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  1. Interesting video. A 39 metre telescope. Too large for grab and go. It is called 'The European extremely large telescope' A bit of an obvious and unimaginative title.
  2. Decided to sell my Maksutov telescope. All in excellent condition. Details below. Chose it over the Skymax 127 for one main reason. Although quite a bit more expensive it is a full 127mm aperture, not only about 118mm like the Skymax. Also has a bigger primary and a smaller central obstruction. Tube is bigger in diameter than the Skymax to accommodate the bigger primary. Just on simple aperture alone it's 8% bigger but due to the smaller central obtruction it's about 10% bigger in aperture area. A worthwhile difference. Excellent optics. Interior of tube has micro baffles machined into the surface which helps increase contrast. Bought last summer. Have replaced the stock finder bracket with Synta type so the most common finder brackets will now fit. An upgraded ball race bearing has been fitted to the focuser shaft where it passes through the back cover to better support the shaft. Also a carry handle has been fitted to improve handling. Stock visual back, diagonal and Breeser 26mm super plossl included. The scope comes with a standard SCT thread on the back. Also included is a Seymour Solar filter. Plus an Adtrozap dewshield. £259. Collection from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. Original box and packing. So can be shipped. Payment: PayPal (buyer pays fees) or Bank Transfer
  3. Great looking telescope John. It's nice to see a resurgence of longer focal length refractors with modern glass. My first telescope was an 80 mm F 16 Towa refractor. It gave great views. How long is the tube assembly? Silly question, 80 x 10 I guess. Does it weigh a great deal?
  4. Superb drawings. Thankyou for posting. A great exercise. I am also hoping to buy a smaller alt/az goto/tracking mount when funds are available. Just thinking that by not having to keep pushing the telescope manually may enhance the viewing experience. But the point you make is well received.
  5. It's true bish. Larger apature plus darker skies are heaven. I have an Orion Optics UK eight inch Newtonian F4. 5. I leave it here at Swanage. It gives magical views and is manageable.
  6. Well I have just arrived in Swanage for a short break. A quick unloading of baggage. Then setup the 80 mm Equinox with a 22 mm Nagler. A quick twenty minute raid of an observing session. But without any trouble located the double cluster, Pleiades, M81 & M82 plus a number of other star clusters. What impressed me most was how bright M81 & M82 were in such a modest aperture telescope. Some detail was evident. Back home in South Hertfordshire these objects are barely visible anymore,even in a much larger telescope. Hope it's clear tomorrow night. I'll setup my eight inch Newtonian. My advice to those like me suffering light polluted skies is to book an evening out to a dark sky site to reinvigorate your interest. Clear skies to all.
  7. Thanks Stu. Interesting point about the glass quality figuring.
  8. Just thinking which solar filter would yield the best results visually from my setups. I have at my disposal an 80mm ED refractor with an 1 1/4 inch Hershel wedge. Also a 127 mm Maksutov with two filters. A Seymour solar filter with a glass sandwich plus a Kendrick solar filter which is just the filter film. Both housed in a cell that fits on the front end of the Maksutov. Would the 80 mm refractor setup show the best detail? Or would the larger apature Maksutov with the filters setup win the day. This is not really a true comparison as I know apature usually wins. Perhaps it may well be that a true comparison should be between a 127 mm refractor versus a 127 mm Maksutov. But I have at my disposal the instruments mentioned. I am interested in your thoughts and experiences. ( Note trying to teach you how to suck eggs. But Just to add that it is not appropriate to use a Hershel wedge on any telescope other than a refractor for safety reasons).
  9. Astronomy Now and Sky at Night magazines may be able to help. I think that I saw some on Astronomy Now's stand at a show last year. Get in touch with them.
  10. Looking for a smaller Goto mount. I would like to use either of my telescopes on the mount. They are an ED 80 mm refractor and a 127 mm Maksutov (not together, lol). Mainly for tracking. Scouse Space cadet has suggested the AZ Gti mount, thanks cadet. This may be an option. Just wanted to see if there were any other mounts before deciding. But may try imaging with it.
  11. Silver Vixen/Synta dovetail bar. In excellent condition. Only slight marking from saddle clamp. £43 includes UK postage.
  12. I have now acquired a Skywatcher 80 mm Equinox refractor and a Bresser 127 mm Maksutov. These are in my opinion nice easy to use lightweight telescopes. I am just thinking about a goto mount to use with scopes. I have seen the Skywatcher Star Discovery. Any advice would be great.
  13. Lol, but in this Simpsons episode Lisa chooses a career in astronomy. Never seen it before so no review. Shown today Saturday on channel Four HD at 12.00 noon. Any educational value? Ha.
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