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  1. I just wish the 50post/1 month rule was in place when I started here....it would have stopped me buying stuff I didn't need....the 8" heater band for a reflector scope is one I won't even let myself forget....I slap myself every time I think about it....
  2. lol...i'll manage Earl ...i'll just have to make out they cost a fiver ......it is seriously tempting though...
  3. I do wish these threads wouldn't appear when i'm at home alone, with the bank card.....
  4. I only did this myself a few days ago....yes, into the centre socket. Also, if it's not registering at first, try different comm ports in the drop down box, mine turned out to be comm port 4, which I didn't realise at first.
  5. Works a treat Jim! Cut the existing lead an inch away from the plugs, so it looks like one complete lead now, rather then an join.
  6. Excellent....I thought that might be the case, but wanted to double check. You're a gentleman, thank you!
  7. That's what i'm not sure about Jim, the Rj11 is red, blue, green and white, the original focuser cable is the same but has black instead of white....so i'm just holding off cutting anything until someone can confirm that's fine or not!
  8. That's a shame as i've just found a 10m RJ11 in the shed.....I was hoping I could just swap the plugs over, for the 4p4c plug...I guess not though - it's red, blue, green and white on the RJ11, but red, blue , green and black on the handset cable....
  9. Does anyone know what the lead is for this device, I need a 5-10m one, but want to be sure I have the exact one first?
  10. I don't consider myself an astronomer (a sentiment many would agree with i'm sure)...I just see myself as someone who loves space, and everything to do with - so in that regard I try to spread my interest in this subject as far as I can......so being labelled as one thing or another isn't really something that I spend any time thinking about.
  11. What is it you want to do with it Sara? control your mount through your laptop? or are you thinking of something else?
  12. You're a genius Carole, the comm port is the only thing I hadn't checked, moved to comm4 and we're away.......if you were here I'd buy you a drink!
  13. Just wondered, is there anything on the synscan hand controller you have to set too? I've followed the exact same instructions as detailed, for a heq5 synscan, using xp, but after using the same settings, under 'status' is says 'stopped', you click 'start' and nothing happens, if I click on a star it says 'there are no active devices'?
  14. LOL....the secondary is still there ...I thought the collimation might be out, so brought it in doors and checked, it was off ever so slightly, just a slight tweek though......it's completely baffled me tbh (I even checked my eye piece to make sure the wife wasn't winding me up by removing the lens )......decided to play around with the DSLR instead, mess about with some star trails, i'll sort the problem out tomorrow. Shame really as it's a beautifully clear night here.....
  15. I shortened the tube on my 8" newt the other day, in the hope of solving a focusing problem with a camera I have, shortened it by 2"......anyway, that aside, I tested it the following night, just visually, and it was great, best views of m81 and m82 i've had in an eye piece (even the wife was impressed, so it must have been good)......so I set up again tonight, exactly as the other night, stick the same eye piece in for a 2 star alignment....look through it and all I can see is a black circle for my secondary, the arms holding the secondary, and a blurry primary sitting in the eye piece......it looks like it would if I would collimating it, as you would without an eye piece, it's the same view.....yet it was fine the other night....... I've been playing around for about an hour now, but it's stumped me, no idea what's going on.......any one got any ideas?
  16. I think I'd feel happier with a bigger hole then he dug (and i'd render it lol) ....but it looks fine, and clearly does the job.
  17. lol....I didn't see that last line coming!
  18. If you make a bigger one.....do what I did, buy your other half (assuming you have one) a nice big (round) box of chocolates, about, ooh I don't know, about 8 inches or so.....lol...one box fits perfectly into the other, with your solar film inbetween.....you get brownie points for the chocolate, and a solar filter that fits a treat......(if your other half is anything like mine you don't have to wait long for an empty box either)...everyone's a winner!
  19. Not that i'm aware of it....she's pretty street wise and astute normally, more on the ball then me most of the time actually.....but she walked straight into that one..... Edit - actually thinking about it, she even bought a sieve, to sieve her 'gold' I kept quiet and just smiled lol
  20. The best deal we've had on ebay was down to my wife, and was non astro related...she paid 1200 quid for a platinum and diamond ring, which she later had valued at over 3k....she was in my good books for a very long time after that.... ....although a week later a sack on dirt arrived on my door step, as she decided to start looking for gold, and bought it off some ebayer.....it sat in the garage ever since, still sealed...another fad she had that went nowhere...(bless her)
  21. I keep trying to avoid this thread....what's the betting I can't avoid it come morning though...particularly as I only need the controller, not the focuser....*sigh*...
  22. I caught 2 heading north - north/east in the past hour to hour an half...one was pretty quick, the other seemed considerably slower....I used to chat to someone who worked on the apollo mission, very knowledgeable guy on all space and satellite assets....I asked him why some appeared to travel north - north/east...he did give me an answer, but I can't actually remember what it was lol
  23. You could always contact your council and tell them you need one of their composters, think ours cost about 15 quid.....you won't have any size issues with that Have fun playing with the EQ6, it's beautifully clear here, so i'm off to set up....hope it holds clear for you to play....
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