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  1. It's getting me to wonder what the view would be like through a 150 mm F/5 or F/8. Probably too large for me to enjoy though.
  2. I brought my recently acquired ST 120 mm to Dorset this weekend. Here I have an 8 inch Newtonian which I normally use.It stays in Dorset.But last night I used the ST to stargaze in a really dark and clear sky. It did not fail. Numerous star clusters, the Double Cluster,M81, M82 and the whirlpool galaxy were bagged. The 8 inch Newtonian always performs. But the ease of setup and use including a comfortable sitting position makes the ST a venerable performer, a joy to use with a shorter tube length. It does have it's limitations. The view of Albireo was good. But the colours of the two stars were not as true as seen through a Newtonian or an ED refractor. This colour rendition of these stars would be improved with a comparable in performance F/5 130 mm or 150 mm Newtonian. The background Milky Way stars with the ST were seen as small pin points closely gathered together.I did'nt notice this so much through a Newtonian. The lack of central obstruction is a benefit with the ST 120 mm refractor. Being ideal for low power and wide field stargazing.I do enjoy my 80 mm Equinox refractor for my dose of tight pin point and more colour correction on stars. I am currently looking for a smaller Meade ETX Maksutov or Celestron Maksutov for planetary viewing. So my arsenal of telescopes will consist of reasonably modest sized instruments. These can be handled by my AZ GTi goto mount which is fitted to a sturdy EQ5 tripod. So there is lots to be said in praise of smaller instruments which invite you to use them frequently due to their ease of use. Yes there were times last night that I felt the need to further resolve deep sky objects. But there is always the trade off that having a 12 inch Dobsonian would give a more detailed view. But how often would you use the heafty 12 inch over more modest telescopes. I may even fall for the 6 inch ST version. Or the F /5.9 version.But it would be a beast.
  3. Looks the real deal. You must be delighted. The mount looks similar to a mount that I had once. It was from Vacuum Coatings (Terry Pearce).
  4. Alright Astro Noodles. I'm impressed.lol
  5. Unusual topic I know. But one of my favourite coats got a slight pull. So what to do?. No fear. An astronomy badge came to the rescue. 75 mm diameter.
  6. That's really helpful Alan. Thanks. I am looking to buy either the 105 or 125 whichever becomes available. To mount it on my AZ GTi.
  7. Hi. I am interested to know what the weights are for the Meade ETX 125 & 105 OTA's are. If anyone owns one of the OTA's which has been removed from the fork mounts then I would be grateful if the would share this information. Thanks in advance.
  8. You've got me searching now John. C6 on Skywatcher AZ Gti? - Mounts - Cloudy Nights https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/694742-c6-on-skywatcher-az-gti/
  9. Thanks John. The 150 km Mak was very good but so heavy. The C6 was tempting. But wonder how it would perform on the AZ GTi mount with a payload of 5 kgs? The Celestron C6 is approx 4 1/2 kgs.
  10. I have the AZ GTi mount setup on an EQ5 tripod using the adapter. Works a treat. I was even considering an older Meade ETX deforked tube assembly if one were to become available. Or a Celestron Nexstar SE 102 mm tube. I always wondered about the performance of a compound telescope with it's central obstruction and what would it's equivalent refractor be without a central obstruction. I wanted it to use for planetary observing.
  11. Hi Stu. I use my OO VX8 in Dorset. But at home in Hertfordshire I enjoy my Equinox 80 mm and 120 mm Startravel. I have the AZ GTi mount which I like. I find that smaller stature telescopes. I wanted to add a small but capable planetary telescope to the set.
  12. Hi Avocette. You're right I did have the Skymax 150 mm. It gave some wonderful views. But I wish that it was a third of the weight. Robust and really heavy. I now have an AZ GTi mount and am enjoying lighter weight smaller telescopes.
  13. I have owned a long focal length 80 mm achromat doublet refractor. It gave really nice views of the planets and the Moon. I have recently been thinking about smaller Maksutov telescopes. Around the 100 mm diameter. These are reputed to perform well on the Moon and planets. I did have a Meade ETX 125 mm Mak some time ago. It performed wonderfully well on Jupiter and Saturn. Given good seeing conditions. Which would give the better planetary/Luna performance? The 100 mm Mak or the longer focal length 80 mm refractor?
  14. I am really pleased that you have been able to make the mount for the Newtonian.
  15. Just came in and watched Country File. Can be seen on catchup tv. Steve Tonkin features. Apologies if this has already been posted Link below. Countryfile - 9 May 2021 - 9/5/2021 - Sunday - BBC - TV Everyday https://tveveryday.com/countryfile-9-may-2021-952021-sunday-bbc/
  16. I remember the first planetarium app that I saw on a mobile telephone. As you moved the telephone the night sky would move. So as a result what you saw on the screen corresponded to the night sky. I have two planetarium apps on my mobile. But they are not live. They don't move to match the sky as you .over the mobile. Are there any planetarium apps that do move to match the actual sky and objects can be identified?
  17. They really were heroes. The first interplanetary missions. While the first Mars landings will be momentous. They will not in my opinion have quite the same awe.
  18. I have always enjoyed observing the moon through the telescope over the years. From a new moon to full. I have seen the terminator change while waxing on each day. But the other night I had the telescope setup for several hours. I noticed that the terminator creeps along on an hourly basis. Craters not visible on the dark side of the terminator but their rims illuminated were an hour later fully illuminated. My naive mindset was to see noticeable change on a daily basis. The penny has just dropped. Silly old me. Perhaps it's about being a more seasoned observer than once before.
  19. I have owned a C5 before. They are a joy to use due to their weight. They give good views of planets and the moon.
  20. Is it just me. I seem to have missed all the coverage of this launch and mission. To me it appears to have not had the coverage of the first two Dragon flights.
  21. I recently bought an AZ GTi alt/AZ goto mount. What a wonderful device in such a small package and light weight. Easily handleable. It states that the payload in 5 kgs. Just wondered if there were plans to produce an updated version. To perhaps carry a payload of 7 kgs. This would open up the range of telescopes and equipment that could be used. I know that there are HEQ5 mounts and the like. But I like the idea of an alt/AZ goto tracking mount and there are few options in my opinion. You can get the Celestron Nexstar SE and very good setups indeed. But you are limited to the telescope that it was designed to have. Pound for pound the AZ GTi is great value aswell. And lighter that some of the larger equatorial mounts. So come on Skywatcher.
  22. Thanks all for all your help. Martin
  23. Wondered where I can buy a small spirit Level and circular spirit level for use when setting up a telescope on a motorised mount?
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