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  1. Celestron Advance VX Mount

    Thanks for that Peter.
  2. Celestron Advance VX Mount

    I once had a Celestron Evolution mount. I enjoyed being able to control it with a tablet computer via Wi-Fi. Can this be done with Celestron's Advance VX mount? Thankyou in advance for any advice offered.
  3. Comet hunting instruments.

    I'm really grumpy now!! Lol.
  4. Comet hunting instruments.

    I have become a grumpy whimp with this weather. But as we get to spring I shall be looking towards the west just after sunset.
  5. Comet hunting instruments.

    In this weather and that amount of time. I would be found frozen to the telescope,lol.
  6. Comet hunting instruments.

    I get your drift Dave.. I have enjoyed seeing the fruits of these comets well after their discovery. I also hope to see more in the future. Would'nt know what to do with one if I discovered it,lol.
  7. Comet hunting instruments.

    I was just thinking about how comet hunting . Those that look for comets I have been told look at the western sky just after the Sun has set. But what instruments are used? Would they use wide field binoculars, Newtonian telescopes. I would be interested to know.
  8. 120 mm ed skywatcher Vs 180 mm mak

    I have the same combination. An Orion VX8 and ED 120. I have an Altair Sabre and AZ4 mounts.
  9. John Young

    Just hope that a return to the moon happens before they all pass.
  10. Top five astro event wish list for 2018

    Betelgeuse go super! Steady on old boy. Orion was the first contellation that I was aware of seeing.I would miss it. Please wait till I'm gone. Choose something else please.
  11. Help me find a new telescope.

    There is a Celestron C8 carbon fibre in the "For sale " section at the moment. Further back there is a Celestron AVX mount listed. Might be up your street
  12. Looking for a Skywatcher right angled or RACI finderscope.30mm or 50 mm. This is to match my champayne/gold coloured refractor. Colour as shown in the picture. Thankyou.
  13. Observing Luna with my ED 120 refractor.

    Thanks for that Knighty and Pig.
  14. Just enjoyed an hour observing the Moon. Very clear and sharp with relatively settled viewing/seeing. Lots of craters bagged. But how many with central peaks. Well four that I could identify using my Hamlyn Atlas of The Moon by Antonin Rukl. I observed Copernicus. Reinhold, Lansberg and Eratosthenes. These were on plates 31 & 32. The area was Mare Insularum and Sinus Aestuum. Thinking of the large craters with central peaks. I understand how the central peaks form after an impact. But why are there some craters, equally as large. But with no central peaks and smoot floors? I am enjoying observing The Moon and then later identifying what I observed by studying this atlas. I must say that it is a quality Luna atlas. Very user friendly with clear maps and name labels. Makes me sound like a seasoned Luna observer. Who knows, I may get myself an astronomy drawing kit. Wonder if such a set is available to buy? Must get a pair of Luna observing sunglasses ( did I just say Luna sunglasses?).😎🤔😀 Very bright is the Moon.
  15. The Apollo Era

    There was also The ITV coverage with their science correspondent at the time. He was Peter Fairley.