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  1. I have enjoyed using ED refractors over the years. Some have proven to be too long physically for me personally. They all give great views though. But in recent times I have noticed several 102 mm F7 ED refractors available under different brands. TS Services, William's Optics,Altair & Technosky. These are all advertised as having FPL 53 glass as one of the objective elements. But TS Services also mention that Lanthanam glass is used with FPL 53 glass. They all look super refractors. Alright yes, I am looking for an ED refractor that I can own and enjoy into my ten
  2. After much thought and deliberation. I have decided to keep this great telescope. I am grateful to the people who have shown interest.
  3. I found this video quite interesting. Especially with the occultaion of Regulus coming up. Watch "How to Discover a Double Star" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Sng04AbBFDE
  4. Sorry if this has been posted already. I did enjoy looking at Jupiter and Saturn during 2020. There has been talk about how poorly positioned these planets are going to be over the next few years. But planning to see these two at their oppositions this year. I am shocked to see how low their maximum culmination will be. Am I correct in thinking that Saturn will only rise 10° above the horizon in August 2021? We will have to be planning where there is an unobscured view of that horizon.
  5. Hi interested to know if there is an equivalent polarscope available to fit the Vixen GO2 mount. There was a dedicated kit. But does not appear to be available. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks. Martin
  6. Very interesting. I have never given thought that such an event would occur. Thanks Jeremy for posting. I guess that an 80 mm telescope at low magnification would show this
  7. Hello. I enjoy using my 8 inch Newtonian telescope. I have now got to the point where I wish that I could use it as a goto or push to system. I know that I could go out and buy an HEQ6 goto mount. Very heavy and pricey. I am not keen using Newtonians on equatorial mounts. Are there any innovative ways of achieving this goal. Celestron once did a pointing device that would identify objects. Some people have tried using mobile telephones to identify objects by attaching them to the telescope Just wondered what is available. The mount shown in the picture is an Altair Sabre alt/az.
  8. They are very determined to get there fast. They don't seem to be deterred by the failures. They just press on rapidly. I wish them every success. I want to see a crewed mission to Mars in my lifetime having experienced project Apollo.
  9. I am impressed with Space X's desire to rapidly progress manned space exploration. But does anyone understand and can explain what the goal is for Space X. The Star ship programme seems to be expanding vehicles at an alarming rate. Would I want to be a passenger? Wonder what their timeline is? I know that Space X has a chance of being chosen to build a Luna lander vehicle. What is their goal I wonder.
  10. Replicating Spacecraft | Future | Fandom https://future.fandom.com/wiki/Replicating_Spacecraft Von Numman probes were once discussed by Carl Sagan. I think in Carl Sagans Cosmos book.He said that one day many planets with simple life forms may see evidence of extraterrestrial visitors appear on their planets. It could be humans from Earth. It could be that we are the most advanced civilisation in our galaxy. Other beings may be pondering the question "are we alone" . They would receive their answer when we arrive on their world. Just my penny worth.
  11. Always looking through FLO telescope listings wishing that I too had a warehouse to stock and own the whole list of telescopes available there lol. But have just noticed that the Celestron C6 OTA is no longer listed or available. The one telescope that I have marked off as not ever having owned or properly looked through. Oh dear. Have they stopped production of this well renowned telescope OTA? I have owned the C8 and C9.25 and looked through a C11. But what to do about the C6.
  12. It is my belief that the authorities who send explorers to Mars feel that there is life or signs of past life there. The next stop is Europa. They seem to be planning their next programmes to explore Europa extensively as soon as the technology is available to them. So they must have a strong notion that they will be successful in their search. Just my views.
  13. Thanks for that Dave. Sorted it out. Not sure why I could'nt see that.
  14. Just wondering how to delete messages from inbox. Any help would be welcome. Has the format changed? I used to be able to delete them.
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