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  1. 2010: A Space Odessy to Europa. A BBC podcast. 2010 was a sequel to Arthur C Clark's famous 2001: A Space Odessey. It's about a return mission to Jupiter. They findife on Jupiter's moon Europa. In reality we think that there might be. A mission to Europa is planned.How exciting is that? Hope you like it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/b00qf5wp
  2. Too late. Peace treaty with the Klingons. Lol
  3. Love your off the wall thinking. Lol
  4. So, despite having these two and a couple of other premium binos, the ones that give me a bit of a thrill every time I use them is a battered pair of Swift Audubon 8.5x44's Hi Barry. Thanks for your advice. May I ask if the Audubon are the older Porto prusm type?
  5. I am well thankyou Chris. I have recently been travelling past that service station where we met for me to buy your Revelation 80mm years ago near Ipswich.
  6. Just thought that I would share this article that I found from Sky and Telescope. Hope that you like it. I stargaze as my telescopes are like a window to escape and wonder at the night sky. https://skyandtelescope.org/astronomy-blogs/dont-postpone-joy-why-we-stargaze/
  7. Glad to see you coming back.
  8. I would feel that with the 8 x 40 with the wide 8° field of you. You would enjoy a fully immersive viewing experience.
  9. I have just visited the new nature centre with bird hides at Fishers Green in the Lea Valley at Waltham Abbey. A wonderful resource on the outskirts of north London. I took my very good 10 x 50 Opticron HR binoculars. While they have been good. The close focus is very far away, they lacked the brightness of s set of Hawke 10 x 40's. I must admit that I struggle a bit with 10 x binoculars not giving a steady image/view. I did'nt have the Hawkes long enough to see if modern 10 x binos suffer the same shakes or not. Looking at the specs of the Helios Lightwing, they seem impressive. With a close focus of two metres and a generous field of view compared to the older 5°. I would like to use them for astronomy aswell. Wondered about monoculars aswell. Christmas is coming soon. Any tips on what might be an improvement over the older Opticrons would be welcome. Are modern 10 x binoculars more stable image wise than the older models.
  10. In my own case I fell for a Celestron Axiom LX 32mm, weighing in at a cool 1.4kg!! I can imagine you'd have to wear steel toe cap boots for safety reasons when observing through the Axiom. Just think if the Axion feel on your toes! Ouch!! Lol.
  11. I agree. I have the 80 mm and ST 120 for wide field viewing. But if it's there to be done then have a peek.
  12. It is my opinion and have no evidence to support this. But I do believe that there are more unpublicised space missions. These may well be military. I once saw two objects weaving across the north eastern sky through binoculars. I believe that I can tell the difference between aircraft and much higher satellites. These objects were not aircraft. I felt disturbed by this and there was as always no explanation. So if you saw something then I don't believe that people have the right to suggest that you did'nt see something.
  13. I have just come in for a well earned tot of single malt after a great observing session. Saturn and Jupiter with my C6, Equinox 80 mm and ST 120. The eyepieces that I used for the planets were 4 & 7 mm Nirvana, 8 mm Monocentric and an 8.8 mm ES. While the Monocentric has a very narrow field of view. It revealed super contrast on the planets with the C6 an 80 mm. While the ST120 mm is not a planetary telescope. It did give a pleasing deep yellow view of Saturn with surprising contrast. Jupiter was washed out with too much violet across the whole disc. I then proceeded to widefield, low power star gazing. Using a 22 mm Nagler and a 32 mm panaview. Very good views with both the 80 mm Equinox and ST 120. I looked at the double Cluster and M81 & M81. It must be a very good sky tonight. The following is not for the purists. But I could not resist attaching my two inch diagonal to my Celestron C6. This gave me the opportunity to observe through the C6 with the 22 mm Nagler and the 32 mm Panaview eyepieces. I know that the C6 is not designed as a widefield scope. There are reasons such as distortion. But I felt that by using the two inch eyepieces, viewing just gave the C6 another dimension. Star fields were bright and a genuine feeling of low power wide field. Wonder how many Celestron C6 owners have used two inch eyepieces on their telescope? It would be interesting to hear of your experiences. Although 1.36° with the 32 mm on the C6 compared to 4.3° field of view with the 80 mm Equinox. All in all an enjoyable session.
  14. We could do a double act John. No it would'nt be a double star act as you would be the star and I the fall guy.ha
  15. Not sure. But the astronomer needs his hair cut
  16. Ha how many millions of calories in their burgers John?
  17. Drove past this pub near Braintree in Essex. Wonder what other establishments use astronomy in their name.
  18. I have just dug out my old Henry Wildey 70 mm refractor. I was told by Henry that this telescope was made in 1972 .The tube is approx 600 mm long. It has a collar attached to the tube which then fits into a reunion mount. I would dearly like to buy a pair of 82 mm inside diameter tube rings to fit to the telescope. It would then be used with far easier modern mount systems. Unfortunately I am not able to source 82 mm I.d. tube rings to attach to a dovetail bar. Any help would be gratefully accepted.
  19. Are you telling me that all his missions to boldly go were just lies? Lol
  20. Fantastic. I once gave a shop a whole collection to mount like this. They said that they lost them. The collection included a human Mars mission set for 1982. Based on nuclear propulsion.
  21. I have to say that while it is within the rules is it within what is morally acceptable? The fact that the item mentioned was sold. Someone was prepared to pay that price for it. We live in a world that some are prepared to argue that right is wrong and wrong is right. Just look at what people on SGL and UK Astro are asking for C8 OTA's. £700 when you could easily buy a used one for around £400 18 months ago.
  22. Hello Ags. I like this topic you have posted. I to have a C6 and an concious of the need for collimation. May I ask what brand your 13.4 mm eyepiece is please.
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