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  1. Sounds like the same one I captured last night on one of my meteor cams. My East facing cam tracked it from Dunkirk in France, across the channel and up the east coast past Great Yarmouth for almost 8secs. It progressed into view of my North facing cam where it slowly faded out. It was a sporadic meteor about mag 1.3. Your description is pretty near bang on.


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  2. I've never uploaded anything to youtube yet but am trying to give it a go. The problem is the compression!!

    I have tried AVI, Mpeg 4, and wmv but the results are horrible. I've been trying to upload a meteor clip, but it is almost unwatchable.

    is there a best way to do this or a best format to use. It seems almost pointless at the moment.

  3. Finally got the antenna. Question. It comes ready to assemble and has mounting blocks to secure the elements to the boom. The blocks come in two parts, 1 plastic and 1 aluminium. Does the plastic block go next to the boom to insulate the elements and then the ali block on top to secure it.? 

    Or should the elements be in contact with the boom.?

  4. You can dowload it into Stellarium then if you advance the date a day at a time you can see when it's visible from your location.


    Have you got a link to where we can download the data for Stellarium from Davey.

    No worries, I managed to do it.

  5. Great images MG.

    #1 is possibly more pleasing to the eye due to the increased contrast and apparent sharpness making it appear more dramatic.

    #2 the colours are more muted and the detail less refined and with less contrast. This, to me, makes it look more realistic.

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