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  1. Hi here's my friend David Putlands image which got my alarm bells ringing after speaking to my other mate Neil who noted the huge size difference. Great image Dave!
  2. Hi all, Yes I must admit when I put the two images together I thought that was a huge difference, luckily I wasn't the only person doing this project and my good friend David Putland sent me his images and the alarm bells started ringing! it turns out I had left my focal reducer in the telescope in my haste to get my image in the gap in the clouds!! So the smaller Moon image is too small, by .85 as thats my focal reducer! sorry for the confusion, it may be possible to correctly size it up in photoshop and I'll do this in due course. Sorry!
  3. Here's the result of a project I started way back in Febuary this year when I heard that the full Moon's of the months of March and October 2011 coincided with pretty much the furthest and shortest distances in the Earth and Moon's orbit. I used excatly the same equipment on both nights (my Miniborg ED45 and Modified 450D) and in March I was lucky to have a crystal clear night when the Moon was at its closest, however two nights ago on the 11th Oct it was wall to wall cloud and I was getting despondent worrying that I would't get the shot but then a small gap developed and I managed to fire off a half dozen or so in the few seconds allowed ! In my haste the focus was slightly out but I got the shot I wanted, namely the Moon at its furthest point and here's the result of the project. I'm astounded how much difference there is! there was no cropping beforehand - this is how much the Moon varies in its orbit around us, well pleased with the result!
  4. Hi Carole Yes if you have booked and paid for a hookup then you will get one, when you receive it your confirmation email is excatly that. As there are only 25 electric hookups it on a first come first served basis See you there! John
  5. Hi folks, it was a mixed bag of clear spells and cloud and haze at Kelling, however I managed to get some imaging done between the gaps. This is one of my favourite parts of the sky (although its up at around 4pm at the moment!) the mighty constellation of Orion. This is the flame nebula with the Horsehead getting in on the act. 18 X 330 sec subs at 1600 ISO. Orion ED 80 and my modded 450D on my NEQ6 mount, guided using PHD. There's an awful lot of dust in this part of the sky and I haven't found a way to bring it out properly yet, (any advice anyone?) however I'm very pleased how it came out considering the conditions. Hope you like it. John
  6. Hi people Please can you read the terms and conditions before making a booking as that will answer some of the emailed queries we are receiving. Thanks very much. John
  7. Phew that's a releif! seems like people are getting their confirmations at last! As I mentioned before this is our first effort at oorganising the event so we are running to catch up with any teething problems. We have had some great interest in this event, and it looks like for a first starparty its going to be well attended. Thanks everyone for your support. Cheers John
  8. Can I ask what the £10 per person "Star Party Fee" is for please? We have hired the entire site for the two main days of Friday and Saturday so we don't have the general public on site with white lights and impartial attitudes to astronomers (like at Kelling) We will be having several talks and am looking to cover our costs including public liabilities insurance, free tea and coffee, red light materials etc. I'll look into why members aren't getting a confirmation email. thanks for the feedback John
  9. Hi Carole That's one of the main reasons we decided to do this Starparty the same time as Kelling, to give people the choice around new Moon to travel locally or long distance, plus Kelling isn't that dark anymore, certainly not to warrant a 5 hour journey north. Hope to see you there:) John
  10. Thanks Kai for the imput, I'm not sure if the railway runs that early in the year but its certainly a sight to behold, plus there is a lovely sandy beach at St Marys Bay that runs for miles, not that you'll be sunbathing then!! This is very much a first for us but we have been to lots of starparties over the years and know what astronomers expect, the dark skies being the most important. We also go to the Isle of Wight starparty (the month before ours) and thoroughly enjoy it (and the chalets!)
