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  1. Thanks David, yeah I have to say they are really nicely made dewshields, never thought I would say that about a dewshield hehe. Kathleen
  2. I have for sale a mint aluminum dew shield for I think an Intes Micro Alter scope, probably a M715. This is a really nice dew shield and as you can see from the pictures is interally baffled and has plastic thumb screws to attach to the scope. Would like £70 for this dewshield but this is no flimsy plastic dewshield for your planet killing scope and I can assure you its in mint condition as it was never used by me. More pictures of what looks like the same dewshield in this sgl intes micro appreciation thread :
  3. I could sell you an old Tall 100R with tripod if you want , just about to dig it out to put on sale. Comes in its giant coffin box although its only 1.25 focuser. Kathleen
  4. Good news, here's hoping he can resolve the issue.
  5. Perhaps the retaining ring on the front of the cell would provide enough pressure to keep the lens in place. Personally as frustrating as it is I'm not sure its a good idea to remove the grub screws, I think you should send an email to APM and ask their advice.
  6. Sorry Adam maybe I judged the pictures wrongly, for the last pictures attached to the original post I thought 1 & 3 looked like what I would expect but I'll bow to your knowledge. Things certainly don't quite look correct.
  7. Ok thanks for that, hmm well your artifical star images don't look right and I can see an issue in the images but I am confused why the star images look fine if its always the same setup. I must admit when I looked at it I wondered it if was a tilt issue as well but I see Adam's comment implies the distorion remains fixed and doesn't rotate if the camera is rotated, could there be anything loose or offset alignment wise with the focuser ?
  8. Hi PadrePeace, There's alot more well informed people than me on the forum but can I just ask re the last 4 images was there any difference in the equipment being used between shooting the star and shooting the artifical star ? Kathleen
  9. Sorry to hear about this but maybe for the best given the conditions. Kathleen
  10. Great build John, really pleased that it all came together for you. Looking forward to seeing some great pictures now ! Kathleen
  11. Hi Kathleen,

    Trust you are in the best of health and can see the light at the end of the tunnel at work.

    I am hoping to get to Galloway on 27 Oct.

    I will be there for two weekends...

    Can you make a weekend to stargaze. You are welcome to share my tent as it has two sleeping compartments. Just bring a camp bed plus sleeping bag. You don't need to book, so it can be a last minute decision.

    Food & drink is available so no need to bring those.

    I am hoping to start imaging so it should be entertaining!!!!

    Anyway, if you need to discuss my mobile number is 07879 058741

    It would be great to meet up.

    All the best.




  12. So sorry to hear of his passing, I always enjoyed reading his posts as they were always so knowledgable and interesting. All my condolances to his family at this sad time.
  13. Hi Kathleen,

    Are you going to the next Galloway SP in late Oct/early Nov?

    I have booked my place with Lesley today.

    Trust things are ok.



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    2. SpookyKatt


      Hi Adrian,


      Sorry for only getting back to you now.  Hmm interesting re what lesley says,

      I might drop her an email then, that would explain it if Mike etc are trying to

      get people to book early.


      Good for you on outlook and your plans for moving to darker skies, where are you thinking of moving

      too or have you decided on that yet ?  I must admit I am thinking of trying to get out of the city

      perhaps by changing my job to contracting so i can live near darker skies.  Hehe to be honest after last weeks

      referendum I am tempted to move back to Ireland to be honest to try and keep my options open so I

      can work in europe.  Its just an idea but a tempting one at that.


      Well here's hoping work gets back to being a bit quieter to be honest.




    3. Adrian Condon

      Adrian Condon

      Hi Kathleen,

      Sorry I am later at getting back to you than is acceptable!!!!

      I am camping out at Castle Point near Kippford on the Solway Firth from Friday 29 July 2016 for 7 nights. I want to have at detailed look at the area, mainly for property available, price and how dark are the skies. The sky there in winter can be dark, but I am interested in the street lights etc.

      The amount of annual rain, frequency, and % that falls in the winter, how many clear nights are in an area.  Hope to meet locals in the pub and ask them....

      I also have looked at Ardnamurchan, Rosemarkie on the Black Isle, and the Northumberland coast. The west coast can be cloudy, while there is a sea mist on the east coast. I like the coast to the south east of Edinburgh,  Longniddry / Aberlady area. Also looking for a good south aspect.....

      I have also thought of France, Brittany. But not sure what Brexit means if purchasing a property there.

      I do have an Eire passport so I suppose that would be ok. What passport do you have?

      If you ever want to get in touch my mobile phone number is 07879 058741

      It would be great if you could appear at Galloway, I need a good chat....





    4. SpookyKatt


      Hi Adrian,

      Well those are all good location, it is certainly true that the western side generally gets
      more rain but I'd have thought that the Solway Firth might have got  some shelter as its
      set in from the rest of the coast.

      You've got a good plan though to go up and spend some time and get a feeling for the area.
      It might be worth finding out how badly that are has been hit during the very wet weather
      we seem to get now in the winter months.

      I've always found the east coast from Alnwick up to below Berwick or EyeMouth direction
      to be very dark although as you say that side suffers its own issues as well.

      Yeah I'm not sure how much things will change in the immediate future re Brexit but its
      a good point you make about the future.  I must confess I'd rather be part of europe than
      out of it but I know its not withouts its own issues.  You'd be ok with a Eire passport, 
      hehe I've always taken the easiest option re travel so just had a uk one but will probably 
      get my irish passport in the next while.

      Yeah hopefully I will get to Galloway, just need to kepp chipping away at the work for awhile
      before the dark nights return.


  14. Hehe of course you can use my clear sky allocation Mike, I don't want it expiring without use. Yeah hopefully I will make the Spring event instead. Kathleen
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