a couple. I realised after making them that I have no way of controlling the temp. Is this dimmer control all I need to adjust the temp? Thanks Allan.
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