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  1. Orion UltrBlock Narrowband Light Pollution Filter (2 inch). Original box. £83 Inc UK postage. Baader 0 III 8nm. (Baader0.9 ND - Filter (2 inch).Item No 2458322. £83 Inc UK postage. Ostara Moon and Sky Glow 2 inch filter. £13. Inc UK postage.
  2. I was joined by this guy tonight whilst testing kit...

    What a lovely thing to do looking after them.
  3. Hope that you had a nice break in the Peak District.
  4. At first thought you would not think that the 50mm prime lens would show such a wide field. Billions and billions of stars. Impressive. Shows that you can do wide field with affordable lenses and mount.
  5. NASA's Unexplained Files - Discovery channel tonighr.

    Most of us are fed a BBC type view of the world and it's history. It's up to the individual to take it or read between the lines.
  6. Go on, rub it in why don't you Richard. Lol. Why not buy mine and get a bino viewer. It is a great eyepiece. Only selling to fund something else. I might have second thoughts and keep it. Have you looked through yours yet. I would be interested in your opinion. Martin
  7. NASA's Unexplained Files - Discovery channel tonighr.

    Do I detect a sense that most feel what was once a great medium to educate has now began to dumb down the population? Answer: Damn right!
  8. Skywatcher AZ5 delux mount.

    Can I ask if anyone owns a Skywatcher AZ5 delux mount? I am thinking of getting this mount to use as a travel mount with my Evostar ED80mm telescope. Any opinions or experiences would help me make my choice. Thanks.
  9. Lovely wide field two inch barrel eyepiece. With georgous 82 degree space walk field of view. In excellent condition and comes with original box. £195 with UK insured postage.
  10. NASA's Unexplained Files - Discovery channel tonighr.

    It's been a very interesting debate. Perhaps I'll just go to the lounge and heads up the next installment of Coranation Street rather than The Discovery channel. At least the character in Coranation Street tried to setup a telescope in a dusty loft a year or two back. Lol. Seriously, do we know everything? Is it possible for other large objects to be far out there but still captured by Sol's gravity. As yet undiscovered by out contemporary science? I await the next episode of East Enders to find out more. Lol
  11. The Perseid meteor shower

    Getting into the car to leave Swanage to go back to Hertfordshire at 8.40p.m. this evening. The sky was still day light, the sun just beginning to dip. I was thrilled to see a meteor. It looked like sparks. I have only seen them in darkness before
  12. My New Orion VX8 Newtonian.

    Thanks Nightfisher. I also have an Evostar ED 80mm. I think that these two telescopes will serve me for the foreseable future after years of chop & change.
  13. NASA's Unexplained Files - Discovery channel tonighr.

    When I say that some conspiricies are true, I do believe it. But unfortunately you are bracketed as also believing that Elvis still lives on the dark side of the moon in a London bus with a green house for an outside toilet
  14. My New Orion VX8 Newtonian.

    It was an optional change from a straight through Dave at an additional cost. It is very useful with the Newtonian. Thanks for the comments.