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  1. On a personal note I would just like to add that Beate was a real character at all the PSP events. From the moment she arrived to the moment she left she always was smiling and up for a laugh, usually at my expense. She would regularly ask me "When will it be clear?" and my stock reply was always "Soon" and she would just laugh. PSP 2013 made me chuckle when she, along with a few other ladies were all trying to put the home made telescopes together. The kids managed it with little help or interference but the ladies could not do much for laughing at each other’s attempts, again it was Beate who was the main culprit in this. Beate and the many other characters are what make organising this event so very worthwhile. The astronomy community has lost a very special person who will be greatly missed by all at PSP. Paul....
  2. Glad to see you fellas booking early Don't forget to post you PSP 2013 photo competition pictures whilst on the site. Remember its any picture taken from shallow grange over the weekend. The winning snap could be all over our 2014 posters Paul....
  3. Guys and Gals, I am making notes on the great suggestions on here for how to improve PSP 2014. On a personal note i would like to say a massive thanks to the SGL team and all their members who attended PSP 2013 and made this event such a memorable one for me. You guys may not have seen many stars but i saw over 100 unfortunateley they were all wearing wet weather gear I am so humbled by the effort everyone puts into each PSP event to make it all work over the weekend. I know something must be going right when i see hardened astro imagers presenting cake to hardened visual observers One of my biggest smiles was when shane and his team, after a night on the pop woke up wearing imaging badges Without all your efforts and generosity PSP would be almost impossible to run you are all a credit to this great hobby. Paul Collins. Part of PSP team.
  4. Hi Guys and Gals, Sorry info has been a little on the slim side re this year’s PSP. James and I have almost finished putting the party together. I see there have been a couple of questions on here that have gone unanswered. Firstly... Yes the food wagon will be there all weekend again doing all three daily meals with the usual fish and chips on the Saturday evening (he has assured me the fryer will not break down this year ) The theme of the party will be Back to Basics with the emphasis on polar alignment, star hoping and collimation (Some very good workshops being put together for these topics). I will try to pop into this thread over the next couple of weeks to answer and questions you may have. If your question is in relation to bookings please contact James as a first point of callas that is his area of responsibility. See you all soon, Paul...
  5. Daz, Due to the amount of running around I was doing at the star party I didn't get to see Simons talk but did catch most of yours. The people attending were all hooked on what was being said and I found the pace of the talk very steady and nice and easy to follow. It was clear to me that the talks had been well thought out and pitched just right, with enough visual aids to get the message across and achieve what it set out to do I.e. giving people an idea of where/ how to start imaging. That said I think even some of the seasoned astrophotography’s gain a few tips I think it’s important to remember that we are all amateur astronomers and we all benefit from keep going over/learning the basics of our craft. You are right when you say the live viewing was a great hit. There were plenty of OOO’s and ARRRs in the court yard. I think it’s great when people are able to view in groups and see things, or through kit, they have not seen before. As people were leaving many were saying how much they had enjoyed the whole weekend. I guess this is the true measure of the amount of work you guys put in for us. Most are already waiting for our booking systems to go live again. We have some exciting items planned for PSP 2013 and I am sure James will be dropping yourself and Simon a message once he sorts the website. It’s big thumbs up and a huge THANK YOU from me. You both did a great job for the astronomy community. Paul… Part of PSP
  6. Is this transmitter still switched on and working? Thanks, Paul..
  7. Here is the screen shot from last night showing some of the geminids picked up on my radio set up... As you can see well over 100 per hour and this is before the main peak Using 55.2500 USB and a station in Iceland. My radio receiver set up in Derbyshire UK. I am using a home made turnstile type antennae that really picks up well. Paul....
  8. Managed my first full nights sleep since starting with the set up of PSP 2011 last Wednesday:). Already now to do it all over again for PSP2012 there have been e-mail exchanges already with the marshals on what we may be doing to improve things for next year…. Just to show a few more pics here are some Richard has taken… Look at some of those bottle rocket captions. Peak Star Party 2011 by R & A Knisely-Marpole The Peak District Dark Skies group (PDDS) will be running a few more evening events and we will publish these on our website very soon (Just adding the finishing touches to it). Shane thanks for the views through the big dob. I won’t forget the view of the Orion neb in a hurry, better than some photographs I have seem. I know I was sending quite a few people up to you and thank you for your time and patience with the number of visits to your dob, you are a great ambassador for our hobby. On a personal note I would like to thank everyone for the generosity you all showed with the purchase of badges and raffle tickets to aid our cause against light pollution in the peak district. It’s very pleasing to find a group of people who all not only share a passion for what they are doing but also care enough to do something to preserve and improve it. You all made the event what it was and I look forward to seeing you all next year. :hello2:
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