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  1. Really good read, incredibly thorough. Think my mind is made up to ask Father Christmas for a pair!
  2. Sound fantastic. Going to see if the CFO willlwt me buy a pair.
  3. Richard Day certainly makes some beautiful scopes.
  4. 10mm Delos a couple of weeks ago. Sorry!
  5. Nice one! Your review of the Delos proved to be the final straw... Having read several other Delos reviews, including those you mentioned from the magazines, your positive words then led me to buy the 10mm Delos. Weather and real life means I have not used it much yet but the few views I have do far... Wow what an eyepiece.
  6. Wow! Not jealous... Well not much. Do us a favour and keep them sealed so we can have a few clear nights before the packing clouds are released.
  7. FLO could probably explain better but as I understand certain manufacturers effectively licence retailers to sell only in defined geographic regions. It is form of protection to the retailers so customers cannot arbitrage currency differences etc. skywatcher telescopes are sold in the US but some are known by different names so are you sure it is not available domestically?
  8. This sounds fab! I am going to have look more closely at this for a future holiday idea.
  9. Really enjoyed the review. Combined with a couple of others I read has led to me just placing an order for the 10mm Delos. Can't wait to try it!
  10. Had another read of the review. While day dreaming about owning one of these scopes I decided to take a look at the different models on offer so clicked on the APM Telescopes link at the end of the review. Your 105/650 was not listed. Any idea why? Has it been discontinued? Not that I could really afford it.
  11. Nice comparison. I have read reports about problems with lateral colour in the Radians. Something you have noticed?
  12. Evostar 80 on a vixen porta. Can carry the whole thing in one go and cool down time is next to nothing.
  13. A very enjoyable review! And informative as well. Would love to have a look through a scope like that.
  14. A very well written and interesting review Matthew! Only problem I have is now I want one! I would love to see a compare and contrast against competitor 100 degree eyepieces. Some have a fairly decent discount to the old Green & Black of TV.
  15. +1 for a Mak if your budget stretches to it, and if your budget stretches to an Apo... Lucky you! I have a Mak and gave some exceptional views of the planets.
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