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  1. I agree that the handset plug is the Achilles heel of the cam.

    I would secure the handset cable to the cam as Johnno has suggested, rather than strap all the cables together. Once all the cables are strapped together, as Chris has done, you cannot disconnect the cam from the cables.

    I used RJ45 connectors and cat5 cable to extend my handset so that I could adjust the settings from inside the house. A 15mtre extension worked without problems.

  2. Restless neighbours, car headlights and streetlights are the main reason for mounting my cams on the roof,. and it does give a better view as well of course. There is really something quite pleasant about watching the night sky on a tv screen. Its often better than watching normal tv.

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  3. If you ever have the opportunity to upgrade to the 910HX then go for it. Its way more sensitive than the 902 and is probably the best cam for meteors, occultations etc. looks great on a tv at 1/50sec and better at X2. It is as real time as you can get. I have a 4 cam meteor setup running with 910HX's and its awesome. Expensive...but still awesome.

    The handset can also be extended so that you can have full control from your observing chair in the house while the cam is outside.

    Pictures of my setup here. http://meteorobserver.proboards.com/thread/190/building-mousetrap?page=1&scrollTo=923

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  4. Oh that's a shame Kev. Having the ability to adjust the cam remotely and on the fly is a real bonus. I have 3 meteor cams enclosed in heated cctv housings mounted on my roof. If I didn't have remote control it would be a pain to adjust the settings. But having said that, I only use them for meteor capture now, so once set, I rarely have to touch them.

    When used for daylight sky monitoring or with a scope then the remote is very useful. 

  5. That's an interesting question, and one I have never really thought about. My ERF is in a threaded holder that used to screw onto the front of an ED80 so I automatically face it the right way as if I was using it on the ED80.

    So at the risk of showing my ignorance as well, I'll assume the ERF has an energy rejecting coating and that the coating is only on one side. So I would naturally assume that the coated side should face the sun and be first point of contact and deflect the energy before it goes any further.

    Still assuming the ERF is only coated one side, if it was faced the wrong way round, the full force of the suns energy would be absorbed by the filter glass before being rejected by the coating. This may cause heat to build up in the glass filter and possible destroy it.

    I could be totally wrong, but it sounds plausible.

    You beat me to it Ken.

  6. Its all done with Sonataco's 'UFO Capture' software. (no its not for ufo spotting. lol) Its not cheap, but combined with UFO Analyser and UFO Orbit, (both free) it does tons of things that I could not begin to tell you. Its just a brilliant bit of software for meteor capture and analysis.

    It really does add a new dimension to meteor capture. When its used with data from different cameras miles apart which capture the same meteors, it does even more. I have only just started using it and have only brushed the surface of its capabilities.

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  7. Well the results are in. 2 Watec 910HX cameras running.

    Cam1 2.6mm f1.0 lens facing SSW..FOV 117deg....582 meteors captured....459 are Geminids

    Cam2 6mm f0.8 lens facing NNW....FOV 53deg.....618 meteors captured....440 are Geminids.

    I have a slight overlap to the West so a small number of these may have been caught by both cams, but overall, a good result.

    Here are the meteor plots for both cams. The bright yellow bars are the meteors path.

    SSW cam.


    NNW cam.


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  8. Been a great night down South and should stay clear till 4am. I have 2 Watec 910HX running in conjunction with UFO capture software. The count so far is almost 600 confirmed meteors detected. I'll process the captures later today and find out how many meteors were true Geminids.  Still 3hrs of clear sky to go so the count should be  more.

    Meteors falling like rain here. I even have multiple meteors on quite a few frames.

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