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  1. Hi paul, its yours. can you do paypal??

    1. p14b


      Hi Mate

      I can but i don't agree with there seller fees, i would much prefer a instant bank transfer no extra cost to either of us.

      Thx Paul

  2. Set up for solar testing. beaten by clouds,....again.

  3. Captured my first Iridium Flare tonight.

  4. Its flippin hot out here.

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    2. ronin


      I don't think it counts if the thermometer is actually in the sun, thats why they put them in those funny white boxes.

    3. nephilim


      Try been a chef, our kitchen read 48.2* @ 1pm yesterday hopefully nxt week will be cooler :(

    4. emadmoussa


      Any signs this horrible heatwave coming to an end??

  5. Lovely day for solar modding. good day for solar viewing.

    1. emadmoussa


      We need to see some photos, Alan :)

  6. Waiting for some blue sky.

  7. The Sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray. Allan's got his scope out and he's gonna have a play.

  8. would you believe it. Sun shining, scope out for solar testing and it rained on me!!!!

    1. emadmoussa



    2. mullac2001


      yes i would!

    3. David Smith

      David Smith

      I got snowed on the other week. Not a cloud in the sky but it was snowing. Wierd.

  9. Looks like today is a wash out. RRRRRRRain.

  10. last Monday & tuesday at work=brilliant sunshine...5 days off=clouds and snow. :-(

  11. Happy new Year Everyone.

  12. The sky has gone crystal clear at 12.20am, but its too late to get the kit out.

    1. Daniel-K


      It's never too late :)

  13. Excellent night. Over an hour of data on Orion, plus 3 meteors.

  14. Can't find the right sky. Can I pick a different one please..

  15. cameras rolling, thought I'd go into the garden for a spot of observing and the cloud has rolled in. Switch off camera, replace lens cap and do darks instead. M33 will have to wait.

  16. almost set up, now too many clouds about. Grrr

  17. Rain rain and more rain.

    1. Ganymede12


      don't forget the thunder and lightning!

  18. Having a curry while taking subs. Ran out of rice so used pudding rice. Hmmm, different.

  19. Beautiful night sky over Basingstoke. 3am , I really should go to bed.

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