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  1. Image I captured a couple of weeks ago in the Isle of Wight. Captured on Sunday 28th Sept in poor hazy conditions which explains the softness of the image and faint prominence visibility. 16 x 750 frame video runs using my Skyris 274 and Evolunt 150 modded solarscope. Found this a real swine to process and surprised how well it came out considering the Rubbish conditions
  2. Yes that's the key, plenty of overlap
  3. You can take flats to get rid of Newtons rings or you can tilt the assembly to get them out of the way. Nice image. How are you putting together the mosaic, are you using scripts in PS?
  4. Sun image from yesterday taken using my little Solarmax40 and Skyris274 through a 2.5x powermate. 6 x surface videos and 8 x prominence videos put together to create this mosaic. each video 750 frames each. -Processed using AS2 and PS - Image file size 4.52 mbs
  5. Just seen this thread. I'm thinking of living in France at some point soon and am looking for an area that's clear and dark but doesn't suffer with weather extremes. I have stayed at Les Granges hosted by the awesome dude Olly Penrice but I was wondering if anybody knew of any other areas I should consider? I am attracted to the Limousin area because it's sparsely populated and has high mountains and foothills plus the Auvergne area. Any advice gratefully appreciated John
  6. View of some the great looking proms from yesterday morning. Mosaic of 2 x 1000 frame video runs. best 20% used 1.6X barlow used with my Skyris 274 camera and Skywatcher Evostar 150 modified solarscope
  7. I use the scripts function in Photoshop to do my mosaics. If there's not enough overlap for PS to do it automatically then I do it manually using the move tool and layers
  8. I use the scripts function in Photoshop to do my mosaics. If there's not enough overlap for PS to do it automatically then I do it manually using the move tool and layers
  9. Hi Allan Yes I also have the DMK31 camera and I too was disappointed that there were no extra parameters to play with after I had upgraded the new driver for it Seems the upgraded drivers with the extra parameters are only for the new Skyris cameras. John
  10. Hi Allen - top fps for the 274 is 20fps which doesn't sound much but is perfectly adequate. You must remember that the amount of data coming from the camera is massive! the FOV is enormous too which is why it's so well suited to surface images. It also means it's difficult to get the FOV evenly illuminated (which you can see as a brightness in the l/h side of my image) because of the sweetspot problem with my modified solarscope. I found with the original drivers included in the box there was only the facility to adjust exposure and gain which is just too coarse and erratic to get a good video feed coming in to record the Sun (It was ok on the Moon though) The new driver seems to work fine and you have a huge amount of adjustment parameters available to play with. If your serious about buying one of the new Skyris's I strongly recommend you download the beta version driver (The 6th link on the list down from the top) which is available at :- http://archive.theimagingsource.com/en_US/p/aa5ff3d0/
  11. Yes that was the reason I found out about the new driver - I was really struggling to get a good video feed using just exposure and gain. With the new driver not only do i have exposure and gain I have gamma, sharpness, contrast and a host of others to adjust
  12. Image from this morning, This is just after I downloaded the new beta drivers from the Imaging source for my new Skyris camera. This is a vast improvement on the original drivers that came with the CD in the original box. There are so many more parameters I can adjust so I can really finetune the video feed I only had time to shoot the one video before I had to leave for work and here's the result. Really excited to use the new drivers in the future.
  13. Last image from my session on 12th May. A nice looking sunspot group with some good looking detail evident. Captured using my Evolunt 150 solarscope, DMK31 camera
  14. Great image Stephen! I particularly like the inverted version!
  15. Hi folks I'd thought I'd post the results of yesterdays work using my Evolunt 150 modified solarscope and DMK31 camera. All video files had a master flat subtracted to remove dust specks and gradients which makes for far easier processing using AS2! Hope you like them. First is a close up view of a Sunspot using my system at F32 by joining my 2.25x Baader barlow on top of my 1.6x barlow (not to be recommended at home kids!) Next up is a 9 frame mosaic composite of the best 100 frames of a 750 frame video file. I inverted the surface and blended in the dark sunspot cores over the inverted white ones. This makes it look almost 3D to me and shows the detail more readily Last is a side by side comparison showing the two original versions of the mosaic. Which do you prefer? all critique good or bad welcome!
  16. Hi Scott No I still have the red Skylight AR101 F15 - but at the moment it's being used for taking my Lunar images (check out the Lunar 'X' and 'V' images I posted a few days ago) It's a bit of a flaff to remove the internal erf from the Evolunt to put on the front of the Skylight - I can't afford two at the moment!
  17. Sunspot 2049 captured on the 6th May using my Evolunt modified solarscope, 2.5x powermate and Skyris 274. Best 100 frames of 750 Couldn't make my mind up which to post so decided to post both Really pleased with this effort
  18. Zoomed in Solar limb close up captured on the 6th May Two mosaics (3 prominence video panes and 5 surface video panes) joined together and blended to give this colourful view. Surface looks really hairy with a big hairy spiderlike sunspot in view, ooooh'er! Evolunt 150 and my DMK 31 camera + 1.6 barlow Surface view is inverted
  19. Lunar X and V captured last night using the Skylight AR101 F15 and Skyris 274 + 1.6 Barlow. Composite of 14 video panes
  20. Lunar V from last night Skylight AR101 F15 scope and Skyris 274 camera Captured using my 2.5 powermate on top of my 1.6x barlow at F60
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