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  1. Yes & sometimes but not often our scopes go too, so that we can see the rain falling before others without scopes do!
  2. Hi HOBSEY Best bet is to actually use the Dark Outdoors or ASTRONOMY 4 EVERYONE SITES to ask about meetings at the Albury club sites, as I think that it has little to do with the Surrey Star Gazers group on here, or does it?
  3. Hi fellow cloud gazers,.-D This open forum worries me a bit as I feel it is not maybe a good idea to publish where you folk go for all & sundry to read, as perhaps also the criminal element on the WWW may also see it! & now know where you be with thousands of pounds worth of kit! maybe alone in a dark place, so please remember that this is not a closed forum it is open to anyone, everyone out there can see this! & could be up there waiting to pounce on you now the map is there for all to read/see:-( Take care out there aliens, OH SORRY NO WHAT I MEANT TO WRITE WAS "MY LITTLE PAL
  4. Hi everyone who has read this already & those to come I seem to now have it working! What threw me was that it appears that you do not actually install the software you just copy it & well I am not sure how it works but it does, whoever it keeps freezing, I have today been informed that this could be the effect of using the software uninstalled, so although I at least now know the camera seems to work I still can not use it & so the saga goes on,.-)
  5. Hi Thanks for advice but I had tried all that yet I am afraid that nothing worked as it was supposed to in the various destruction's & friends who are computer whizz-kids have tried to sort it but had no joy with performing a Vista install so if they can not follow the various instructions & also agree that they do not respond in the way they say they will, then I may have to just await someone who has worked it all out or just keep trying over & over again every possible alternative.
  6. I often use this EP or CAMERA FOV CALCULATOR WHEN I AM CONSIDERING BUYING A NEW EP sorry forgot the finger as you do;-) http://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/field-view-calculator I hope people find it useful
  7. I find this a useful tool so I thought that I should share it with you all http://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/field-view-calculator Please also add any other handy tools you folk know of & would like to share with us lings
  8. Hi I read somewhere (luckily this time before parting with the cash!:-) that the 40mm TV plossl gives the same performance as the 32mm TV plossl due to the restrictive size of the 1.25" barrel & this was given as the reason for the 55mm TV plossl being made in the 2" barrel size. If I come across the review I will try to remember to paste up a link;-) here is another bit of info on the 55mm http://www.cloudynights.com/item.php?item_id=2271
  9. Hi I know it is a while since this topic was created but due to my coming across it whilst I was looking into the merits of owning this EP I thought it might help others who may follow if I share what I have found so here goes with links below https://www.astronomics.com/televue-55mm-polssl-eyepiece_p3307.aspx Where it has the following information If you have a 2” focuser on your f/8 and longer focal ratio telescope, here’s a 2” eyepiece that will give you the widest possible field of view – even wider than a 31mm Nagler, but at less than 40% the cost. (The 31mm Nagler is designed to give max
  10. Yes there are folk out your way! I think that it is only right to leave it up to them if they wish to come out from the gloom & be IDed. Iit is a real shame that you have missed this years Astro festival that is held in Dorking, it is put on by several of the local groups including the lads from Guildford astro SOC & the group that meet up near your neck of the woods to the south of Guildford near to Albury, Shere. They are normally a very active group & a look on Google maps places showsb me that there meeting place at only about five or six miles from you. The details on this can
  11. AHa great you have been, seen & been welcomed old bean! by at least a few of the Surrey members & there was I thinking that you have been left out in the cold! I wish I had seen this before I read the last topic, {dog darn it! mutly leave the bone alone!} it would have saved me quite a bit of time, yet never mind I hope you will read into it that it was meant to be read as written A LONG HELLO! YOUNG? OLD? FELLOW, so once again ,.-(Hi)-, & welcome new friEND.
  12. Hi Anthony, SORRY We are not all unfriendly b's on SGL, it is just that it is still a bit to warm & light for us Sad Gits as we Live for dark skies here on SGL, we yearn like mushrooms for cold dark space & being cold blooded night time beasts we only to go out & play on the hill sides of cloudy Britain when it's BL**DY FREEZIN;-(*!*)-; & REGARDING ["Anthony, the newbie that really hasn't got a clue what he's doing with a Skywatcher Skyliner 150."] I have a sneaking suspicion that you might be hoping that you will soon be "A NEWBIE THAT HASN'T GOT A CLUE WHAT TO DO, yet will a
  13. All this camera seems to come with is this so called Quick start up guide document on the CD & it means nothing at all to me, it just does not make anysenseatallitmightaswellbeinhirowgrifreese-jones The FAST START (lol) distructions read as below IMG132E - QUICKSTART GUIDE – Please Read! 1, Do Not Connect the Camera to your PC yet! 2, Run the Windows Driver file from the CD. 3, Copy & paste the Capture Software folder to your hard drive. 4, Connect the QHY IMG132E camera to a USB2 port. 5, Don't let Windows connect to the Internet to search for a driver, 6, Specify that Windows install
  14. RED LIGHT ON & FLASHING! URGENT! URGENT EMERGENCY BRAIN ABOUT TO DETONATE, implosion immanent, beep beep beep, Does anyone know how to go about installing the soft ware for one of these please!
  15. Thanks for clearing that one up tich! now all I need cleared up, are my skies, does anyone out there have a aqua sky vac I can borrow ? & a long nozzle! {{;-----:{o)
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