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  1. I recently bought an AZ GTi alt/AZ goto mount. What a wonderful device in such a small package and light weight. Easily handleable. It states that the payload in 5 kgs. Just wondered if there were plans to produce an updated version. To perhaps carry a payload of 7 kgs. This would open up the range of telescopes and equipment that could be used. I know that there are HEQ5 mounts and the like. But I like the idea of an alt/AZ goto tracking mount and there are few options in my opinion. You can get the Celestron Nexstar SE and very good setups indeed. But you are limited to the telescope that it was designed to have. Pound for pound the AZ GTi is great value aswell. And lighter that some of the larger equatorial mounts. So come on Skywatcher.
  2. Thanks all for all your help. Martin
  3. Wondered where I can buy a small spirit Level and circular spirit level for use when setting up a telescope on a motorised mount?
  4. I have an 80 mm Equinox refractor. It's retractable dew shield tube does slide down when looking to the zenith. Has anyone else had this issue and how did you rectify it? Thanks. Martin
  5. Found this tip in today's Daily Express. A section titled Easy ways to boost your brain power. Navigating the night sky by star hopping. As if light pollution assists.
  6. Wish you well with the project Peter. Great to meet you, socially/anti socially distancing ofcourse. Lol. Oh I wish that I had a telescope when I was a child.
  7. Hi Steve. Edmund's might have something. I was once given a catalogue by them. https://www.edmundoptics.co.uk/
  8. Thanks everyone for your help and advice. I have bought a Talentcell battery and leads.
  9. I have bought a Skywatcher AZ GTi mount. Looking for advice as to what small power supply batteries and leads are needed/available please.
  10. I have just found out that Celestron C6 telescope tubes are no longer in production. I have owned a C5, several 8 inch and a 9.25 SCT in the past. But have not looked through or owned a C6. Wonder why they have stopped making them? Would have liked to have tried one.
  11. I agree with portability and ease of setup. You have a lovely looking rig. My Equinox 80 mm last night.
  12. METEOR 'caused' sonic boom over south west England https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/meteor-caused-sonic-boom-over-south-west-england/ar-BB1eNiDO?li=BBnbklE Sorry if this has already been posted. By meteors are becoming frequent in this part of the world lately. One in England at the start of March.
  13. I lived in Burnt Oak in North London in the late 1960's. This was near RAF Hendon aerodrome. The areodrome closed in the Summer of 1968. I remember a fly past of six Vulcan bombers in arrowhead formation at a very low altitude. Well the sky darkened and accompanied with a loud roar. Never to be forgotten
  14. The Vulcan was great. You would enter by a hatch underneath. Just like The Millenium Falcon in Star Wars. Lol.
  15. At air shows I have seen the RAF Typhoon turn on a sixpence with full after burners active. It is the only aircraft where I covered my ears to protect from the thunderous noise. Just hoping that several thing coincide in the near future. They are; 1. That I maintain my active health to travel. I don't like long flights. 2. We get ontop of the pandemic so that we can safely travel. 3. NASA really do get SLS running regular missions. I can then fulfil my dream of seeing as you say 'A proper rocket launch'
  16. Watch "Ultimate Saturn V Launch with Enhanced Sound" on YouTube Just posted this video. It is a reminder of what our generation experienced during the Apollo missions. Also what this generation may well see with SLS and the planned Moon missions and beyond. Turn your speaker volumne right up.
  17. I have just been enjoying some stargazing in a good dark sky site. I did get the chance to observe my favourite objects that for me are easily found. But after that I began to pan the telescope around the sky and found quite a number of star clusters and faint fuzzy objects. But I could not identify them. Mobile telephone apps are ok. But you have to keep expanding them in the hope of identifying. Is the a weather proof star atlas/maps that can be along side you with a red torch. I have a Cambridge star atlas. But it would be ruined quickly if used outside. What do people use?
  18. Is there a list of holiday/bed and breakfast centres in Scotland with an astronomy theme. Telescopes available.Thankyou.
  19. "Sorry Squire the record is stuck. Sorry Squire the record is stuck". This was a common phrase when a vinyl record got scratched which caused repeating. Just like me.lol
  20. What! Like a scratch in an old vinyl record? Repeating itself.
  21. I never gave any thought as to the country of manufacture. I have been kindly offered a Meade reducer.
  22. This may have been asked at some point. But is there a difference in quality between the Antares and the Celestron or Meade focal reducers?
  23. I have enjoyed using ED refractors over the years. Some have proven to be too long physically for me personally. They all give great views though. But in recent times I have noticed several 102 mm F7 ED refractors available under different brands. TS Services, William's Optics,Altair & Technosky. These are all advertised as having FPL 53 glass as one of the objective elements. But TS Services also mention that Lanthanam glass is used with FPL 53 glass. They all look super refractors. Alright yes, I am looking for an ED refractor that I can own and enjoy into my tender years. Maybe buy the reducer aswell and finally get into astro photography. But with what appears to be the same refractor but different branding. Which one would I be better off buying? Does anybody own one or know anything about these ED refractors?
  24. I found this video quite interesting. Especially with the occultaion of Regulus coming up. Watch "How to Discover a Double Star" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Sng04AbBFDE
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