  11. Thanks for the info Kai, your right the south is dark, there is some streetglow to the north and some to the far east but mostly very dark. We thought 50 pitchs in total is a nice number to start with especially as its the same weekend as Kelling. We will be having an outside caterer attending who worked at the Herstmonseax event and who was offering the 'astronomers feast', breakfast lunch and dinner for £12! but good fish and chips (especially near the coast) is always welcome:)
  12. This is the first time that this event has ever been held:). It's being orgainised by Astronomy 4 everyone and Disciples of the Dark Arts at Norwood Farm Caravan & Camping Park, Norwood Farm, Newchurch, Romney Marsh, Kent, TN29 0DU. Its the same weekend as Kelling next year in April, we had a lot of people who didn't want the long travel to Norfolk from the South so we decided to give people the choice. There are 25 powered pitchs and 25 non powered, this is a great dark site with a 360 degree unobstructed view. you can make on line bookings and read the conditions and pricing HERE:- Home - Dymchurch Star Party Hope to see you there! John
  13. I agree, lovely picture and I never knew it was that dark near Chicester! thats only 45 mins from here! (Loxwood W Sussex)
  14. Just finished processing my Veil complex project, this is the sum of approx 4.5 hours data over the last couple of weeks, 23 X 5 min at ISO 800 and 14 X 10 min subs at ISO 1600. Miniborg 45ED and modded Canon 450D I found getting the colours to look right was a real challenge but reasonably happy with it, I would be interested in what you all think, critisism's welcome!
  15. Hi Olly, I have wondered if making my own perfectly circular masks and fitting them over the front of the camera lense would achieve the result of no diffraction artifacts, I'll look into these dutch guys results thanks for the heads up, be a swine if I could of saved a lot of money doing that instead of buying the Miniborg!
  16. Great image! that confirms that the comets tail is growing and now has a green colour, great capture!
  17. Thanks guys, I was surprised it came out so well, I've been imaging it for weeks using my Vixen VC200L at F9 and it just looks like a fuzzball!
  18. Yes I wanted the largest field of view without using a camera lens fitted with an iris to avoid the diffraction spikes or diffraction artifacts that they cause. The Miniborg ED45 fitted with the focal reducer has a focal length of 288mm!
  19. An image of comet Gerradd using the Miniborg 45ED and my modded 450D, the comet has a tail showing clearly and there is definetly colour showing too. 6 X 2 min subs at ISO 800
  20. Ok had a chance to work on some data I took on Monday night, conditions were not good (whats new?) but this widefield shot of the entire veil complex in Cygnus has come out really well. Taken using my Miniborg 45ED (yes 45mm objective!) and modded 450D. 14 X 5min subs at ISO 800
  21. Thanks for the kind comments everyone:) I had to doctor each subexposure to try to get rid of some quite severe vigetting and had to create a new action in Photoshop to automate the process excatly on each frame so that it ran smoothly, once done it was an easy matter to do the video in Windows Moviemaker( a great bit of free software that came with my pc) Glad you all liked it, I like doing them for fun as well as doing a stacked aligned picture too, by the way this is the result..
  22. Managed to get out last night in my ozzy for about an hour before those pesky clouds came in again (will we ever see a settled spell of weather again I wonder?) I came across this object posted in the Stargazers lounge imaging forum (from 'Looking up' in the Loire valley) yesterday and thought I would have a go, its surprisingly easy to pick up with a DSLR, there's loads of detail considering its only 4 X 5 min subs, and through high milky haze too! This is NGC 6781, a planetary nebula in Aquila so well placed at the moment. 4 X 5 min subs at ISO 800, taken using the Vixen VC200L again with my modded 450D, tweaked gently in Photoshop and stacked in DSS with darks subtracted. Have a go, you won't regret it!
  23. Yep really easy to do, just take as many sub exposures as possible with the shutter time set so the comet's not moving so much so as to smear itself (in this case 120 secs) and load it up in Windows movie maker, I had the timelapse set to 0.2 of a second. I love doing these as it livens up a static background!
  24. Hi all, here's a short timelapse of comet Gerradd I did as a bit of fun:) on the 14th of August. Conditions were very hazy but pleased how it came out. Taken using a Vixen VC200L and modded Canon 450D on Losmandy G11 mount You may need a flickr account to view as SGL doesn't apparently let you upload a video directly. Please see :- Comet Gerradd August 14, 2011 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Cheers John
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