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  1. Both are Chinese laser collimators which are being sold under different brands. I have one and mine needed to be collimated and may need to be collimated again when dropped on a hard surface. It's not hard to collimate the laser; an Allen wrench and a DIY jig is required (Google on laser collimator jig or similar). Once collimated it's a good tool for alignment of the secondary mirror and via the barlowed laser collimation principal for collimating the primary mirror. The Seben is only on/off and has no 1,25" to 2" adapter, which makes the other one - for the given - price more interesting as it has an additional adapter and has 7 increments of brightness of the laser.
  2. The original link itself is dead, but the internet archive is your friend: http://web.archive.org/web/20100216024707/http://www.brayebrookobservatory.org/BrayObsWebSite/HOMEPAGE/forum/Fraunhofer-primer.pdf
  3. My experiences with UPS, DHL and FedEx are less than for instance with local Post (PostNL in the Netherlands and USPS for shipments from/to the US) or shipping companies like GLS, which in my experience handle stuff well. With both UPS and DHL I had shipments (sent and received) which were damaged: dropped severly damaging the contents and/or seriously ripping/denting the outer packaging. And I learned from that; if I need to ship out myself, I always double-box including styrofoam peanuts, edge pads or inflatable packaging depeding on what is being shipped (and what I tucked away from previous received packages), to avoid any damage to the goods. Some sellers double-box, some don't. It starts with the sellers. Buyers appreciate proper packing. Cheers, Dion
  4. Oops...something went wrong quoting. This is what I wanted to quote: Billy- the -Badger, on 24 January 2013 - 12:10 PM, said: Well looky here This arrived this morning IMG_0793.jpg Now i live at No 42 This was Delivered to no 47 when he realised they were out he left it at No 48 What a shower of poop Thankfully the EP was ok but i would advise other members to steer well clear of Optical Systems Billy- the -Badger, on 24 January 2013 - 01:39 PM, said: You a correct. But 6 days from Germany vs 3 from USA Didn't exactly rush themselves Even worse than that upon opening the es box that was un damaged. NO EYEPIECE All I have now is packaging. Spent the last hour on the phone to UPS and sending emails to Optical Systems. Not happy
  5. This thread tiggered me to order with Optical-Systems and I have no complaints what so ever. Here is my experience with my order for the Es100 9mm from Optical Systems: Wednesday 16 February, 21.28 hrs: ordered Monday 21 January, 12.10 hrs: Confirmation of shipping from the warehouse in Germany. Wednesday 23 January: 14.23 hrs: email from to me O-S with a question on shipping 15.57 hrs: email respons with the right ~17.00 hrs: eyepiece delivered on location in the Netherlands, properly packaged and in perfect state: 5 working days from order to delivery. No complaints from my side. This is typical UPS 'quality' of delivering a package and nothing to blame ES/Optical Systems for IMO. I read the horror stories on UPS on almost any forum I frequent. You were right to file a complaint with UPS as this is definitely not the way a company, whose core business is to handle packages, should handle a shipment. However, Optical-Systems is accountable, so they need to solve this for you. I can imagine you are not happy and annoyed at this moment, but my own experience with them, I would give Optical-Systems the benefit of the doubt at this point. When something goes wrong people start complaining on the internet. But there are much satisfied customers which were served well... and those you don't hear. Looking forward on the followup and how they are going to resolve this situation. Just my 2 cents....
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