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  1. It's been years since I last logged on....in fact I think the layout was different it was so long ago.....I have a lot of catching up to do it seems..

    1. jabeoo1


      Welcome back!  It did change some time ago, but it does not take long to get used to it.  

  2. Tesla. An intriguing fella.....probably quite difficult to engage with though.
  3. I'm envious of that pier...and the build in general....nicely done!
  4. Never again will I moan about having to many wires! Lovely pics, Bellatrix, stunning scenery!
  5. I'm only playing steve, my main issue is described in the OP, i.e getting down the stairs to my garden, hence a 2 piece trailer, far more practical for me... Nice cars btw, particularly the Impreza....I had a project going last year to do a track car, a ZS 180 (I do like them, good fun to drive).....still sitting in the garage though at the moment, in bits....
  6. I must admit a caravan was a tempting idea at first - but i'm 36, and have my reputation to consider, so I just can't bring myself to be seen towing a caravan just yet ....so a sleek modern looking trailer design is my weapon of choice! I'll stick some pics up soon of what i've got, how it will work and what I want to do...hopefully that'll give people a few ideas for some suggestions on what to do next... Need 4 trailer jacks...just looked up the ones I need, that's about 150 quid gone immediately....I have a feeling this will eat up a few quid before i've finished...
  7. Yes that is essentially what i'll be doing, with a separate warm room that is also mobile. Is that yours?
  8. I acquired an 18ft trailer recently, which I want to use as a mobile obs. The trailer itself is single axle, and seperates in half with 8 bolts, into two 9x6 sections - this is perfect for what I want to do for several reasons. Firstly it separates the scope from the warm room (for obvious reasons), secondly I can move the scope section anywhere in the garden without needing to move the whole lot. Lastly, where I live I have quite a few steps from the road to my garden, so if I want to move, or take the trailer to a star party etc I can (with the help of a friend) carry the base of each section up to the road, reconnect it as one trailer with the 8 bolts, and off I go... The computers and accessories I use for the scope are all housed in flight cases, that's how I use them now, and will continue to use them that way, so there is no need for permanent computers etc in the warm room.....it'll be more of a room for just laying the flight cases out,and keeping me warm and dry.... Now here's what I need some ideas for - I don't want to put big heavy walls up, big chunky metal frames etc....that make it impossible to move as dismantling that will make it not worth trying....security isn't an issue really due to where I live, but wind and water proof is obviously needed.....so i'm looking for ideas on some kind of easy to assemble frame and panelling, or large but lightweight plastic moulded building (that could be just screwed down on the trailer), that will be sturdy but easy to take off when I occasionally want to move it.....I wondered if anyone has done something similar or what ideas people might have??
  9. I tried my 200 on a cg5, that was it though, I wouldn't have put a single thing else on it, that was right at the limit that I was happy with, and that was only visual.....maybe i'm over cautious though...
  10. Glad you had a nice evening - makes it all worth while when you have a night where everything just clicks.....
  11. Thanks Gina! Part of me was hoping you was going to say you found this great little firm that make and sell them really cheap ...but it looks like i'll have to do what you did and pop to ebay and then get the drill out....
  12. Where did you get your plates made up Gina? Need to get a couple myself soon...
  13. Great link, thanks for posting it.
  14. I've just acquired an 18ft trailer for the mobile observatory i'm putting together...stripped it will get going with the hammerite soon....i'm guessing going by these drying times i'll be put on hold for a while after painting :-/
  15. I guess it depends if you're going to make some up, or buy as-is......all I can say is if you're making them up then the 100mm worked fine for me...
  16. 100mm is the diameter of the ring - what diameter rings are you currently using?
  17. I went for the cheap option, and used some 100mm rings, drilled my own holes, and mounted it on a 33cm skywatcher bar, so it piggy backs on the existing bar holding 8inch rings.....bigger rings would obviously give more room to play, but I haven't had any issues yet.
  18. I'm in....having the 435 i'm keen to learn all I can/ what I can do with it....
  19. Why do I love this hobby? For the same reason it's nice when I occasionally drive past the house I grew up in - it's nice to take a look at where you come from!
  20. I bought a Samsung sdc435 off here, I haven't used anything else since...i'll only change it when I have enough cash for a watec....the best £75.00 i've ever spent on astronomy related gear....
  21. Minuteman III missile launch Awesomely weird expanding halo of light seen from Hawaii | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
  22. They look good, for 8 quid, any idea on the height?
  23. Given there was nothing antagonistic in your opening post, i'd take it as a compliment that your threads get good replies!
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