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  1. Just doing a spot of solar observing with my enhanced manual mount. I bought a fantastic 14 inch height extender from Andre,thanks. Great piece of machining from Germany. Blue colour finish looks good. Although with the black tripod, now black & blue like a painful bruise lol. Oh, by the way nice quantity of sun spots to observe with the Seymour filter, thanks Stu.
  2. I have recently added a C6 SCT to my Arsenal of instruments. I have enjoyed using it to observe the planets. I fully understand that it's primary function is for the moon and planets. I have though had pleasing views with my 80° Nirvana 16 mm eyepiece, an 1 1/4 inch configuration. This has got me thinking about the lowest power 1 1/4 inch eyepieces to use with the C6. There is the Televue 25 mm Plossl and the Televue and Explore Scientific 24 mm 68 ° . I wonder which of these would suit being used in my C6?
  3. Your Celestron CR150HD must be quite a grand telescope. I would love to look at the planets through it.
  4. Well I setup the C6. Could do more work on collimation. I may well buy an artificial star for that. But there were moments when I did see the Cassini Division ( Monday evening ). I am very happy with the C6 for planetary and Luna observing. It has a very manageable weight.while the C6 does not have the light gathering power of the C8. It does have a very noticeable increase in brightness compared to my previously owned C5.
  5. I've only had it a fortnight. It is collimated. So waiting for a long period of good seeing. I am hopeful though. Thanks.
  6. Overt the years I have seen The Cassini Division of Saturn on several occasions. With an 80 mm f15 achromat refractor and and American made Meade LX 90 eight inch. Over the last fifteen years I have found it really differcult to see. In fact I can't remember when I last observed it. This through a host of telescopes; an 80 mm Equinox ED refractor, a 120 mm ED refractor , a Celestron C8. I now have a Celestron C6 and my 80 mm Equinox and I am taking every opportunity to observe Saturn at this opposition. Is it a combination of poor seeing along with a telescope that is not capable of resolving The Cassini Division? Possibly my aging eyesight! Do you need a large apature and long focal length telescope?
  7. Below is a link to a YouTube film of a visual observers experiences. I really do like the observing accounts posted here. But also like video clips. My best view of M31 The Andromeda was with my eight inch Orion Newtonian. The sky conditions must have been super. I could see so much detail which was crystal clear. I do plan on looking through a Takahashi refractor one day. Watch "Daniel Mounsey shares his experience of astronomy." on YouTube https://youtu.be/gU7yOVt5y-Q
  8. For a speedy recovery.
  9. Ade, I think that you are well equipped when it comes to refractors lol. I once had an ED 100 mm. It did give sharp and high contrast views of the planets. At the time I mistakenly thought that you could improve on that.By getting a larger image of the planets (larger image scale) with a larger apature telescope. You probably can, but not with the sharpness of a quality refractor.
  10. You're absolutely right Stu. I have owned and sold some lovely telescopes. I still enjoy my 8 inch Orion. I now have some small to medium size telescopes and look forward to keeping and enjoying them. Thanks for your help.
  11. I now own a Celestron Nexstar 4 SE telescope. Other owners know that there is a flip mirror assembly at the rear of the tube. You can fit 1 1/4 inch accessories on the 90 ° angle. But there is a 35 mm wide thread at the rear. I would like to buy a visual back to screw onto this thread. I can then fit my 1 1/4 inch diagonal and 1 1/4 inch amici prism.Can anyone advise me where to obtain one please. Thanks Martin
  12. I am looking for a visual back for a Celestron Nexstar SE 102 Maksutov. The male thread at the back of the telescope tube has a width of 35 mm. I would like a visual back that would attach to it and allow me to use an 1 1/4 inch star diagonal. I have attached pictures of a Revelation 2 inch SCT visual back. Just wondered if there was anything similar that would screw onto the 35mm wide thread at the back of the Celestron Maksutov that would allow 1 1/4 inch accessories. Any advice would be welcome.
  13. I have been looking for a small to medium size telescope to add to my armoury of scopes.This one specifically to observe the planets. Stu of Bishops Stortford put his Celestron Nexstar SE 102 Maksutov up for sale. There was my opportunity, thanks Stu. I have posted an image of it on my AZ GTi mount. Getting it ready to look at the planets this Summer. I have changed the standard red dot finder and bracket. Hoping to find an 1 1/4 inch visual back with a brass securing ring.
  14. I know that some observers use large 200 mm plus size telescopes to observe the planets. But what small to medium size scopes do people use. I know that there are ED 100 mm's 80 mm f15's and 4 and five inch Maksutov's and SCT's. But what are the best planetary telescopes in this class? What do people prefer? I have used 127 mm Maksutov's before. But to me they always seem to be a specialist instrument which is affected greatly by the sky/weather conditions. It must have been good conditions last night as I was observing Saturn and Jupiter with the ST 120 mm and Equinox 80mm and getting quite pleasing views with both. I have recently been thinking of buying a specific planetary telescope. But would a Mak or SCT of 100 mm or 127 mm better the views from the two refractors that I have?
  15. Ags is that a Celestron C6 mounted on your AZ GTi?
  16. I have been thinking recently ( you know I have because you can see sparks and moving cogs in thru my ears. Lol). I have an 80mm f6 refractor with FPL 53 glass. I have used a good quality 2 x Barlow lens to observe planets. This Barlow doubles the focal ratio of my 80 mm. There is an 80 mm f10 ED refractor. So which of these instruments would give the better planetary view if they were mounted side by side. The Barlowed f6 or the native f10?
  17. Is it supposed to be lucky. Lol
  18. Looks excellent skillful work Peter. You might be receiving orders soon. Lol
  19. Thanks Cadet. It is kind of you to send this link. I found part of an old motorcycle tank bag which works a treat.
  20. I to have been tempted by the 102 mm F/7 ED refractor. It would be light enough to use frequently. Give good all round views.
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