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  1. Hi. I am looking for advice regarding a power source for my mount. I will sometimes be using an astro video camera or DSLR and monitor. Plus possibly a dew heater strip. FLO shows lithium and LiFePO4 batteries. All at differing Ah outputs. I am trying to understand which would be best to invest in. With an adequate amount of power for an hour or two viewing, video observing or imaging with a DSLR. Any advice would be great.
  2. Grumpy Martian

    Altair Sabre mount.

    Thanks. It ended.
  3. I will be celebrating my ?0th birthday in July. I am looking to have bought for me a fine smaller size refractor, a keeper. This may or may not be a newly purchased model. Looking at the Williams Optics Zenithstar 73mm or 103mm. A transportable setup. I have seen some fine looking older models such as Tele Vue, Takahasi and Vixen. I have always been of the opinion that refractors including those with quality fluorite optics would last for always. But someone once suggested that any refractor approaching fifthteen to twenty years that the fluorite would deteriorate. Is this true? Or can buying such an instrument if well looked after, still be relied upon to be sound?
  4. I have a set of 8 x 40 Opticron. They have a 6.2 degree field of view. I can tell you that in a dark sky they do show star fields, clusters of stars and brighter Nebula. They are easy to hold so you can scan the skies.Look out for sattellites. Also easy to pack if you travel abroad. So get them and enjoy them.
  5. Grumpy Martian

    Altair Sabre mount.

    No longer required. Thankyou. Would moderators please remove. ------—---------------- Looking for a good condition Altair Sabre mount. Thanks.
  6. Sold, thanks. Would the moderators please remove. Thankyou.
  7. Grumpy Martian

    Explore Scientific 24 mm- 68 degree eyepiece.

    Looking for the above Eyepiece. In very good condition. Thanks. Martin
  8. Over the last three or four years I have enjoyed owning and using several telescopes. I currently have an Orion Optics UK eight inch f4. 5 Newtonian which I leave in Dorset. This is because the skies there are mostly dark when clear. Views can be magical indeed. Where I live in Hertfordshire the skies are ruined by light pollution. I am a visual observer. Where I live the Newtonian is too big to setup for brief gaps in the clouds and ineffective due to the sky conditions. I have until recently owned a 120mm ED refractor. This gave great views. But due to injuries, when setup it just did not suit me. Oddly the Newtonian while heavier, does suit my observing position. I currently have a C5 & C8. But would trade these for wider field views. Currently I am thinking that a smaller, lighter telescope setup that can be easily be taken to darker sites would suit me better. I had in mind a 70 or 80 mm ed refractor with a lighter weight mount. This could easily be setup or put away without much effort. But realistically thinking and others have mentioned this to me before. A telescope of this size would not give satisfying views. I would tire of it. So, having visited Astro fest last Saturday, I looked at the Williams Optics Zenithstar 103. But you may well say, "you have just sold you 120ED" But handling the Zenithstar 103 mm would be much easier. It was much shorter and lighter than the 120. At 103 mm would still give you a good quality view of most of my favourite objects. Could be used for Solar with a wedge. Also as a high quality spotter. I also looked at Orion Optics UK's VX 6 inch f5. Nice and light weight. Easy to handle. I have been blessed to meet with people who share my passion for telescopes and observing. I am grateful to them for sharing with me. I don't for one minute blame them for thinking that I am a lens short of a full set, slightly out of collimation or poorly figured with all this changing though. All this chopping and changing makes me feel like an astronomy fraud. "Do I really like observing"? Well yes I do. But I am on that pilgrimage to find telescope nirvana. A scope that I can call my own. Enjoy using it. To keep. Will I ever end up with a telescope that really suits the way that I observe?
  9. Grumpy Martian

    COMPLETED - Withdrawn

    Would moderators please remove. Thankyou.
  10. I have thought again and have decided to keep this telescope.
  11. Fantastic pictures. It will encourage many people to try. My DSLR is not modded. How different would the image be if the same parameters were used,but without a modded DSLR?
  12. I would just like to add that I know Chris to be an excellent person. Honest and trustworthy. But you all know this already. Lol. Grumpy
  13. Wish you well with the sale. Nice eyepieces.
  14. Grumpy Martian

    Celestron Nexstar SE 5 Mount & Celestron C5.

    I am a martian. Mars ofcourse.
  15. Grumpy Martian

    Celestron Nexstar SE 5 Mount & Celestron C5.

    Cheshunt in Hertfordshire. EN7 5ED

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