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  1. I'll be interested to see the advice on this thread....as I have a similar set up to Scarlet, but a different mount....and have been looking at the 80ED myself...
  2. Is this a wind-up? I'm beginning to think it is....
  3. If you follow the video it will make more sense to you. On the back of the mount, unscrew the white cap on the back, your polar scope is there......you need to watch the vids and follow the instructions given though. Edit, and remove the black cap on the front too..
  4. Have you followed the instructions above? You are looking through the polar scope aren't you, and not your main scope? not saying you don't know the difference, was just checking
  5. Ah, just dawned on me....are you moving the ota to get the RA dial to zero, hence the ota facing East, if so, point the OTA north and move the dial by hand... Edit - actually, i'm still not sure what the issue is...so i'm taking a stab in the dark really...
  6. I haven't got the synscan, i've got the heq5 syntrek, but also have a 200p on it.....I don't know anything about the 3 star align you was talking about.....so i'm not sure why your ota is facing East if your mount is facing north :/ ....how have you set it to north, compass? because I can't see polaris from here, still to light!
  7. What mount are you using? if it is facing north, at the right lattitude, then you 200p should be facing polaris, give out take a degree or two.......unless i'm missing something?
  8. Not just useful but looks really nice too....your woodwork skills are clearly better then mine. Nicely done.
  9. I was never what you would call a sci-fi kid, or interested in the night sky really, until I was 16 and fishing with my dad. My dad is a very down to earth person, and matter of fact, if he can't see it, or science hasn't proved it then he's not interested in entertaining a speculative thought. Whilst fishing though we see what I now believe to be a normal satellite passing over......but as both of us knew anything about them at the time it left us a bit bewildered.....but I looked at the skies with new eyes after that night, and couldn't stop looking.........In my late teens and early twenties I was fascinated with the whole ufo phenomena (ducks at the fruit being thrown at him) ....read everything I could on the subject, particularly be people like Vallee....but by my mid twenties I had kinda come full circle with that subject, fed up with the same old camp fire stories and second hand accounts....or people mistaken 'fact' from the subjective nature of it....and the whole topic had become a money making racket anyway...although interesting research in plasma was coming to light too....so I still keep a passing interest. So I moved to astronomy. Bought my first scope in 2001, and haven't looked back...(only up).
  10. That's a handy little mod, cheap and easy to do as well - thanks that's given me something to think about now because it's cheaper then going down the synguider route!
  11. I'll be interested to see that, thanks! ...I don't mind a bit of soldering etc...although it must be said that me and EqMod haven't exactly got on very well so far lol
  12. I have no idea tbh Ags, the CG5 is completely new to me...so i'm learning as I go so to speak..
  13. Yeah I noticed that, hence not bothering with the goto...I will just get the motors for tracking and leave it at that.
  14. Ah gotcha....I thought you said you were upgrading the CG5 to goto, not replacing it,, but yes i've just checked and it's pretty expensive.....so maybe I won't be going down that route after all..lol
  15. Hello Olly, It's more so I can work out just how far off the latitude scale is on the side of the mount (because it will be off, they always are lol).....I can't always be bothered, or have the time to polar align, I just want to know i'm at an accurate latitude, pointing north, and away I go......depends what i'm doing I guess....but knowing where the accurate latitude setting should be on the dial, is always handy to know, well for me anyway.....hence checking with the wixey!
  16. I had no idea the mounts were identical except for the badging.....so it didn't realise those motors would fit....i'll give them a ring on monday and order some.....thanks for the info you've been very helpful! I want the goto controller for my Heq5, I have the eq mod adaptor but my laptop isn't up to it.....but now you've got me thinking about upgrading the laptop to handle eqmod for the heq5, and spending the money I was going to spend on the controller on getting the CG5 upto goto standard instead.....what goto controller do you need for the CG5? i'm assuming it isn't the same as the heq and neq ones....because I didn't think the eq5 (and thereby CG5) could run off those!
  17. It has a polar scope...and I have a portable illuminator that will fit on it a treat....as you can tell this mount hasn't been used in anger yet, I was just playing around with it in the living room....hence wondering about the latitude bolts.....the only improvement I need to make for what I want to do is add motors for tracking...which i'm trying to source at the moment....it's a nice little mount though, i'm pleased with it, it's a lot more manageable then the heq5 anyway, so will get more use because of it's ease of use...
  18. Yes and no....it'll have cameras on more then anything, but not for serious imaging, just playing about really (plus a grab-n'go for a bit of visual when i can't be bothered to set the HEQ5 up)....but I do like to know everything is accurate before I start...
  19. Excellent point....It never even crossed my mind to level the wixey on something else first....saves a whole lot of winding those lattitude bolts endlessly for no good reason lol....I can't believe I didn't think of that lol Thank you
  20. Thanks aswell ...when i'm setting the lattitude on my HEQ5 i can level the mount to zero degrees using a spirit level, put my wixy on and then adjust to 52 degrees (ish) from there.........but the CG5 doesn't allow you to level the head to zero, it stops at about 25 degrees....that was what I was trying to work around? does that make sense?
  21. Thanks, what I meant was though is that I don't trust the lattitude scale on it (or on any mount for that matter)....so I want to set it to zero using a wixey, then set my lattitude from there....but it doesn't go back that far, it stops at about 25degrees....just wondered if I need to remove the screws to get it back further? or if there's another trick i've missed?
  22. I got one of these on here the other day, for a little grab-n-go set-up to play around with....i've just been sitting here playing with it and I noticed you can't level the mount in order to use a wixey to set an accurate lattitude....the lowest it seems to go is probably around 25 degrees off the horizon.......how do people get around that, or am I missing something obvious?...like does removing the screws completely give you more room to play with, so you can set it that way?
  23. I feel way to tired to set anything up.....which is annoying because I wanted to try a new camera....so it's a large single malt, deck chair and binoculars for me tonight!
  24. Hello Ian, welcome aboard......I moved to the forest about 2yrs back, so not far from you....like you say, lovely dark skies......you're at the right site for moving further into Astronomy, great bunch of people here, I wouldn't know a fraction of what I know now without this place!
  25. Thanks mate. I grabbed a few of them when they were going cheep, so i'll use one as a guinea pig and give this a go......thanks for the offer of help too, i'll see how I get on and get back to you!
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