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  1. The Sky at Night

    I liked it. A bit of good old fashion , down to earth astronomy.
  2. Skywatcher's colour change history.

    Really interesting replies indeed, thankyou all. I now have a greater idea of the time lines of models and colours.
  3. New WO73 fpl53 glass.

    A pun I know. But clarity on the issue would be great. I think that there would be a premium on used refractors with know quantity FPL 53 glass.
  4. New WO73 fpl53 glass.

    I shall certainly not be selling my ED 120 mm with FPL 53 glass.
  5. On a recent post Lockie said that he liked preferred the older champayne colour refractor than the current black. He has got me thinking about Skywatcher telescope colour finish and their time line. I always remembered Helios black. Then there was Skywatcher blue. I recently had a blue ED 80mm. Was there a champayne ED 80mm? What years were each colour available? I now have my ED 120 mm which is champayne/gold colour. The current version is a black tube. Was there a blue ED 120 or 100mm? Also. What of Skywatcher's Newtonians or Maksutovs colour schemes? It does interest me now thinking back. Does anyone have a record of these? What colour schemes would there be in future models? Would Skywatcher produce SCT's
  6. New WO73 fpl53 glass.

    Good down here. Just bought my ED 120 back so am quite happy at the moment.
  7. Please write a book about the simple life. I would buy the first copy. Lol
  8. Hi bish. I bought a 40mm refractor for £10 from ebay. The same model as the first telescope that I looked through when I was fourteen back in 1974. Even though it was only 40 mm apature you could see the phases on Venus, the rings of Saturn and Jupiters bands and moons.
  9. New WO73 fpl53 glass.

    Nice post Chris. How you keeping.
  10. New WO73 fpl53 glass.

    That could be dissappointing John the news that they are phasing out FPL 53 glass. Just when I got to an understanding of what to expect with colour correction when looking at various refractors and the type of glass that they used. I know that when have I have owned refractors with FPL 51 glass lots of colour was seen viewing brighter objects. This was so with some other types of glass aswell. So just wondering why they would stop using 53 glass? Would they use an equivalent with similar good properties as FPL 53? It was always accepted that Skywatcher gave very good value in quality versus price compared to other manufacturers telescopes. Now that they are established surely they are not going to use cheaper components to save on manufacturing costs. Or have I got it wrong.
  11. Hi Ade. Hope you're well. I am coming down in the first week of January. Could meet up if it's convenient with you. I could travel towards your direction. How are you getting on with your Williams Optics?
  12. You will come to love the new scope Moonshane. My champayne 120mm is even better because I have improved eyepieces. Hope that makes sense.
  13. I have taken this as a lesson. This is because I have my Orion Optics VX 8 with 1/10th wave optics. This is left down in Swanage. It gives magical views in the darker skies. I will not be tempted to sell that one, although I nearly had to soon after buying it.
  14. I have bought and then sold other telescopes. But this one I had a soft spot for.
  15. Two and a half years ago I sold my champayne coloured Skywatcher ED 120mm to Moonshane. I really regretted it & pined over it absense. It was such an easy scope to setup. It gave great refractor views. Between then and now I did enquire of Moonshane as to it's wellbeing. He pampered it as I used to. It was bought treats like a Moonlite focusser and a lovely sturdy set of tube rings. Far superior to the ones that travelled away with it. Well can you imagine how I felt when Moonshane contacted me ten days ago. He was offering me the chance to bring it home. I like an idiot said that I would get back to him. Shortly after that I made an offer. My wife is so wonderful and understanding She has come to realise that there is no known cure for my telescope obsession. Well I have given the scope a nice new handle, stainless steel bar with painted aluminium spacers. This handle makes it a delight to manage when setting it up. I have to say that 120mm champayne and I will be retiring together as it ain't ever going anywhere. Some people are buried with their Porshe, I will go with 120mm champayne. I also have to say a big thankyou to Moonshane for looking after it so well and upgrading it so well. I would be interested to hear others similar stories. Images show the scope sporting it's new friend an Explore Scientific 30mm.