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  1. You never know, it might pleasantly surprise you
  2. The camera looks no different to the colour samsung...I assume it's another samsung? Have you tried it through a scope, just to see what it's like? (just out of curiosity)
  3. lol....sorry but that torch made me laugh.......although it's probably quite handy in an emergency cable tangling...
  4. On the pier itself, is there any reason for using the bucket, (other then you have it)...what I mean is why not use a length of something like 8 or 10 dp (underground pipe) - i'm assuming they still make it, they did when I worked for Geberit, and then fill it... I've never made a pier, so there might be a good reason not to use it, but food for thought anyway...
  5. Hmmm...are you sure the 3yr old put it there, and the dog didn't 'deposit' it there ....I guess the next time you use it you'll find out!
  6. Makes me long for the day when you can give someone a slap through a broadband connection...
  7. I don't know the structure at FLO, but I would be surprised if it was any one persons job to deal with customer service, I'd imagine it's like most small businesses, particularly those where the products are predominately hobby/pass time based, whereby you try and keep an even footing on all fronts, without getting sucked into one avenue to far as to be letting other areas slip. Therefore you don't employ someone else in these flat times on the grounds that the phone isn't answered within 3 rings, you hire them when the overall business model is growing, when there is a higher work load for everyone, on all different areas of the business, be it enquiries, sales, distribution, promotional and general business growth.
  8. Whilst I don't buy everything from FLO, the majority I have....I think from memory i've had one query that was never answered, and that was a nothing query anyway, just something small....I can't always get through on the phone, but it's no big deal, because when I do they are helpful beyond what's expected....
  9. Congratulations Gina! I'm envious, i'd love one....but the bank manager he say no! Have you got the 80ED that you have as a 'want' in your sig too...or is that for a later date?
  10. You're either brave, or.........very brave!
  11. My wife is definitely not seeing TJ's post.....I'd be sacked by morning.
  12. I would never have thought of doing that...I like it! I also like the splitter for viewing on LCD, then vid capture on the laptop......i've got a belkin capture card, so will be following your thread with interest..
  13. Well if you ever do give it a go...I'd sure like to see it! Was meaning to ask you, since I see your thread....are you using the video/in from your camera to the LCD, or going through the scart? Just wondered if you noticed any difference in picture quality with one or the other......I haven't got the SDC 435 to focus properly yet, so not been able to try it...
  14. I went for 2 inch in the end.....even focus on the moon required the focuser all the way in bar about 2 or 3mm....i'm hoping the 2inch raise just gives me that little bit of play I need.... Wall to wall cloud now though, so it doesn't look like i'll be testing it tonight.....*sigh*....... The collimation on this scope is very good though.....for visual I get lovely images looking back at me....can't fault it at all in that regard...
  15. I used another skywatcher dovetail bar, but then it's an 8inch scope, so I wanted it firmed up anyway, then some 100mm rings, with the screw threads drilled in and bolts with plastic stoppers on the end to hold the guide scope.....that was cheap and easy to do....that said, I haven't used them yet, so if you see a thread in the near future entitled '**!!~** guide scope rings...." then you'll know why... I can't comment on the rest of your gear though..
  16. Well it's done now...and reassembled.....so hopefully the clouds will clear tonight, and i can see what's what.... If it doesn't work, it's not the end of the world, it can just be added to my list, which already has the folowing: 1) Never buy a Meade LPI (ever) 2) Leave EQ Mod well alone... 3) When having the thought "I wonder what will happen if I plug that lead into there...?" Leave it as a thought, always..... 4) Never cut your telescope tube ?????
  17. I know John....i'm not explaining myself very well though, I know what i'm trying to say, and i'm pretty sure this will work, and is what's needed......but we'll see soon... LOL @ yeti ....maybe i'm secretly hoping it fails....i'll just have a buy another scope then....*whistles*.....
  18. Sorry, that was a bad description on my part.....I focus fine with eye pieces, no problem at all......I can only focus on distant images (like a tree) with the camera up close to the focuser, and the focuser wound fully in....I can't get focus on anything else though....... I bottled doing 4" though, I've just cut 2" off, putting it back together now....I will see what the result is shortly...
  19. It does sound very drastic, I'd admit....i'm not sure how far the mirror needs moving since the clouds won't let me test it....but even with all attachments removed and the camera pushed into the focuser - nothing. I can obtain focus on a distant tree that way....but that's with a camera, focal reducer AND a 2x barlow.....so i'm a reasonable way out I suspect on getting focus on DSO's. I would rather go for a 4" and then add an extension tube if required.....that's my thinking anyway... I could obviously go down the route of a better focuser.....but 300 quid or so...well, I think if I was to do that i'd rather keep the money and puut it towards a more suited scope....and the scope I have at the moment is not doing what I want it to do, so I don't really have much to lose, as it gathers dust whilst I can't get an image on my LCD through the SDC 435.... At the end of the day, if it doesn't work then it doesn't work....i'll have to get another scope to put on what I already have......time will tell....but i'd rather give it a go then put up with the frustration i've encountered so far...
  20. Well i've decided to give this a go..as I have a day off today. I don't think i'm to far away from focus, distant object and the moon are ok.....a few extra inches will hopefully solve my problems. I was hoping to have to not cut the tube, but i've just removed the mirror and the only secure away of refixing is to cut the tube, i'm going to go for 4 inches and hope i'm right.... This will either be a spectacular success for me, or a monumental failure.....if I disappear for a while, you'll know it was the latter.... Here goes nothing, fingers crossed.....
  21. Thank you - I had no idea it was to do with the curvature of the mirror. I'll try that trick Olly, that'll give me a better idea of what way to go!
  22. I live under beautifully dark skies, and when even using the standard 28mm that came with the scope I get some lovely views.......but as soon as I introduce a camera, nothing.....it's an f6 200 newt, whether is a spc900, or SDC 435 (the one I really want to play with) I can't get zip.....i've tried all manner of combinations, with barlows, focal reducers...you name it i've tried it......maybe an expensive focuser would help, but it's a lot to spend only to find out i'm no better off (knowing my luck).....so i'm thinking my only option now is to move the primary mirror up, make it an f5..........any advice on this? it looks easy enough....but is it as simple as moving it up 200mm, or is there a lot more to it?
  23. Will do - cheers. No I won't be using that Meade cable, it's already back where it belongs, in the 'box of stuff that I wished I never bought', where the camera has sat since the first time I used it lol
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