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  1. Hi folks, here's my effort at Comet Gerradd, its surprisingly bright and easy to capture, I'm hoping it will develop further and have a long tail soon. 12 X 150 secs subs, Vixen VC200L and modded canon450D
  2. Great effort on your first M27, background looks very dark on my monitor, you could try lightening it a little by using 'curves' in photoshop. John
  3. That looks like a ridiculously difficult target.... respect that you managed it, well done!
  4. Thats a pretty cool image, nice one!
  5. Thanks guys, it was a challenge to keep the star colours unsaturated and natural looking while bringing out the detail in the nebula, a lot of use of layer masks was pressed into service, glad you liked it.
  6. Hi Guy, I was using the Borg with the F6.3 foacl reducer/flattener connected to my modded Canon 450D at the prime focus with a Skywatcher light pollution filter in the optical train (brilliant filter for the ridiculously low new price....) I have it mounted on my Losmandy G11 (with 3 other scopes I might add, a little overkill if not!) and was guiding using PHD. Darks subtracted and worked in Photoshop CS3. Glad you liked it! John
  7. Here's one I took on Friday night til dawn, The Nth American Nebula, this was taken using my Borg 45 again to get the wide field of view that this enormous object needs. This is only 5 X 5min subs, not much dark skies this time of year! I love the views this little scope is giving me:), and with the summer milky way almost here I'm looking forward to using it! Hope you like it John
  8. I'll try again if the skies clear later this week. Here's a good link that has the most up to date co ordinates for comet Elenin:- Comets
  9. Ok, well I knew it was going to be faint and unimpressive but I wanted to be among the first to image comet Elenin before it disappears on its way to its hopefully bright opposition in Sept/Oct. Its difficult to capture as its faint (about +13), no tail and in the twilight sky below the hindleg of Leo but I got it! 7 X 5min subs at 1600 ISO, taken with my Stellarvue 102 ABV, no filters and my modded 450D, taken last night (31/5/2011) roll on autumn!!
  10. Hi folks, took these two images last week of the new supernova in the bowl of the dig dipper, came out ok I think. 1st is on the 2nd May and the second was the night after, quite pleased I got such a good result without using a CCD camera. Images, 2nd May 18 X 5 min subs, 3rd May 7 X 5 min subs both at ISO 800, using my modded 450D and VC200L Vixen at F9. Stacked in DSS and worked in PS CS3, hope you like them
  11. madjohn


    Heres my effort at M81, through the dire skies that have been affecting the UK recently, I really struggled to get any details through the processing but reasonably pleased with the result, roll on clear nights again! 12 X 5 min subs at ISO 800, taken using a Vixen V200L and my modded 450D
  12. Thanks Nick, and your right, its looks a great target on its own, not just as part of the Leo triplet. I'll be adding more data soon.....
  13. Now thats a beaut of an image! great capture Trevor!
  14. Hi all, Managed a few hours through the haze at M66 in Leo, had a load of problems with my guiding though so only managed 7 out of 25 subs, still I think it came out ok under the circumstances. 7 X 5min subs at ISO 800, taken using my modded 450D and Vixen VC200L
  15. Here's another image from Romney Marsh, M5 in Serpens. 12 X 2 min subs at ISO 800, through a Vixen V200L and modded 450D, no darks or flats john
  16. Hi all, Just been to Romney Marsh in Kent to suss out the dark skies there, very good but I was having trouble with my guiding. I tried the Eagle in the late morning but In the end I only managed 4 X 5min subs without trailing however, I think the end result is pretty good! ISO 800, taken through my Vixen V200L and modded 450D, no darks or flats
  17. thanks for the comments guys:) John
  18. Thanks very much Mike! No I didn't take flats, I have only just bought an electroluminescent panel so will be trying to in future. That Gradient Xterminator looks a great package, how easy is it to implement? Looks a great image after you ran it, much better background colours. John
  19. Hi everyone, This is my result of the Whale galaxy I imaged on Friday night. The Hockey stick galaxy is at the top. 22 X 5 min subs at ISO 800. Taken using my Stellarvue 102 ABV and modded 450D camera. John
  20. Hi folks Haven't posted for a while, been busy and lousy skies to blame. Happy to say I managed to get out and image with my new Miniborg 45ED, a really nice portable scope (focal lengths only 276mm!) This is the Rosette, I've slightly cropped the image and is the sum of 38 X 5 min subs at ISO 800, using my modded 450D. Hope you like it John
  21. Really great image from 5 sec subs, I'm dumbfounded!
  22. Thats a good image Neil, considering it's among one of your first serious efforts:icon_salut:, M42 is a very hard object to do well because of the dynamic range of brightnesses, your data as you can see has a lot of info, despite the light pollution in there. I used the 'dust and scratchs' filter method of light pollution removal a couple of times and upped the saturation a tad, Noel carboni's tools, and noise ninja was also applied. As a matter of interest can you give us how many subs, ISO settings etc? See you Weds night, John
  23. Hi folks, I was on holiday a week ago and was frustrated with night after night of cloud and heavy haze in Grand Cayman, in the caribbean, however there was this gap between clouds where I managed to shoot 4 X 60 subs before the clouds ruined it again for the night! There was a full moon and terrible light pollution when I took this image, really should of given up and gone to bed but I was desperate to have a go after all the rubbish weather we have had back home! Iso 800 at F5.6 using my standard Canon 18-55 EF-S lens working at 48mm, modified Canon 450D. Quite pleased to see the Flame nebula clearly, shame, I reckon if I had a proper night with more data I may even of managed to get the horsehead..... I've also posted the original stacked image to show what I started with, the odd shape at bottom right is the roof of a building coming into view as my Astrotrack operated
  24. Thanks again Martin, I am using Deep Sky Stacker, (wonderful simple programe!) and I wasn't aware how much it does 'behind the scenes'as it were, so even if I entered the bias it only uses them depending on the darks and lights taken....clever! and a relief that it simplifies the whole process. So when I start taking flats ( I know the histogram has to be about one third away from the left side) DSS will automatically calibrate then from the darks and (maybe) bias frames too? Cheers John
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