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  1. Grumpy Martian

    Affordable deep cycle 12 volt battery.

  2. Hi. I wonder if anyone knows where I can buy an affordable deep cycle 12 volt battery. I would like it to be smallish in size. Not like a car battery. I just want it to power an astro video camera and small monitor. Any advice would be welcome.
  3. Grumpy Martian

    Eq5 Steel tripods versus Berlebach wood tripods.

    Can the spreader be bought easily? Thanks John, interested to hear that vibration is reduced. What model is this tripod?
  4. I traditionally use an EQ5 tripod. But I am intrigued by some of the wooden tripods on offer from Berlebach and other brands. I have an ED 120 refractor that needs to be mounted. Just interested why others would rather use them. They do look traditional.
  5. Grumpy Martian

    Your thoughts on a scope thinning please.....

    You've got to keep the Vixen ED 103 in my opinion.
  6. You're a fountain of sense Simon and I am grateful for your advice. I am going to keep the 120. I will change a few things to see if I can reduce the weight of the setup as a whole. Lighter tube rings and dovetail bar. Remove the bulky height tube. I will though probably buy an 80 mm ED sometime. Thanks everyone for all the advice. It's what makes SGL.
  7. Easier to manage. Lighter weight. Something to think about. What ever I choose, it will be to use where I live in Hertfordshire. I still have the larger Newtonian in Dorset. Thanks nightfisher
  8. I bought a Giro recently. It does work a lot better than the AZ4 that I used. I feel that it may well be the time to get a smaller, more manageable ED refractor. What comes to mind is Skywatcher 80 mm Equinox, Celestron ED C80, Orion ED 80 mm. There is also Altair Astro's Starwave ED 80mm. So budget wise what ever they Come for. I know that The Starwave is priced at £590 odd. I would use an EQ5 tripod with a Berlebach Castor mount.
  9. I take your point John. Thankyou for your input. To be honest I have enjoyed using down in Dorset where the skies are dark and you can see quite low down. One setup has to go. Either the Orion Optics or the 120ED. But high hedges in my garden which restricts the full use of medium to larger telescopes. Also light pollution means that a smaller more easily transportable refractor fits the bill in South Hertfordshire. A smaller telescope can easily be taken to sites that are better for astronomy.
  10. I have thought long and hard. It will be moving on. It is a great telescope. But just does not suit me now. I've had a great time with it though.
  11. HI Moonshine. I did actually think about making it into a Dob. But my garden has restricted viewing all round. The Newt that I have in Dorset works really well there as the skies are visible to quite low down. Thanks John. Good points for me to take on board.
  12. Anyone know about Altair Astro's Starwave 80ED refractor?
  13. They are Stu, thanks. I am convinced that my next telescope will be an 80 or 100 mm refractor. Put on a simple mount.
  14. Really interested in your experiences. Thanks.

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