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  1. A laser collimator would be nice, you can then be sure of getting the best out of your scope. A power tank is another good accessory, maybe a light pollution filter if you live in urban areas. How about a Baader click zoom eyepiece? now mark 3 edition, this has 5 eyepieces in one and is a great piece of kit with good eye relief, plus you can attach a camera to it (with your cameras brand T ring adapter). Hope this helps, John
  2. Great image Olly! Lots of great detail in there, looking forward to the finished project! John
  3. That's a great image! love the colour! John
  4. Aaah, that would explain why I didn't see you! I look forward to developments.... John
  5. Thanks for the correction Demonperformer (now amended), and thanks for the kind comments everyone. The picture was taken around 11pm, and I'm not sure of the light pollution source, I think its the main A3. John
  6. Hi, I was observing with Hants Astro at their observing site at Butser Ancient Farm 4 miles south of Petersfield, Hampshire on Sunday night (24th Oct). Its where they try to discover how ancient people built their houses and skills that have been lost or forgotten, Time Team have filmed there and the Discovery channel partly financed the building of a Roman villa so they could make a tv series about it. The villa is a one third scale model, and in addition there have been several Iron age roundhouses built, plus rare ancient breeds of animals preserved such as sheep. I took this image of the largest roundhouse with the plough rising above when there was a full moon above and behind. a single 30 sec exposure at ISO 800, F3.5 using my Canon 18/55 EF-S lens at 18mm Hope you like it, it looks like broad daylight with the Moon looking so bright! John
  7. Just found a widefield shot among the others of the coathanger, this is a single 70 sec shot at ISO 800 with my telephoto working at 70mm. Just toned down the the moonlight in Photoshop.
  8. Hi Keiran, Thanks for the kind comment, for the Coathanger I shot a single 60 sec exposure at F5.6 at ISO 800 using my Sigma 70/300 telephoto working at 300mm For M42, I used excatly the same settings but took 10 sub exposures and stacked them together using Deep Sky stacker. As a matter of interest I've included the original stacked image before I processed it, as you can see I also cropped the image. Looking forward to darker skies soon... John
  9. Hi folks, Was out with Hants astro under the blazing full Moon on Sunday night, shot these rough and ready images using my Sigma 70 / 300 telephoto at 300mm on my astrotrac and modded 450D I stupidly didn't check my polarscope before I left and discovered the batteries were AWOL:iamwithstupid:, so I couldn't do an exact alignment, still there is only minimal trailing The coathanger has some lovely coloured stars in there. The M42 image has been heavily processed to get rid of the bright Moonlight, the original image was almost white! John
  10. What an amazing view of the southern sky, beautiful..... John
  11. I'm still dragging my lower jaw off the floor...... That's one of the most awesome images I've ever seen taken of the night sky, look at the 'red curtain' around the horsehead, I've never seen that before. Just amazing, a worthy APOD. John
  12. Consider yourself lucky the observing gods were yanking your chain and relented!
  13. Hi folks, I bought a Mini Borg 45Ed a while back and after taking some pictures of Andromeda (I posted this a while back see :- http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-widefield-special-events-comets/111806-andromeda-using-my-new-borg-45-a.html I was astounded to see very severe coma at the edges, not what I was expecting at all considering its a F7.2 ED refractor!!) I was wondering if anybody out there could advise on how to correct for this, I have a WO field flattener which I could mount if I bought the 2" focuser, however it's a lot of money (all Borg products are!) I want to know my options before I make a potentially expensive mistake. Anybody using the 45ED for astrophotography who can help me? Any help or advice from anyone would be very much appreciated:icon_salut: as since the Andromeda experience I haven't used it Cheers John
  14. Just to let you know that Nick's has got his picture of comet Hartley on the front page of Spaceweather.com. Congratulations again Nick on a great image! John See spaceweather.com October 18th
  15. Hi Folks, Just to let you know that Nick Howes has got his picture of comet Hartley on the front page of Spaceweather.com. Congratulations Nick on a great image! John See :-http://www.spaceweather.com/ October 18th
  16. great video, I really like the sky getting darker as the Moon sets! John
  17. Hmmmm, thanks Malcolm I'll have a look see, I have recently changed my Deep Sky Stacker settings after reading on a chatroom site about the white balance settings when using a CLS filter. It said to use Kappa sigma and RGB debayering (whatever that means!) Busy tonight but will get back, any advice or help from others would be very much appreciated. John
  18. Hi All was imaging Hartley again last night, (wern't we all?!) Thought I would try using my Astronomik CLS clip filter, I don't usually use this filter much, preferring to process the light pollution out using Photoshop. I have always struggled to get the colours right using this filter which now I think about it is the reason I don't use it much! This the result of 45 X 1 min exposures at ISO 1600, darks subtracted. I seem to have lost most of the colour using the filter, it's looks like I shot it in black and white! Anybody had the same problems as this? I think I'll sell the clipfilter and stick with my method of Light pollution removal. John
  19. I'ld love to make another but the weather has been terrible recently, a real pea souper of a week, may have a chance from Sunday onwards as the skies should clear and get a lot colder, but the moon is going to make it difficult. John
  20. Nice image there Nick! and definetly a tail, I haven't managed that with my pictures yet!
  21. Thats a feel good picture, I'll always be happy at the sight of an aurora on my doorstep!!
  22. Hi folks, Made this video the other day, this comet is a fast mover! See :- Comet 103 Hartley movie | Flickr - Photo Sharing! hope you like it. John
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