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  1. The tail DOES appear to be moving with nucleus, at least it does to me!
  2. Hi everyone, Heres a little movie I took of comet Siding spring 2007. 9 X 10 min subs cropped and loaded in Windows live movie maker. Can't see on SGL how to upload the movie so heres a Link :- Astronomy for everyone | Facebook If you don't have a facebook account, you can view here, :- http://www.blip.tv/file/3428940 Hope you like it! any comments, feedback welcome
  3. I too would like to say thanks to the organisers of a brilliant day, I learnt an awful lot on the day and feel more confident to try some of the methods shown. I would certainly come along to another one (south?) I really enjoyed it, well done Daz and all the speakers, helpers and fellow listeners. John
  4. Sussex sounds good to me! although Hamps, Berks Surrey and Dorset could be considered John
  5. £130 from a student? (Arad85) crikey where would I get that from? (I have a neice whose a student) Thanks John
  6. Hi all, I need some advice please, I have been trying to wrap my head around doing processing on my astro images and found I was struggling. So I shelled out and bought the excellent 'A guide to astrophotography' by Jerry Lodriguss. After watching the tutorials on the CD I realised that it was about time I bought an updated edition of 'Adobe photoshop' I was thunderstruck by the prices! the CS2 version that was in the CD titorials were going for anything between £700 up to a grand!. I have also recently bought a new quadcore pc for doing the processing on and it is running at 64 bit, I have had several of my favourite CD programmes tell me that they are not compatable with 64 bit. Have anybody else faced these problems? I really don't want to pay so much money out for a processing programme, fantastic though the Adobe ones are. Thanking you for any advice you can give. madjohn
  7. I too have an Equinox 120 and its a stunning scope considering the price! I agree that the focuser feels lumpy to turn and I really didn't like the rotatable ring either so I fitted a Feathertouch focuser to it as I felt the top quality optics deserved a top quality focuser! This is now my favourite scope to use, even against my Stellarvue 102 ABV, probably the best kept secret in astroland, enjoy while you can!
  8. Hi from me too! I'm a visual observer first and foremost so your not alone! from wet and soggy Sussex.
  9. welcome from me too Chris, from Loxwood west sussex. Good forum this! any help you need you only got to ask and someone will help out! John
  10. madjohn

    Hi all

    A warm welcome from all of us, good luck on your scope!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a good GOTO mount and the concensus appears to be a EQ6 Pro, however I was wondering if there is any other comparable mounts out there. I've been told that the EQ6 pro is the best when you consider the payload capacity/tracking ability relationship for the price. Any comments welcome Cheers John
  12. Good Grief, are people that stupid to bid.... Forget I said that!
  13. I echo Daves last comments, the best of the observing season is almost upon us, the weather seems to be settling into a routine at last, at least its not continuously cloudy all of the time( I know the blumming mist seems to rise up to spoil another otherwise clear evening when its not cloudy!) I feel for your frustration but if you take the point that every time you go out to observe, the chances of it clouding up again after 4 mths of trying are going to be less and less, probabilities and all that! I told myself that after two years of arranging to go to motorcycle rallies in 2000/2001, rained everytime I put my leathers on! and I couldn't not go!Weekend after weekend of mud and wet. Just grit your teeth and tell yourself your luck Must change! Hopefully clear skies...! John
  14. madjohn

    new here

    Hi Aura, Your right of course, its great to just lie back and look up at the sky using the old mark 1 eyeball. I was on Holiday in La Palma 4wks ago, while up at the top of the mountain surrounded by some of the worlds top telescopes, I stopped looking through my travelscope and spent about an hour leaning back on the car looking at the milkyway and stars, its good to just realise what a sight that is! Good luck on the rest of your observing and welcome to Stargazers. John
  15. Welcome and hello, bought some astrostuff from greenwitch over the years, always a helpful service, looking forward to your posts in the future. John
  16. thanks for all the comments everyone, seems f7 plus would be about right but being careful not to end up with a long unwieldy scope. john
  17. Hi all, :scratch: Just wondering what the ideal F ratio would be for observing the planets. Seems a lot of people reckon the higher the F ratio the better, is this puely for greater magnification or is there a more sutble reason? maybe better colour correction. In an imaginary Apo refractor of say 100mm objective size, what would you think would be the ideal F. ratio? John
  18. Thanks for all that info everyone, I will be busy in the next few days! I'll keep you posted as to what I finally end up with. Cheers John
  19. I wasn't aware that you could order direct, I thought it was like builders merchants where they won't deal with the general public and you have to deal via a merchant, do you know something I don't? Cheers John :salute:
  20. I don't believe my luck! after posting my LX200 12" GPS on Astrobuysell to get the money to buy a SV Stellavue, Altair Astro who are the only official dealer in the UK say they arn't going to deal with them as Vic Maris keeps giving them Rubbish when it comes to delivery times prices etc. I really had my heart set on one, Altair have suggested a TMB or Astrotech scope, have any of the Stargazers community owned either of these two scopes and give me some idea which is better? I'm looking for a apo scope with the best colour correction and contrast as possible as my primary interest is planetary and the brighter deep sky observing(Messier Caldwell etc) I will be trying some imaging too but only dabbling. my budget is about 3.5K which has got to include a sturdy mount. I still can't believe I can't order a Stellarvue after all! :nono: Cheers all
  21. Hi all, no I haven't heard of a HEQ6 either, I only asked as there is one for sale in the Stargazers 'for sale' section, Oct 3rd posted by Gary 1968 :scratch: I've seen some mounts that have the scope mounted on the side of a piermount, obviously eliminating any chance of fouling the OTA when near the Zenith but logically I would have thought that this would increase the chances of tracking inaccuracies due to the fact that two axies are tracking instead of one, also field rotation would be a factor yes? An equatorial would probably be best as only the RA drive is running(and cheaper as well I would of thought!) Cheers John
  22. madjohn

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for all the warm welcome guys and girls, I will be visiting everyday to see whats on and news. Cheers John
  23. :scratch: Hi all, Does any one know what the basic differences are between a HEQ6 mount and a EQ6 pro mount?. as far as I can tell they are the same except that the EQ6 pro comes with GOTO as standard and the HEQ6 appears to be a EQ6 thats been upgraded to GOTO. I will be buying a mount soon to mount a refractor of about 900mm to 1200mm length, are there any issues I should be aware of such as viewing near to the Zenith, would anybody recommend a mount to compliment this size refractor. I will be mostly doing visual observing but am getting ready to start doing some CCD stuff. Thanks for any help. John
  24. madjohn

    Hi everyone!

    I'm a new member after I heard about this site from some Stargazer members at the Kelling star party, great bunch of guys and girls! There seemed to be a lot of interest in imaging although we had real problems with dew! My interests are mostly visual observing but am dabbling in imaging after buying a cheap Starlight express MX5C. I was very impressed with the SV scopes by Stellarvue at the Altair Astro stand and have decided to sell my LX200 12" GPS to buy one of these refractors, the views just blew me away! I will be looking in on this site regulary in the future so clear skies to you all! john
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