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  1. So when we're told the BB happened 13.7bn years ago, does this refer to the 'observable' universe or the 'real' universe? If the vast majority of the universe is beyond our perception, how do we know that the fraction we do see provides sufficient data from which to derive precise calculations?
  2. Well I love the way you have to read it all through until the last line tells you the whole article is rubbish
  3. Funnily enough that's the argument Einstein used to 'disprove' quantum mechanics. But I suppose that's another story entirely...
  4. I never realised how much of a nuisance the Moon actually is until I got my 15x70 binos recently - it virtually wipes out half the month! Wish the yanks would just blow it up
  5. came in at about 10.30 congratulating myself for having seen Uranus for the first time ever, only to miss this... Doh :angry8:
  6. o blast can somebody confirm that Uranus is on the LEFT of the star thru binos, I've seen confusing diagrams...
  7. http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=8570369 Pity no one knows where his last resting place is, apparently his wife wouldn't tell the authorities...
  8. Muncie, Indiana?? Why that's where Close Encounters of the Third Kind was set :grin:
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