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  1. Grumpy Martian

    August 8, 2018: Giacobini-Zinner spotted!

    I have not seen a comet for quite some time. Reading this thread has prompted me to search this one out. But not being lazy, I just cannot find an easy sky map showing it's location. Any help would be great.
  2. Grumpy Martian

    19 years ago

    Family camping expedition to Falmouth. I will never forget the shadow of the moon speeding down from the cliffs and seeing the cattle lay down. Our dog growled. The temperature instantly dropped a few degrees. We could see a thin sliver of daylight beyond the shadow out to sea. I waited since the 1970's for that total eclipse as it was listed in astronomy books. Like the dopler effect, the time of it's arrival over the years seemed to speed up. It then sped away after the eclipse and now it is nineteen years ago. Back in the 1970's I had no idea about actually seeing it with my family, aunt and dog. Who knows what the future would hold. My nan was alive to see the previous UK total eclipse in the 1920's.I believe that it was visable from Wales. She told us that they were taken to see it on a school trip. So she was alive for two UK total eclipse's
  3. Grumpy Martian

    7 x 50 Bushnell binoculars.

    I understand that there are 8 x, 56 binoculars. Not sure if there would be much improvement. But possibly still hand holdable.
  4. Grumpy Martian

    7 x 50 Bushnell binoculars.

    I agree with you Mark. I really enjoy hand held over tripod mounted. I am thinking about the 11 x 70's. I wonder with the lower magnification that they could be hand held.
  5. Just came in from a spot of hand held observing with my Bushnell 7 x 50, 7 degree field binos. These are still in clean condition. Probably from the mid 1980's. Why is it that despite the exit pupil being too wide for my ageing eyes at 7 degrees. The view was so good. I was looking at the area around Cygnus. I have a good set of Opticron 10 x 50. I have also had two sets of 15 x 70 binos. But the Bushnell's never fail in dark skies. Not binoculars I know, but another spectacular wide field view came from a Skywatcher Star travel 120 mm. What I appreciate is the bright, wide field views. What experiences have others had with low power, wide field and bright views?
  6. Well after years of seeing the easy double stars, I have decided to get serious. Epsilon Lyrae immediately comes to mind. I have a Celestron C5 and a 120 ED refractor. Surely these telescopes would be capable of resolving these doubles. What experiences have others had in seeking out doubles? What advice is there. I have various astronomy books. But none seem to have lists or good advice on them. I understand that Capella is a double star. If so can it be resolved?
  7. Grumpy Martian

    Partial Solar eclipse on August 11th.

    Thanks Ian. We went to Falmouth to experience the total in 1999.
  8. Grumpy Martian

    Reputation count.

    Booo. Lol
  9. Grumpy Martian

    Reputation count.

    I've just turned this thread into a self gratification society. Thanks to you all for a good bit of fun My enquiry now answered.
  10. Grumpy Martian

    Reputation count.

    Like it. Lol
  11. Grumpy Martian

    Reputation count.

    Lechyd da to you Luke Skywatcher
  12. Grumpy Martian

    Reputation count.

    I've just checked my reputation. It's up in the rarefied clouds. Differ cult to breath it's so high. Ha ha
  13. Grumpy Martian

    Reputation count.

    Have a cool Guinness on me LukeSkywatcher. I'm just a simple attention seeker. Lol
  14. Grumpy Martian

    Reputation count.

    Aw how nice. Lol I'm encouraged and touched by your warmth and humanity Hallingskies. Lol

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