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  1. New puppy naming challenge

    Canis Minor. And when she's older Canis Major.
  2. Video display units for video astronomy.

    It is. The camera is a Minitron PD2285C-EX mono.
  3. Hi. Just wondering what people use as video display units. Any advive would be great. Thanks Martin
  4. I want to try video astronomy.

    Thanks Robert. My Newtonian is F4.5. I mount it on a manual alt/az Altair Sabre mount.
  5. I want to try video astronomy.

    I have a Minitron mono video camera and would like to try to use it for video astronomy,observing with a monitor. I have an eight inch Orion Optics UK VX Newtonian which I have been using with a Altair Sabre mount. I have had driven and goto mounts in the past, but just enjoyed the simplicity of star hopping. But I believe that you would need a driven mount to do video astronomy, (it may aswell be a goto). The telescope weighs seven Kgs. What advice would benefit me?
  6. Places to visit - Astronomy related

    Forgive me if it has been mentioned previously. But The University of Hertfordshire has an astronomy centre and an observatory. The observatory houses a half metre Newtonian if my memory is correct. You can contact them and join one of their public open evenings. This is located at Bayfordbury very near Hertford in Hertfordshie.
  7. Another man made "star".

    Interesting Dave. How do you get it's telemetry data? I knew someone back in the 90's who could get the earth images from satellites.
  8. I am really encouraged by the information you have all posted. I will strongly consider the Hb filter. I am also pleasantly surprised at how well my 8 inch Newtonian performs in really dark skies. I will persist over the winter months. Thanks.
  9. I have recently bought an Orion Optics 8 inch f4.5 with 1/10th wave. It was vey good at home in light polluted Hertfordshire. But have taken it to the dark skies of Dorset. It has been magical. I have seen so many deep sky objects with this Newtonian. A few nights ago I was touring the Orion constellation. Looking towards the Flame nebula,I was aware of nebulosity instead of black sky. I couls just make out the brighter area where The Horsehead nebula would be. But could not see it. The 8 inch is going to serve me well for a few years. But and with a fearful "But" I can feel apature fever developing. The questiin to you seasoned deep sky observers is what size Newtonian would reveal objects like the Horsehead. I shyed away from large Newtonians due to their size and manageability. Not being able to move them far. But I would leave a large scope in Dorset stored in a garage only several yards from the observing area. So I am interested to hear.
  10. Skywatcher colour scheme

    My first telescope was a white tube with black trim. My current Orion Newtonian is a white tube with black trim . Looks good and practical as you stand more chance of seeing it in the dark. It does not matter in light polluted areas.
  11. Horizon: Mars

    Nice postcard Dave. Did you enjoy you holiday on Mars? Lol.
  12. Horizon: Mars

    I have longed to see a human Mars mission. Ever since the Apollo programme. I feel that humans will not embark on such a mission until faster propulsion systems become available. Such research is ongoing. It could reduce the journey time from six months to six weeks. So humans would not suffer from prolonged radiation. And the reliabilty issues of the vessel and equipment would be minimised.
  13. "L" shaped bracket from AZ4 mount.

    This bracket is used to attach camers or telescopes to an AZ4 mount. £13 including UK postage.
  14. Travel or Grab and Go mount for 80mm ED OTA.

    Just bought an AZ4 mount.