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  1. Thanks guys. Luke, I used a IR/UV filter to stop the chip getting swamped. It was a bit tricky to process as the sky background was obviously bright but a couple of gentle passes using levels in PS and a tweak of the contrast tool sorted it
  2. You'll love the Televue 85 Luke - When you own fantastic optics you can really push the envelope when conditions allow. That's the reason I own 6 refractors - you get the maximum contrast because there is no central obstruction
  3. Lunar X from last night. Skylight AR101 F15 scope and Skyris 274 camera Captured using my 2.5 powermate on top of my 1.6x barlow that's a system operating at F60! The Televue optics on this beautiful looking scope is amazing!
  4. Here's something a bit different - the Moon in daylight. Captured just after 7pm tonight with my Skylight AR101 F15 and Skyris 274. 2 pane mosaic
  5. It was because of your advice I built it! and thanks very much
  6. Hi Allan. Yes there is a 110mm Baader ERF mounted inside the scope behind the objective lens at just the right distance
  7. Another image from the 15th April that I've only just had time to work on (Always imaging and too much data to find time to process!) This is a 5 pane mosaic of an active region of the Sun on that day. Captured using my 1.6x barlow + Skyris 274 camera and Evolunt 150
  8. Working on some old data from 15th April. Nice Sunspot captured using my 1.6x barlow on my Evolunt 150 and Skyris 274 camera Turbulent conditions - best 100 frames of 1000
  9. Yes I know it's difficult to do such a large mosaic but I was willing to give it a go. I've done a 120 pane in the past but it takes such a long time to manually align them all up I don't generally do them now. Here's a picture of the Evolunt - Skywatcher Evostar 150 donerscope, Lunt 60PS etalon = Evolunt 150
  10. Been working on this mosaic for quite a while now but I unfortunately didn't get enough panes to complete it so I've given up and cropped what I had to create this 42 pane mosaic of the surface of the Sun. Weather conditions were pretty poor which shows up with lighter and darker areas which unfortunately the autoblend function in PS couldn't eliminate completely but pleased with this compromise. The completed mosaic would of consisted of about 160 panes if I had done it properly.....! Captured on the 17th April 2014 using my Evolunt 150 and DMK31 camera using the software Sharpcap. Aligned manually in PS.
  11. images from Saturday morning. 3 pane mosaic showing the prominence activity on the limb of the Sun Zoomed image of prominence using my 1.6x barlow Surface shot at the prime focus Zoomed in image of sunspot group using my 1.6x barlow Evolunt 150 modified solarscope and Skyris 274 camera Captured using Sharpcap and processed using AS2 and PS5 Looking forward to some clearer steadier skies!
  12. Beautiful shot. I imaged the aurora from Norway earlier this year with my tripod mounted 550D and I too shot at ISO3200 but the images turned out very noisy and dim (5 sec exposures @ F5.6) so I was puzzled by how clean and smooth your image is at the much longer time of 50 seconds at the same ISO. Is there a secret? By the way the aurora was VERY bright and I was struggling to not over expose which explains the high ISO and short (ish) exposures I was using I too really like the colours and the glassy look of the water due to the long exposure
  13. Fairly bad seeing this morning but managed to get a few reasonable videos in to produce these two images. Evolunt 150 and Skyris 274 - 4 video composite for the wide angle image Evolunt 150 and Skyris 274 + 2.5 powermate for the close up. Turbulent conditions which has made the image fairly soft looking - not as sharp as I'd like but satisfied with the result.
  14. Here's my twist on the two active sunspots AR2036 and 2037 captured today. Mosaic of 7 X 1000 frame video runs. best 10% used. turbulent conditions! Evolunt 150 and DMK31 camera +1.6X barlow
  15. Thanks all Michael - yes its a LS60PT doner etalon. Peter - I made it myself. Loads of info on the web on solar modifications!
  16. Thanks Peter. Evolunt 150 = Skywatcher Evostar 150 and Lunt pressure tuned etalon, ergo the Evolunt 150 . see pics Scope has internal ERF filter
  17. Surface mosaic of 12 X 1000 frame (best 25%) videos of the Sun's surface yesterday evening at 5.30pm BST I didn't want to crop all of the lovely detail so just blacked out the blank areas. As you can see I've done a coloured version but I particularly like the mono version. Have a look at the side by side image and let me know which you prefer. There were some flares earlier in the day from AR2036 at the bottom of the image. Captured using my Evolunt 150 solarscope and DMK camera. Processed using PIPP, Autostakkert2 and PS5
  18. Thanks Alexandra. Just goes to show how you can forget when your doing solar as well as deep sky
  19. Doing some housekeeping on my laptop and came across a video of the Sun I captured but for some reason didn't process. Must of forgotten it.... Captured using my Skylight AR101F15 and DMK31 mono camera Stacked using Autostackkert2 and processed in PS5
  20. Hi Robin Here's a couple of images of the scope and Lunt rear assembly. For some reason the uploader keeps making the image landscape instead of portrait. Even if I rotate the image before I upload, weird.......j Liked the Labradoodle
  21. It's s Skywatcher Evostar 150 donerscope with a Lunt 60 pressure tuned etalon connected at the back with an internal 110 mm erf filter aming others
  22. So nice to be out in the sunshine imaging today! Images taken using my modified solarscope - 150 Evolunt frankenscope and DMK31 mono camera
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