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  1. Grumpy Martian

    Life on other worlds in our solar system.

    Nice link indeed Knighty. Thanks.
  2. Grumpy Martian

    Life on other worlds in our solar system.

    Did Arthur C Clark write a story calle Medussa. It was about creatures living in the clouds of Jupiter.
  3. When growing up in the 1960's/70's it was still believed that there could be life on Mars, lichen could be the cause for seasonal changes in surface colourings on Mars surface as seen through the telescope. This week it was announced that organic material was found on an ancient Martian pond bed. Is this the prelude to that great revelation that life is on Mars? Then there is the discovery of liquid water under the ice shelf on Europa. Will there be a submersible probe sent to explore Europa in our life time. If so, what will they find?
  4. Grumpy Martian

    barlow quality

    Another plus for the Celestron Ultima. No noticeable degradation of the image to my view. I would not part with mine. Keep looking for a used one. Tal 2x were said to be good. Put out a wanted ad.
  5. Grumpy Martian

    Jupiter & Venus

    They have a nice field of view aswell Ed. All the best.
  6. Grumpy Martian

    Jupiter & Venus

    Hi Ed. Glad you could get a few sessions in. I remember seeing the phases of Venus in the mid 1970's when I first looked through a telescope. Interested to know what eyepieces you use? All the best Martin
  7. Grumpy Martian


    Hi Hector.Hope that you are well. Have you been interested in astronomy for long? Like London, the night skies in Barcelona may be light polluted. Where do you observe?
  8. Grumpy Martian

    Good Grab n Go mount for Celestron C5.

    Thank you for this info tic. I have a heavy duty Manfrotto photographic tripod that handles the C5 with stability. But it does restrict looking to the zenith. So it is a manual. Mount without restrictive. Movement.
  9. Grumpy Martian

    My new Celestron C5

    I use the Sabre mount for my 8 inch Newtonian and 120 Ed. I do enjoy manually scanning the sky.
  10. Grumpy Martian

    My new Celestron C5

    I've tracked it before with my other telescopes and it appeared as a bright blob. Not sure why it was resolved this time. Exciting though.
  11. Well I bought a Celestron C5 a few days ago. It is truly a good travel scope. It show good views of most night sky objects. It is no 8 inch Newtonian or 120 Ed or C8. But it is very easy to handle and takes up no room as a travel/grab & go scope. Tonight I saw pleasing views of Venus, Jupiter and the moon. Then to my surprise the ISS came over. I was able to pan the C5 and track the space station. I was overjoyed that it resolved the basic "H" shape. I was using a Skywatcher 16mm Nirvana and a 6.7mm Explore Scientific eyepieces.
  12. Grumpy Martian

    Good Grab n Go mount for Celestron C5.

    Thanks Chris.
  13. Grumpy Martian

    Good Grab n Go mount for Celestron C5.

    Thanks for highlighting this great report. Looks like the GT WiFi mount may well be an answer.
  14. Grumpy Martian

    Good Grab n Go mount for Celestron C5.

    Thanks DRT. I am now thinking about the small goto alt az mounts.
  15. I have just bought a Celestron C5. This is to use for both day and astronomy use. I have attached a Vixen style dovetail clamp to my Manfrotto tripod. But is just does not work. The tripod is sturdy enough. But the pan head is too stiff and jerky. No smooth movement. It also does not allow the scope to point straight up. Does anyone else have a C5. I have seen Skywatcher's new alt/az goto mounts that can be attached to photo tripods. They have duel encoders which if I understand correctly allows for smooth manual panning. Have seen th GT az WiFi and Discovery goto mounts. Looking to keep the mount sturdy but transportable and light weight.

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