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  1. Whilst on holdiday in Camarthen Bay a few weeks ago we had one clear night.With no light pollution I looked up with my Helios 10 x 50 nature plus binos.I must say that I had a breath taking view of M31. Seeing more that the usual faint blob.This view was great compared to views with larger instruments here in Hertfordshire.In my opinion binoculars will always have a place in star gazing. Martin:o:o
  2. You should have no problem with those.I have a pair.I think that they come from the late 70's or early 80's.They are sturdy in their manufacture,you should have no problem there.I also have a set of Helios 10 x 50 nature plus.These have the slight extra mag.But sometimes the Swift's seem to have a more contrasty image.For example looking at The Double cluster in Perseus.The Swift's appeared to show a clearer view.But it's down to the individual.The Swifts are a quality glass in my opinion.Enjoy them Martin
  3. Hello.I cannot answer yor question,except to say that I once owned a 9 inch f 6 newtonian/dobson.This was a great all round scope,some great sharp views of the Moon,Jupiter and Saturn.So I would recommend an f 6 dobson.Orion Optics do these. I have a 6 inch maksutov and am considering selling it to fund an f6 dobson and also an f 15 refractor,( 80mm or 100mm).I notice that you own a Tal refractor.How do you find viewing the Moon and planets with that telescope? Regards Martin
  4. Hello earth-titan.I am exploring the possibility of getting an achromat.Could I ask how you mount your 127mm.I have a Skywatcher HEQ5 Pinterested in you
  5. My first telescope was this Towa 80mm.I remember great views of the planets.I sold it to fund a newtonian.I wonder how it would perform using it for planetary imaging with the modifications? By the way Leo thanks for touching a raw nerve with your line - "I once had brown hair and grey matter. Now the situation has reversed!" Martin
  6. Hello Phil.I was thinking of buying this type of refractor.They come with a 0.9 inch eyepiece barrel.If I were to buy a standard refractor focusser upgrade do yo think that there would be a problem bringing objects into focus.I ask this because youi have fitted an extension tube. Thanks Martin
  7. I did have a Celestron 102mm ed refractor last autumn,bought from FLO.A lovely scope.It would have been great if it were F11 - F14 instead of F9. Trained myself to stop rambling on this time:evil6:
  8. Dave,I have an HEQ5 mount.I wanted to try planetary imaging.Recently I have tried the Skywatcher 180 ,long cool down though.Also celestron c8,thinner corrector lens.A nicer scope though.I am aiming to have a planetary scope and qan 8 inch newtonian for visual observing.For planetary observing I remember my first 80mm achromat refractor.For visual it was very good on planets and the moon.Longer focal lengths are less colour distortion.I would be interested to hear of anyone's results with achromat imaging though.With most scopes seeing with the atmosphere as it's been since Christmas gives the impression of poorly collimated optics.It might be the case.Saturn was quite low in the sky.I would say a long focal length refractor for planets and a newtionan for general visual.As always finance gets in the way (good old achromats). Martin:D I better get of before I'm chucked off for rambling:p
  9. Buy the way,anyone any experience with planetary imaging with these longer focal length achromats?
  10. This is great advice.I ultimately want to have twio telescopes with my heq5 pro mount.One for planets and the moon.The other for visual widefield observing,perhaps the Skywatcher 200 pds.But alot of the short focal semi apos seem to have riden roughshod over the long focal length achromat refractors.When I had my old early 1980's refractor ,Inever noticed any colour distortion.Perhaps wityh this economic thing people will revert to less fasionable equipment.
  11. I miss my first 80mm refractor from Scientific and technical in Tottenham Court Road,London.Bought when the shop closed in 1981.I never noticed colour.Sorry that I sold it.Is it true that a refractor of around 80mm and focal length f10 upwards would be less proun to abberration?I am considering this route with a web cam for planetary imaging. Any one know anything about the Tal refractors with the upgraded focussers? Martin
  12. I've just seen these telescopes on The Optical Visiop website.They look impressive,but do they work well? Any one with any views or first hand experience.Thanks Martin. Grumpy Martian View Public Profile Send a private message to Grumpy Martian Find all posts by Grumpy Martian Add Grumpy Martian to Your Contacts
  13. Thanks for all your advice.Lots to think about here. Martin:)
  14. I am currently using a Celestron Classic 8 with my Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro mount.It works well.But always looking for real worthwhile improvements.I would ask the question,Would there be a greater overall improvement if I were to upgrade to The Celestron C9.25?Also would the HEQ5 Pro mount cope with this tube assembly even for imaging? Martin:rolleyes:
  15. I've just seen these telescopes on The Optical Visiop website.They look impressive,but do they work well? Any one with any views or first hand experience.Thanks Martin.
  16. Nightfisher I went for the second hand older model for it's affordable price. As an engineer,perhaps things with me get over engineered if you know what I mean. Thanks for your kind comments.I'll let you know how I get On Martin:headbang:
  17. I have recently bought an older 180mm Skywatcher maksutov.A nice telescope.I am going to do some planetary imaging.The supplied way for mounting this scop[e to my HEQ5 Pro mount is by way of a dovetail with two screws.I did not think that this was the best way with flexing etc.I also bought a set of 216.5 mm diameter cradle rings with mounting plate to suit from Orion Optics at Crewe.They arrived today and really fit well and are a major improvement to the dovetail bar.Hope this is of interest .Martin
  18. Hello Jon. The Optical Hardware web site gives the specs on all Visionary gear.It confirms the Bak 4 prisms and fully multicoated optics.After buying I was a little concerned that the image was jumpy (if jumpy is a proper word?) at 12 x hand held like my 15 x 70's.But I will persist as they give great daylight views. Here's looking for a crisp clear night:o:o Martin
  19. I am considering buying a set of visionary neoma 12 x 60 binoculars.I have already looked through them hand held in the street and they seem quite comfortable hand held.I may take the plunge and buy them hoping that they are reasonable for night sky viewing.Anyone know anything about Visionary binos? Thanks Martin:glasses1::glasses1:
  20. Thanks for all the advice.I may go to a shop and try.There is even a 10 x 50 monocular. Martin
  21. :icon_eek:Hi Nexus.I understand the point that you are making.I do use my WO 66mm on a tripod at low mag.But I would like binoculars to just emmerse yourself in the wide field view that binos can provide.I use to enjoy my 7 x 50's but they are with my daughter now. Martin.
  22. I currently have a set of Helios Stellar 15 x 70 binoculars.They provide bright images.But I am looking to change to 10 x 50,10 x 56 or 10 x 50 monoculars.My eyes donot work as stereo.The 15 x 70's never stay still with me,I think I must be getting older.Any advice on what 10 x 50's you're using or would recommend? Thanks Martin:glasses1:
  23. Hello.I have a great set of Japanese T ortho's which I use with my maksutov.I am now selling my Antares W70 set of eyepieces.I will be looking to buy two wide field eyepieces to use with my Williamd 66mm.I am thinking that the Meade series 5000 plossl's would be an improvement ovewr the Antares.Any thoughts or recommendations.The idea would be to have a complete grab and go kit with the 66mm telescope.All accessories in on box. Thanks Martin.
  24. By the way Great Bear,I was told that the gold coloured tube did not have the wider focus exit.But I appreciate your first hand experiience. Thanks Martin
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