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    Astronomy [obviously!], Photography, Star Wars, Star Trek, karate, DIY [destroy it yourself] and the comedian Dave Allen!
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    Ashford, Middlesex
  1. I will be in Kilkenny this November when the sky is clear it is really dark John
  2. Hi I like Plato and surrounding area John
  3. I got the Yearbook of Astronomy 2016
  4. Nice picture. I also was looking at the moon nice and steady and Jupiter all the moons were on one side of the planet
  5. I was out till 01.30 am this morning and got to see Jupiter and the moon rising over the house over the road from me.
  6. Hi Craig T82 I was looking at the same area of the moon and also saw the same thing I was using my 10 inch dob , It is the first time I have seen this as you say bird foot prints. John
  7. Hi All Many years ago I was going on the ferry to Ireland I had my 15cm home made scope ( a 20cm square tube 120cm long with finder scope attached) on the back seat of my car . I got asked twice what is that ? by the police at the port before I got on the ferry. John
  8. Hi all I have a 10 inch and a 6 inch dob. John
  9. Hi all North Korea looks promising. john
  10. Hi all Many years ago I lived over a shop and the back yard was huge next door was retirement flats. When I was outside with my scope and two children looking skywards a policeman came into the yard and asked stargazing. I said yes. somebody from the flats must have rung the police after seeing us there at night. john
  11. Hi I saw the ISS in my dob but could not focus as it was moving to fast. Star War is one of my favourite films. John
  12. Johannes


    Hi all I have used a Telrad for years with my 10 inch dob would not swap it for anything else
  13. Hi all I like looking at Mare Imbrium Plato and surrounding areas
  14. Hi James I bought The light hearted astronomer in the 1980s found it very funny book and enjoyed it . Johannes
  15. Hi I have just seen Lovejoy with my 16x50 Bresser binoculars, Johannes.
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