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  1. I'm living in hope Dave. Its a bit cloudy here, but it was like this last night, then at 1am it went clear for 3 hrs. I caught a few on the video cams, bot only small ones. Would be great to get a real corker.
  2. So with a little bit of sleuthing, I think I may have solved this mystery. It appears that at 6.45am on the morning in question, a lightning strike did occur just NE of Oban. It was very bright and was followed by a large clap of thunder. I deduce that it was a fierce enough lightning strike that it awoke Skipper Billy and the thunder clap that followed, shook his house and blew his bedsocks off. A picture tells the story. The yellow dot is the offending strike.
  3. It seems that due to beastly cloud on the night in question, no video captures have been reported. Also no verbal reports on the fireball sites yet so this may just remain a mystery.
  4. There are a few meteor guys in Scotland who monitor the skies at night with video cameras. If the weather was clear last night, someone may have caught it if there cam was facing the right way. I'm waiting for reports to come I when they check their files.
  5. Which direction does your window face? I only know of one fireball report last night, and that was at about 20.10pm. A bit too early to be in bed.
  6. Not sure if this one is a Taurid yet. It was reported by lots of people and captured at 20.12pm tonight by another member of our meteor network . Sure wish I had seen it, but I had clouds until 9pm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWqa_WZL7pk
  7. Thanks Ian, I'll look into software when I get set up. SpectrumLab does seem to be the way to go. I like automation.
  8. I have dabbled in video astronomy and I have a video meteor detection system running so have used coax and baluns with those. Not sure what software is best for radio meteor stuff yet, although SpectrumLab does seem to be well used.
  9. Thanks Ian. Shame they changed the design of the Quad. I would have to dismantle it too, and it would be more awkward to position. I will probably go for the 3 or 4 element Yagi as positioning will be much simpler. I have loads of coax and baluns and have ordered the FCD. I'll order the antenna next week and get it set up. Will prob have a few questions about setting up the software when the time comes.
  10. Thanks for the links guys, you can never have too much knowledge and knowledge is the key to understanding. No I didn't fall asleep reading that Ian, it all helps. I have kind of narrowed it down to a 5 options. #1. Build a Yagi in 3 or 4 element. #2. http://www.moonraker.eu/amateur-radio/beam-and-yagi-antennas/hb9cv/hb9-2-2-element-2-metre-beam-antenna #3http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2el-144MHz-2m-Quad-Style-Yagi-Shorter-than-HB9CV-just-14cms-long-HUGE-GAIN-/290871701262?hash=item43b94def0e:g:ONcAAMXQjWtRMGeI #4. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/290812885021?_trksid=p2060778.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=
  11. Ok so I have looked at the DIY antenna described in the Sky at Night article and it looks fairly simple to build. I have also looked at a few other option that are ready made and not very expensive. My question is, I have seen a few antenna's which specify different amounts of gain. So how relevant is the gain number when using an antenna for receiving only. Does higher antenna gain make it more sensitive? Give it more range?
  12. Hi Ian, yes I meant the cameras only see across to Northern France. That was a useful link and an interesting read. I will have to read it again to digest it, but on first reading it does seem that a 50MHz antenna will be too big for my uses. I don't think it would even fit in my loft. But still, its all food for thought.
  13. As expected, all I got was cloud and rain. I also got a few fireworks which looked very nice under the cloud cover. Good luck for tonight Jarrod. Try and catch us a biggie.
  14. Interesting !! So are you saying that I and everyone else will only be detecting meteors over the south of France and not over the UK. I had hoped that I would be able to detect the radio signal from the same meteors that I capture on video. My fov will only cover the channel as far as callais.
  15. Thanks for the links. Like yourself, I may have to install the antenna in the loft as I don't have a south east view unless I go up onto the ridge of my roof (no chimney either). I already have a 4 camera video meteor detection system on the roof just above gutter height so anything I mount up there will obscure the cameras. I have thought that maybe a turnstile reflector design could work as it would lay flat in the loft space, but have not researched enough to know yet. lots to think about.
  16. Is there a link to this S@N article or is it subscription only. I am thinking of setting up a radio monitoring system myself.
  17. Thanks for the info Jarrod. Forecast is cloudy, so not much hope of a good catch.
  18. Hi Chris, I don't suppose you still have those frames? I would like to see them. Although my cams are extremely sensitive, the run at 1/50 and at 25 fps. one thing they struggle with is catching the persistent train that may remain after the meteor has burned up.
  19. Good catch Chris. That's a nice clear allsky view. What cam?
  20. Continuing on from my other meteor thread. I woke up at 4.30am for some unknown reason, so decided to get up for a coffee and check the meteor cams. 91 meteors on East cam 82 meteors on West cam 77 meteors on South cam 50 meteors on North cam. My North cam suffers most from light pollution so captures are generally less than the other 3. That being said, My North cam captured the best meteors of the night. As well as the fireball I mentioned in my other post, I also got these. The first is another mag -4.2 Northern Taurid with yet another double terminal flare as it burned up in the atm
  21. It was very welcome Shaun. My meteor cams were being wiped out by fireworks since early evening. There were actually some nice ones, but not quite what I was looking for. lol Then while I was perusing and deleting the hundreds of unwanted captures I found this one. Yup, well pleased. Its not often I get one so clear and in full view. Best one I've had for some time.
  22. In amongst all the pesky fireworks tonight, I captured a very nice Northern Taurid fireball. Software analysis gives it a mag -5.0 rating. It was captured from Basingstoke, Hampshire with my North facing camera. I include a pic of the meteor and a ground map to show the general location. If your skies were as clear as mine then you may have seen it too.
  23. Now that would have been interesting to me if it could have been seen from the UK. I have an interest in seeing things burn up on re-entry.
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