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  1. I am looking for a manageable and affordable alt/az goto mount. I have a Celestron C5 and will be adding a 100mm f7 ed refractor. I have been considering Skywatcher's AZ Gt wifi mount. This has a stated payload of 5 kgs. The C5 with accessories would be fine. But the ED refractor at 4 1/2 kgs plus 2 inch diagonal and 2 inch Eyepiece may well push this payload over 5 kgs. I am wondering if the Az Gt wifi mount would be up to this payload. It will be observing only. Have any other members any experience of using this mount with payloads over the 5 kgs? Any other suggestions would be interesting. Thanks. Martin
  2. I also have a great Celestron C5. But would like to compliment it with a good quality ed refractor of manageable size.
  3. I am selling my Celestron SE Nexstar mount. I have used this with my C5 SCT. Also in this deal is the Celestron Sky Portal Wifi module. Plus a Linx Astro power cable for this mount. Asking £185.
  4. The Photo line with FPL 53 crown are £999. I'm not sure the the lower priced Photo line has the higher quality glass element.
  5. I have just looked at the Photo line 102mm f7 with FPL 53 objective. I would imagine a similar performance to the WO 103mm ZS. Has anyone purchased from Teleskop Services. How reliable are they?
  6. I did have an ED 120. It was a good refractor. But just too heavy and too long for my liking. I have also owned a 100mm f9 ED. But have always wish for an easier to manage 100mm with a shorter focal length.
  7. My 60th birthday in July. The family are going to club together to buy me a telescope that I will keep. It is likely that the WO 103mm Zenithstar will be the one. I will post a review.
  8. Thanks simmo. I am not sure if many people have this telescope. There are no user reviews that I can find.
  9. I was hoping that people would give their views on this refractor from a visual aspect.
  10. I do like your partnership. May I ask about the aluminium tripod used for the ED 120.How stable and vibration free do you fine this tripod? I am looking for a lighter weight tripod rather than my heavy EQ 5 steel tripod.
  11. I have a Celestron C5. I bought an Explore Scientific 26mm 62 degree eyepiece to get lower power views. Interesting to hear that the focal reducer works with the C5. I will have to try.
  12. I am interested in the WO 103mm Zenithstar for visual use. Just wondering if others have this telescope. What their experiences are with this telescope. It would be great to have the opportunity to look through one. Thanks. Martin.
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