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  1. Could be. Thanks. I use my android mobile to browse SGL. So cannot find the members tag.
  2. Is there a list of members that can be accessed?
  3. I have accidentaly deleted the contact details of a member that I was in correspondence with. Is it possible to find the contact details of a member if I have their member id name?
  4. UK astro buy sell Advert # 167376
  5. Might aswell take it with ice with the temperatures viewing the moon and mars tonight.lol.
  6. I am thinking of adding a Skymax 127 to my armoury. There have been several versions over the years. Starting with the blue tube. Then a totally black tube. Then a black diamond with Schott glass and it's logo on the tube, plus the white end collars. The current has the same black and white. But no Schott glass. Just wondered if there is a perceived difference in performance. Which would people prefer?
  7. Sale pending. iPhone or A droid mobile telephone camera adapter. Comes with eyepiece size adapters. I very good condition. £29 includes UK postage.
  8. Sale pending - 1. Choosing & Using Astronomical Eyepieces - William Paolini. £12. 2. Digital SLR Astrophotography - Michael A Covington. £12. 3. Classic Telescopes - Neil English. £12. Sale pending - 4. Binoculars: Fallacy & Fact - William J Cook. £12. Sale pending - 5. Star Testing Astronomical Telescopes - Harold Richard Suiter. £28. 6. Amateur Astronomer's Handbook - J.B. Sidgwick. £7. All prices include UK postage.
  9. Well Knighty, when ever there is an up coming NASA announcement people always speculate about the Clangers. So they must be real,ha. My wife has a talking/whistling Clanger hot water bottle. So who can deny their existence? Lol
  10. Apols if already posted elsewhere. NASA Will Announce an 'Exciting New Discovery About The Moon' on Monday https://www.sciencealert.com/nasa-will-announce-an-exciting-new-discovery-about-the-moon-on-monday/amp
  11. Thinking of the sand dunes at the beach, ha.
  12. Christmas is coming. My present list starts with this nifty vehicle. Hope First Light Optics will have them in stock for pre order. Lol. Watch "DuAxel: A NASA Prototype Rover to Explore the Toughest Terrain" on YouTube https://youtu.be/GUNWVroyys4
  13. Stu has probably hit the nail on the head with this one. That being the condition of the skies and seeing condition. Years ago the street scene was quite dark, not much lighting. Today everywhere is lit up. Go to central London and you would'nt know if it was night or day with all the illumination. Buildings lit up.Exhaust particulants in the sky being illuminated This goes for most of our towns aswell. So it's no wonder I feel that it is differcult to get the sharp contrasty views from a telescope that seemed more frequent in past times. Ah well.
  14. I am grateful for all of the input. I have considered a Celestron C6. But not sure how they perform on planets.
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