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  1. Which would you choose for daytime viewing ie wildlife,landscape views etc? Anyone have either? Thanks Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  2. What with work and the weather, I've not used my lunt for over a month now
  3. Im following them on twitter and its one of there recent posts.
  4. Coming in june. I know nothing about these products, so i will leave it too you guys in the know and who are interested in it, too discuss it further.
  5. Just placed an order for the ts focuser and 35mm extension tube. Dont know how long it will take from germany but ive got cloudy skies for a week.
  6. Oh do i need any extension tubes etc cos of not enough travel or is it ok as it is?
  7. Can someone reconfirm the link to buy this ts focuser for my startravel 120mm? Is this better than the sw Crayford focuser? Thanks
  8. Cheers guys, they sound hit and miss. Think i will give them a miss and buy something else fir my solar kit.
  9. Anyone used this method? I heard problems with focusing, how do you combat this? Thanks
  10. Would any of you ls60 owners with a quark chromosphere model, sell your lunt and just keep the quark cos its that good? I know its not full disk (the quark ) but does the quark detail compensate for this and thus leave your lunt to one side gathering dust?
  11. Also ment to ask when you guys post images of the sun using the quark (its the chromosphere model im looking into) how near is this image close to the visual detail you will see,is it close?
  12. Ps i DONT want to hear from you lot saying stuff like "i told you so". Ive spent all my cash on the lunt and frac and wedge,so it will be next year IF I DO DECIDE TO BUY ONE. and i stress IM NOT BUYING ANOTHER FRAC, if it wont work with this st120mm im NOT bothering.
  13. Ok just too make this clear,this post is just to get some info. Im NOT buying one yet. Is this scope ok? What EXACTLY would i need to buy to be ready to go? I want to stick to 1:25 inch kit if possible? If and ONLY IF i DO get one, it will be next year and i will be visual only observer. Thanks
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