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  1. Hello. I enjoy using my 8 inch Newtonian telescope. I have now got to the point where I wish that I could use it as a goto or push to system. I know that I could go out and buy an HEQ6 goto mount. Very heavy and pricey. I am not keen using Newtonians on equatorial mounts. Are there any innovative ways of achieving this goal. Celestron once did a pointing device that would identify objects. Some people have tried using mobile telephones to identify objects by attaching them to the telescope Just wondered what is available. The mount shown in the picture is an Altair Sabre alt/az. Works well. I know that there was talk of encoders for this mount. But I think cost was prohibitive.
  2. They are very determined to get there fast. They don't seem to be deterred by the failures. They just press on rapidly. I wish them every success. I want to see a crewed mission to Mars in my lifetime having experienced project Apollo.
  3. I am impressed with Space X's desire to rapidly progress manned space exploration. But does anyone understand and can explain what the goal is for Space X. The Star ship programme seems to be expanding vehicles at an alarming rate. Would I want to be a passenger? Wonder what their timeline is? I know that Space X has a chance of being chosen to build a Luna lander vehicle. What is their goal I wonder.
  4. Replicating Spacecraft | Future | Fandom https://future.fandom.com/wiki/Replicating_Spacecraft Von Numman probes were once discussed by Carl Sagan. I think in Carl Sagans Cosmos book.He said that one day many planets with simple life forms may see evidence of extraterrestrial visitors appear on their planets. It could be humans from Earth. It could be that we are the most advanced civilisation in our galaxy. Other beings may be pondering the question "are we alone" . They would receive their answer when we arrive on their world. Just my penny worth.
  5. Always looking through FLO telescope listings wishing that I too had a warehouse to stock and own the whole list of telescopes available there lol. But have just noticed that the Celestron C6 OTA is no longer listed or available. The one telescope that I have marked off as not ever having owned or properly looked through. Oh dear. Have they stopped production of this well renowned telescope OTA? I have owned the C8 and C9.25 and looked through a C11. But what to do about the C6.
  6. It is my belief that the authorities who send explorers to Mars feel that there is life or signs of past life there. The next stop is Europa. They seem to be planning their next programmes to explore Europa extensively as soon as the technology is available to them. So they must have a strong notion that they will be successful in their search. Just my views.
  7. Thanks for that Dave. Sorted it out. Not sure why I could'nt see that.
  8. Just wondering how to delete messages from inbox. Any help would be welcome. Has the format changed? I used to be able to delete them.
  9. Interesting thought. Perhaps it has migrated from the outer solar system and captured.
  10. Is it unusual for for this type of object and behaving in such a manner.
  11. Future interstellar comet? Spewing object spotted in asteroid group near Jupiter | Space https://www.space.com/amp/interstellar-comet-near-jupiter-trojan-asteroids
  12. I remember buying a copy of Time magazine from a news stand in 1976. It's top story was the Viking landers. Lovely glossy colour pictures from the Mars surface. I still have it somewhere. I was 16 years old. I can remember those Christmas lectures on BBC Two at tea time. What a loss was Carl Sagan.
  13. Last weeks Perserverance lander has got me all excited for Mars again. What with looking for fossilised remains of past life, a technology testing helicopter and actual sounds from Mars. As a six year old living in Kentish Town in the mid 1960's. I remember walking to the library and looked at astronomy books. The best pictures of Mars at that time were grainy B&W photographs from ground based telescopes. Little did I know that man had his beedy little eyes on the red planet. Carl Sagan and his pals and the Soviet scientists were planning to visit Mars with Mariner fly bys and Soviet landers. NASA had sucess with the Viking landers in 1976. The first pictures from the Mars surface. Just wonder that at the age that I am will my eyes hold out to see humans make it to Mars.lol. I have found this story which shows the Curiosity rover pictured from Mars orbit. There were some Soviet landers from the early 1970's. Just wonder if the current orbiters could picture them from orbit. Mars 3 landed and began transmitting a picture and then failed. MRO captures photo of Curiosity rover from Martian orbit - SpaceFlight Insider https://www.spaceflightinsider.com/missions/solar-system/mro-captures-photo-of-curiosity-rover-from-martian-orbit/ Also a list of Mars landers. List of Mars landers - Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Mars_landers
  14. Watch "In Love With Astronomy /Moon, Stars, Nebula /Hertfordshire Allotment Observatory" on YouTube I have enjoyed watching this man's astronomy video's. Hope he forgives me for posting the link without his permission. If not he can come round and sort me out lol. I sometimes use my 150 Mak on this mount and enjoy observing with it mounted on a table. I live in Cheshunt in Hertfordshire and would really like to meet him sometime.
  15. Just looking through my astronomy book collection. Noticed the inside jacket of a couple. The sticker attached is Earth & Sky, Rosemary Naylor of Todmorden. Those were the days before Amazon. Wonder where she is now. Offered a very good service indeed. Looking back to the 1990's.
  16. It is stable Ade. Just depends on the sturdiness of the table. I have even put the 150 mm Skymax on this mount and it works.
  17. Cloudy just now at 7 30.p.m. I know. But there were some breaks in this cloud cover to observe the Moon. So putting the glass of Prosecco to restI set up the 80 mm Equinox on my small table top Dobsonian mount.
  18. What a lovely telescope. I long for the night that I will get the chance to look through a Tak refractor. I have owned an ED 100 f9. The views were very good indeed. Wonder if there is an opinion from someone who has experienced the views of both and how much better the Tak is over the ED 100 f9? Or indeed how close the quality of view is between them. I would still like to own a Takahashi if the opportunity presents.
  19. Please. My post was regarding rich field telescopes. Regards.
  20. "The richfield concept is a telescope that shows the most stars in the field of view. This can be a telescope of most any aperture but it will have a comparatively short focal length for it's aperture so it can provide the brightest, widest field of view" The above is a definition of a rich field telescope. I always thought that a six inch f5 Newtonian would be the ultimate rich field telescope. But it only talks about the amount of stars that an instrument would show. It does not mention bright wide field of views of deep sky objects. So what is the purpose of having a rich field telescope. Of my three telescopes using a 22mm 82° eyepiece. The field of view is given; 1. 200mm f4.5 Newtonian 2° 2. 80 mm f6 refractor 3.6° 3. 150 mm f12 Maksutov 1°. All three of these telescopes give nice bright and pleasing views of the stars and some deep space objects. So why do some people persue a proper classified richfield telescope? A 30mm set of binoculars would give a wide field of view teaming with stars. Yet some people have built 10 inch Newtonians with a focal ratio of f3.5. There is a GSO 150 mm f5 Newtonian listed as an astro graph. Would it be an acceptable visual telescope?
  21. Thanks for posting all the pictures. My daughter and husband love going to Japan. They love the culture and animation. The telescope shop owner must have quite a sum invested in astronomy stock. Like the picture with the telescopes displayed in the street outside the shop. Imagine these telescopes being made off with if displayed like that in London. Ha, if I was in that shop I'd chain myself so I did not have to leave the telescope paradise.
  22. When I mention hand held equipment for stargazing. You could be forgiven for suggestion binoculars. You would be correct. My 7 x 50 binoculars give bright views of the night sky. In an attempt to improve on the 50 mm binos For brightness I have tried using my 75 mm Opticron spottingscope. It is steady when handheld. Good at daytime viewing. But disappointing viewing the night sky. 70 mm binoculars give brighter views than the 50 mm binos. But they have to be mounted on a tripod. I once had a 66 mm William's Optics refractor with a two inch 20 mm eyepiece. This surprisingly allowed steady views when hand held. It was comfortable le for star gazing. There are times when the binoculars come out for easy star gazing sessions. Mostly in the Summer when sat in a lounger. But I would like an instrument that is easy to hand hold but give better views than my current binoculars.
  23. Can't find a picture with me and the telescope. But just this moment found this picture of my first telescope. An 80 km Towa 335. Aluminium scaffold poles as a sturdy tripod. This telescope serves me well from 1981 to 1997. ------STOP PRESS----- Just found this one of me with the Towa 80mm . 1991 ish.
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